Tweeting smacktalk DIRECTLY to a high school kid? Really?

Gotta love people who could tweet out a shot at high school kid — in this case La Serna QB Frankie Palmer (@palmtreee09) — after they lose a CIF championship game.

As if Frankie Palmer needs to hear from anybody today that he’s a “bridesmaid” or that he “choked” after the season he and his team had. But to tweet to him directly and talk smack? And then include myself and the Fred in the same tweet? Hope this person feels a lot better about herself.

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  • Galileo

    “about herself” the donut man is sexist, misogynist..figures

    • Galieo, you may not be savvy enough to figure this out, but when somebody’s name on Twitter is Sonia and their handle is “KempKrazy”, I’m pretty it’s safe to refer to them as a “her”.

  • Del Rio Fan

    That’s something the La Serna public announcer would say to the opposing team as the clock winds down. And he’s a 40 something year grown man. No one should be tweeting the kids personally, this is really about adults who act like teenagers. That’s what the blog thrives on. Just saying.



    All your doing is exposing this tweet even more! If it was so bad why repost it so more people can see it. Sounds kind of hypocritcal to me.

  • WC Bulldog Fan

    I feel as good about myself as the La Serna announcer felt last week … sincerely, KempKrazy

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    That’s over the top. But hasn’t this been the current behavior among fans, parents, etc. recently? Leaving Vista Murrieta after watching my Centennial Huskies get the big win, there were a couple of VM parents MF’n some of our fans and parents. That’s not normal for them, but it’s a byproduct of today’s sports scene. Her tweeting a kid like that is just seems to be par for the course these days.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    The Twitter world is cruel world…how do we know this is not a student from Norwalk high school? Man Monrovia players heard this from everyone in the SGV prior to winning the First title. Did you see that photo of Bueno at citrus after that loss? When you are star Qb you take all the glory and shame for your team. It comes with the territory. In order for this to be fair whether this was deserving, we would have to see else palmer tweeted prior to the game and what was said. Maybe he talked crap to someone… I don’t know. just saying… Kids get a little loose on Twitter and Face book all the time.

    • YOU took the liberty of dissing MY son on line last year. How about you STFU for once, green POS.

  • Fatligian

    This is all Aram is good for…he’s our TMZ for preps sports.

    • When you’re over 40 years old and have lived at your parents house in Glendora ALL YOUR LIFE, I guess you have nothing better to do than come up with stuff like that. TMZ is no insult. They are one of the most legit news organizations out there. I’m surprised you didn’t pull out the “liberal media” card, Hannity Jr.

  • Scout

    #ClownCommentChica #EMHSFootball #BMart4MVP

  • Colt74

    1. I think posting this just adds fuel to the fire.
    2. If THAT is the WORST thing that he is reading on twitter and these kids send back and forth to each other, then this probably ranks right up there with calling smurfette a slut. Seriously? It cracks me up that adults can watch kids get pounded on while they are playing football, get the crap knocked out of them….clap when they walk off the field, but a tweet gets their panties in a wad. Seriously?

  • The Chef

    i gotta say that Frankie is strong enough to take it, smart enough to expect it and genuinely concerned enough to pray for understanding for the person that sent it… THAT is the definition of a great kid…