Gano turns down Etiwanda job … now what?

Four-time CIF champion coach Greg Gano turned down the Etiwanda on Friday and will continue to explore other options.

Gano, who resigned earlier this month from Damien and has previous stints at Northview and Los Altos, was a finalist for the Etiwanda job along with former San Dimas coach Roland DeAnda and former Colony assistant Jason Smith.

Sources within the Chaffey Joint Union High School District are still adamant that former Colony head coach and current Chino Hills assistant Matt Bechtel also remains a possibility. Bechtel told the Daily Bulletin’s Clay Fowler that he has not applied for the position, however.

Stay tuned …

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  • 90’s Spartan

    I wonder if Etiwanda was coach’s plan B and he’s waiting on a better opportuinty. Otherwise, why would he apply and interview for a job that he didn’t want to take? It should be interesting to see where he ends up.

    • Colt74

      Hi…May I help you?…

      Yes…I’m here to apply for the head football coach job….although if you pick me I will have to decline the job…..Oh look….shiny keys!…….

      • UCLAman

        Gee I wonder why he turned it down? They must not have offered him 200 grand like he was making at Damian.

        • 90’s Spartan

          Damien was not paying their coach 200 grand.

          • UCLAman

            Well not on the books anyway – just ask Pasquarella how he got paid when he was there.

          • 90’s Spartan

            He didn’t make 200 grand either.

      • Colt,

        When people are out of work, they apply for jobs. Oftentimes, they do more than one application at once, rather than one at a time. They then see who offers them a position and decide which one to take. They also wait until they are offered something officially before negotiating certain things like pay, hours, perks, benefits and so on. If those negotiations fall through, they often turn down the job. Or if something else they applied for appears promising, they focus on that.

        • Colt74

          And if you are trying to tell me for ONE SECOND that when he applied for the job he did not know what the range available was for all the things you mentioned and that he had not talked to ANYONE to get a feel for what the job paid etc..then I have a bridge to sell you, and you and Gano can share the Lime Green Jello in the shade under it. I have a feeling that this guy just does not know that the last 10 years of doing nothing to help his resume is not going to open the flood gates of schools with big offers. Maybe I’m wrong, and that 20-22 record for the last 4 years has him holding out for a personal driver. We’ll see.

          • UCLAman

            I hope Gano has another offer, otherwise hes going to be unemployed for a long time.

  • Lupe

    He just wants a diff. red/black school. I hear in the O.C.


    Pasadena High school is on the verge of hiring former UCLA intern Eric Scott as its next head football coach. On the outside this sounds like a considerable upgrade from last year’s 1-9 staff. But in light of the Connecticut murders, is it appropriate to hire someone with a history of arrests for drugs, burglary, and GUN POSSESSION? I know we all deserve second chances, but there should be ZERO TOLERANCE when it comes to who we allow to be around our children. Mr. Scott does have a right to earn a living, so maybe he should consider starting a private business like B2G or AIR 7. That way, if parents choose to have their children coached by someone with a questionable background, they can. I commend Muir high school for making a difficult choice of letting go of their beloved coach Ken Howard for circumstances unforeseen. It should also be noted that even a struggling Blair High made the difficult decision not to hire a coach with a checkered past. It will be interesting to see what PUSD board President Renetta Cooper has to say about this hiring, considering she is a former Pasadena Bulldog alum. Will she be tough on her own? Or should I ask, ‘Will she protect her own?’

  • Colt74

    I was bored…..

    Twas the night before Christmas
    The Lakers are a joke
    The Dodgers can’t win
    unless they spend money and go broke.

    The Angels are..well, the Angels
    Can’t give tickets away for free
    UCLA I’ve always hated
    For me it’s always USC!

    The Clippers I can’t root for
    Because I have a job….
    But it is fun to watch
    Blake dunk off a lob…

    The Rams moved to St. Louie
    Cause Georgia had no class
    I know that she passed…
    But she can still kiss my ass…

    Grew up with the Rams
    with Hacksaw, Rosie, and keep it in your pants Lance
    Got mad when they lost
    But when they won we all danced

    The Raiders are only good for
    selling jackets to illegals
    Those guys suck so much
    they even lose to the Bengals.

    We have Bowl games for a week
    to get us through till Spring
    Then HS football starts again
    and the Trib will again sing

    How Amat and Charter Oak are the cream of the crop
    Fred and Aram never get tired of slinging their slop
    Then the playoffs come around and what do you know
    Neither one of the “shoe ins” put up much of a show

    So this season how about equal love to all schools
    Wilson deserves as much coverage as your two favorite jewels
    Cover Pomona, and Rowland, and the rest of us scrubs
    And we won’t get mad and call you both nubs.


    • Twas the night before Christmas and …

      the days of “spread the love” coverage are over
      sorry, but until Pomona and Rowland get the same
      readership or interest and generate the same
      page views as Amat or CO (or West Covina or Monrovia)
      they’re not going to get the same coverage.

      • Colt74

        I guess you are right. That is ONE way to run a newspaper. It wasn’t the story of the first landing on the moon that had people buying the was the mere fact that the newspaper was so good that people bought it to see what was going to be written today. Yeah..that’s it….

        But wait…here’s a thought….WHAT IF the write up about the kid from Rowland brought in more readers from that AREA? And the same for the folks that were written about in Pomona! But that can’t happen as long as there are stories taking up space about an unemployed coach applying for a job not in this coverage area, and turning it down ( just what all unemployed people want to read about..someone being offered a job and them turning it down ), and the coach now lives in OC? ( what a Washington Husky write up stated ). I can see where that would be riveting news here in the SGV. Yeah..that’s what makes me buy the Trib..the stories of unemployed coaches and not the stories about all the area kids trying to do good.

        But the unemployed coach stories ARE better that the daily updates as to what the Bishop Amat quarterback had for lunch.

  • Chris Walker

    Lets present a few FACTS about Gano.
    1. He was fired, end of story.
    2. He was making around 100K, at least that is what he told close friends..
    3. That doesn’t include booster benefits
    4. He would be taking a huge pay cut to take a Public school, He would also have to teach, something that he didn’t do at Damien.
    5. He is actually going to have to start working for his paycheck, something he hasn’t done in a long time (including Los Altos).
    6. The rumor going around Los Altos is the Wilson job. You ask why, because he would be the head coach/ AD (more money) and would come back at a similar salary that he left Los Altos.
    7. As you can see where this is going, its all about money. Gano fell on his face in the private sector, and I don’t see another private school giving him a second change.

  • ptp

    Wheres the all area team?

  • justin tuck

    Guys the facts yes Gano won four CIF Championships with great kids and a great staff he had the talent at Damien shit he had 15 Transfers he is just an average coach who will always be average a good coach makes average kids good kids in order to be 500 or above facts show the proof in coaching you are critiqued by your record when he was at LA he did not win until he started getting his transfers when he was at Northview he was below average he is not that great of a coach great coaches make mediocre into above average in most cases coaches will number their players 1-2- 3-4’s if you have to play the 1-2’s you are going to lose the idea of a good or great coach is making the 1-2’s into 3-4’s the 3-4’s you have a really good chance of winning he does not develop players he relies on the talent and that is the main reason why he is a below average to average coach and he cannot call a football game he is horrible Etiwanda is in much better shape without him call him a great coach if he can win without much talent and most of all without transfers let him go 500 with a bunch of below to average kids then we can call him a good coach