FINAL: All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 for 2012 …

1. Bishop Amat (7-3-1) — Best wins. Best losses. An easy call, really.
2. Charter Oak (10-2) — Another Sierra League title. Best public team in the area.
3. Monrovia (12-3) — Some great moments. Some head-scratching moments.
4. Rio Hondo Prep (12-2) — You’ll never get it until you see it with your own eyes.
5. La Serna (12-2) — Didn’t finish the job, but Westlake and WestCo wins were sweet.
6. La Mirada (9-2) — Early exit from postseason spoiled otherwise strong showing.
7. Chino Hills (7-3-1) — Almost upset Amat. Throttled by CO. Audi 5 in the first round.
8. San Dimas (11-2) — Most trustworthy team in the area. Watch out in ’13.
9. West Covina (8-5) — Coaching staff and not the talent carried the team this year.
10. South Hills (6-5) — Hey, they beat Monrovia.
11. San Marino (10-2) — The things that made Titans good also made them bad.
12. Muir (8-4) — There was half a month there when I was a believer.
13. La Habra (8-4) — A second round exit is still a second round exit.
14. Rowland (7-4) — Proof positive waiting out your opponent still works.
15. Gladstone (10-2) — League title. Playoff win. Dream end for Coach Sanchez.
16. La Salle (10-1) — I’ve always said the only record worse than 0-10 is 10-1.
17. South El Monte (7-5) — Lead by one of the sharpest young coaches in a while.
18. El Monte (8-4) — The party still hasn’t ended at El Monte. It probably won’t for years.
19. Santa Fe (7-6) — This is the team that beat La Mirada that year in the playoffs.
20. Diamond Ranch (7-4) — Coaching carried this team a long way.
21. La Puente (8-3) — Closed regular season with a Rohrer-esque rush.
22. California (8-3) — Solid record, but tangible results were lacking.
23. Arroyo (7-5) — Got real good, real late.
24. Bonita (5-6) — Injuries ruined what could have been a big year.
25. Ayala (6-4) — Best Bulldogs team in years caught rough year in Sierra.

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Great Rankings….

    Charter Oak and BA deserve the top spots. As I said early in the year ,only 15-0 Mtown team deserves the # 1 spot, unless any of the others have a below ..500 record. It’s going to be harder and harder for BA and Charter Oak in the Pac 5 and Inland. Hopefully they will find the formula to get a break through at those levels. Mtown will need to continue to work on playing sound football for 4 quarter, From Week 0 to Week 15. As long as the cats are on their current level, they will need be spotless. Mtown will have another great team next year. There are some more horses in the stable ready to hit the Derby. A 4peat might be extremely Difficult, but not out of the realm impossibility. A 13-1 Season would Probably get the Cats back in the Regional again. However, I like the old “Report Cards” grades….They kind of complete the best team vs the best year….and it goes in depth to show why….Will those ever get back.

  • Galileo

    “best wins best losses” and RHPs best win is Arcadia? and they’re not in the top 25 or is this the pound for pound shiate that would make Mount Union and UWWhitewater top dogs in the USA Today NCAA poll?

  • disqus_GnpV3TOCqH

    Arcadia was not RHP’s best win. They beat 3 or 4 other teams that would’ve handled Arcadia.

    • Galileo

      they split with Mission Prep and beat an 8-5 Parker team, hardly step up wins…..they’re indeed a nice story, but they certainly would not beat the teams rated #5 thru #14, head to head, on their very best day….

      • disqus_GnpV3TOCqH

        Unfortunately I agree that they dont belong up there with Amat and CO. I would realistically put them somewhere in the #11- #14 range. They are impressive to watch. My whole point was that Arcadia was not their best win.

        • Galileo

          if not Arcadia, then who would it be?

          • disqus_GnpV3TOCqH

            Mission Prep, Parker, and Big Bear would all beat Arcadia. Arcadia was not very good at all this year. But it’s hard to compare because RHP’s league schedule is extremely weak while Arcadia’s is a little tougher

  • Mark Stone

    I agree Amat and CO are a level or two above everyone else. That said, your placing of Monrovia and RHP are a slap to all the bloggers’ intelligence. There is no way Monrovia nor RHP beat any of the teams listed in the top 12. You either don’t care about legitamcy, or are too ignorant to put teams where they belong. Chino Hills almost beat Amat, and you have them behind both these two teams. You need to be real otherwise your list is a pile of crap.

