2013 Bishop Amat schedule …

9/13 at Rancho Cucamonga
9/27 at St. Paul
10/4 at Culver City
10/11 at Notre Dame
10/18 BYE
11/1 at Crespi

Aram’s take: Wowza, wowza, wowza, Santa Margarita in the season opener. Is Amat about to slay another OC giant? Love the addition of Rancho. That should be a huge test. And of course CO and Chino Hills are nice. Bye week before Alemany could be helpful, depending on who you ask.

IMPORTANT: Bishop Amat is hosting a Hit & Hustle Football Camp on Saturday, January 19th from 9 am-3 pm. Cost of camp is $75 and is run by the Lancers’ coaching staff and current players. Each camper receives six hours of instruction, camp t-shirt, certificate of participation, hot dog lunch, and camp photo. Questions should be sent to Coach Steve Hagerty at shagerty@bishopamat.org, or call him at 626-962-2495 ext 6001. Camp brochure is available at the BA website.

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  • Not Since 1995

    Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh!

    This sh*t is too funny…!

    Bishop Nomas is going to end up with a 2 and 8 record and will be the embarrassment of the San Gabriel Valley…!

    Did you see these kids at the football banquet…? They don’t have one kid that is over 6 ft. tall. They are actually shrinking as the years go by…! Aram this could be your new diet. Call it the Lanceritos diet! These 2013 guys are actually gonna be smaller than the 2012 team…! The offensive linemen look like that number 36 kid on Robledo’s picture. By the way, when is #36 graduating…? I’ve seen him around for like 5 years…!

    When is the division realignment, again…? This bird is cooked…! WESTERN DIVISION make room for the Bishop Nomas Lanceritos…! Here they come…

    Not in 2013 either…

    • Valley athletics

      What where u doing Amats banquet .

      • Colt74

        He’s gone to every Amat football banquet since 1995. Or I should say he shows up just after they finish. Has not missed one since 1995 ( hence the name ). He goes to sniff the chairs. It started out harmless enough and they just let him go at it since he wasn’t really hurting anyone..but I heard that this year they started to get a little worried after they witnessed him sniffing a chair and muttering to himself ” My precious! “….

        • Not Since 1995

          Burro74 – don’t hate me cuz I’m right, Chavala! You know your cholos from South Central Covina Chihuahuas are gonna get their asses handed to them, AGAIN in 2013…! You, Duarte, Irwindale, and La Puente compete for the highest crime rate and that competition ain’t going know where soon…! You can now call yourselves The Kings of Krime…!

          Not In 2013 Either, Pendejo!

  • The truth and nothing but…

    They actually have two byes. They have a bye after the CO game before playing Culver City. The JV will play the game vs St. Paul.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Well here is the first article on 2013 Football. I wonder how can the SGV break this vicious cycle of events. I think the only thing that can save us is realignment. Here is why. The Trib always kicks off with BA’s Schedule. Everyone, makes their predictions about weather BA will win Week 0 vs OC name, then “I” will say BA is overrated, and Mtown is #1, then Amat fans will say D11, then we move on to who’s the next 3 teams…Charter Oak , Chino Hills or West Co… As the preseason moves on…things look good for the big 3…Mtown slips once or twice…etc… etc…local SGV teams battle in our local leagues, and argue of rankings. By Playoff time….Mtowns #1 in Midvalley…CO is looking at doom in 2nd round, BA is saying hail mary’s for playoff spot, To eventually get beat by 3-4 scores. By Semifinals…Monrovia and San Dimas are playing still. Mtown 4 peats, A few coaches quit, some get hired and back at it again…Football in our area has become predictable…I think CIF has had success with making football interesting through changes. If you look around….bringing the SGV league into the south east shook things up, and Downey won…Bringing the Alpha into the Midvalley made things very competitive on that level….Edison won after being moved, which pushed tusting and La Habra…Etc. I think CIF should be looking at SGV football even closer to make it more interesting and mix up the leagues, move teams. There were absolutely no surprises in 2012. I don’t think there will be any surprises in 2013.


      Edison moved DOWN from D1 and won. If you guys move up, your not going to win any championships.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        What to the South East Lmao… I think Mtown would have been in Mix in the south east last year…and could be moving forward. Also, you have to move a team up after a 4 peat. Regarding Edison, that was my point 25 years in D1 and title. Speaking of CO….you know you won’t win a title in the Inland..so I think your comment is more valid, for your situation and has been proven by your performance in the Inland…

    • AMAT 73


      You forgot one thing in your vicious cycle , Mtown again winds up behind AMAT and CO as the best teams in the SGV in the end, and as Aram put it , it was an easy call . And those slips you speak of by Mtown are against teams CO throttles on a regular basis and one of them will never play AMAT and not to sure about Ayala either. So yes Mtown will be favored to win the Mid Valley once again and probably get their 4peat but is it a challenge or is it really as easy as you make it out to be ???? You guys had a great season but when you did come up against the biggest challenge of the year , STATE TITLE , you lost , so there is plenty of work still to be done .As you can see once you reach a higher level of competition Mtown is not quite at those teams level are they ?????

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Yeah, but you still have to agree. Mtown is improving year by year. Every year its been a step in the right direction. When you are at the lower levels, especially where Monrovia is, the only place you can go is up. When you are in the top divisions the only place, you can go is…well down. In Mtown we are very pleased with what has transpired over the last few years. A Midvalley 3 peat, Regional Appearance, and a SGV Top 5 ranking is great for a small public school of local kids, earning full ride scholarships. I guess you have become used to situation in your neck of the woods. You are ranked #1 In the SGV Congratulations…Once again for the 18th year. It is starting to seem like that’s all you care about. It’s not a matter of fact that you better than everyone in the SGV, it’s that fact that you all look forward to the first 5 games of the year, and everyone else works towards the last 5 games of the year. You won the games, but they were close. The reason being, that you play different when you think you can win and when you know you can’t win, and the games are not close. That’s even more evidence you probably belong in a lower division. In league play and in the playoffs BA has not looked the part of a Pac 5 team. That has nothing to do with Monrovia…everyone in the SGV can see that. I know BA is ranked high in every pole, but I think you would trade it all for western division title.

  • Jefe

    I can almost hear Fred & Aram picking Amat over Santa Margarita in their 2 Minute Drill……