    • New York

      Mr. Stone,

      Monrovia DID beat San Dimas and San Marino who are in this top 12.

      • Mark Stone

        New York,
        I apologize for not having my facts straight. Still think they are way too high in the rankings.

        • New York

          Does that mean you are okay with San Dimas at 8 and San Marino at 11? Or is this just a position against Monrovia and RHP?

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          They are not ranked to high for a Final Rankings…Teams can win and lose in the pre season. Monrovia is rightfully placed. If they were not…you would see tons of bloggers complaining…not just you.

          • Nietzsche Says:

            Well, I would just like to congratulate both South Hills and Ayala on being the CO-CHAMPIONS of the MID-VALLEY DIVISION. After all, they did best Monrovia. Therefore, SH and AHS are the true D-XI champions. Congrats to the Huskies and the Bulldogs on a fine season!

          • New York

            I guess Texas A&M is the real SEC champion as well?

          • Nietzsche Says:

            Oh, a logical fallacy from the Ivy League boy I see! T A&M in IN the SEC; SH is not in D-XI. Tell me, how was that a logical retort, or was it just rhetoric? You must be a social conservative- my bad. Any children’s stories I can recommend for you? How about a some theological myths??

      • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

        … and Monrovia LOST to the #10 AND #25 teams on the list. Put Ayala and South Hills in Monrovia’s Mid-Valley Division and Monrovia would be looking at 3rd place with no chance at making playoffs. All that D1 talent and still can’t beat Sierra League bottom dwellers.

        • New York

          Alabama lost to Texas A&M. I guess A&M should be playing against Notre Dame in the BCS title game.
          The Ayala loss this year is definitely embarrassing. That’s for sure. I think it is one of the head scratching moments that Aram referred to. Paraclete would probably rush for 400+ yards on Ayala’s defense.

          • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

            Losing to Ayala was an embarrassment, you’re right about that. But losing to BOTH Ayala AND South Hills…. that’s more than a head scratcher. That is side splitting laughter More than that, it makes the #3 ranking on the dartboard list total BS. If Alabama lost to A&M AND Little Sisters of the poor, they are not going to the big dance.

          • New York

            So now you are saying that South Hills is Little Sisters of the Poor and a Sierra League bottom dweller? Dude South Hills made the playoffs. They are far from a weak team.

  • Eastern Ave.

    The list is what it is. A good conversation piece.

    Aram said it correctly until you see RHP play with your own eyes you don’t know. You can’t appreciate them by just hearing about them.
    All you have is your myopic bias to what’s in front of you.

    The kids at RHP play fundamentally sound football with excellent execution. Period.
    Last I checked the boys on the team were 16,17 and 18 just like every other high school in the state. They did well this year and should be recognized accordingly.

    The coaching staff at RHP turn out fine young men. The funny thing is football is not the end all there. The boys graduate as good citizens that contribute to the community.

    RHP looks good for next season, after that who knows?

    But in the last decade RHP has been solid in non league, dominate in league and a consistent playoff team winning 4 CIF titles.

    That is GOOD in any league.

    Maranatha…Oh Magoo. 😀

    “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.” – Bill Shankly


    WOW, just saw this and I am shocked Ayala at #25!!!!

    Ayala would beat #3-5, #8-9, #11-12 & #14-24.

    Ayala is definitely a top 15 team. Please somebody tell me why they belong at #25.

    • Bulldogs have bite

      I agree with you that Ayala should be ranked higher. But how do you figure that they would beat #9 West Covina? WC held South Hills to 7 points in a win over the Huskies 21-7. South Hills rolled Ayala 45-27. I’m not saying they couldn’t beat WestCo, but all evidence would point to West Covina probably handling them quite easily. I think they should be at least #14.

    • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

      Ayala would beat #3-5, #8, #11-12 & #14-24. Aram This is a total bull$#!+ list and you know it. WTF Aram? They even BEAT ON THE FIELD OF PLAY your #3 list. Man, this is pathetic.