Etiwanda situation a big question mark

It seems that Etiwanda can’t find anyone THEY WANT to take the open varsity football head coach position.

The latest word is that following Greg Gano’s rebuff of the job, the school offered it to Los Osos defensive coordinator Price, but he turned it down because he’s likely to get the Los Osos job.

Both Roland DeAnda and Jason Smith were given what’s being called “token second interviews”, but neither was offered the job.

So where does that leave us? Your guess is as good as mine …

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  • scotty bore as

    donut boy, better check with your sister “newspaper” the daily bulletin, you had gg turning don the job a few weeks ago…….petey boy says he withdrew his name from consideration because it didn’t include a teaching position..get your source/facts straight, your “rep” what’s left of it is looking bad

    • The Living Legend

      wouldn’t that be turning the job down? it doesn’t matter why he turned it down all that was reported was that he turned down the job.

      • Legend,

        Don’t put any stock into what this guy says. He’s in love with me and shows it by taking shots and showing how small of a brain he has by only coming up with nothing better than donut jokes. Yes, we all know that turning down a job because no teaching position came with it is the same thing. Gano was offered the job and turned it down. The idiot above, who used to go by “Galileo”, probably doesn’t realize that the convo probably went like this AFTER Etiwanda offered Gano the job “Thank you, I’m flattered, but I am withdrawing my name from consideration due to lack of certainty about a teaching job” …

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          Aram, you know, no one can help who they fall in love with. lol. By the way, it sounds like he has a fetish with donuts. That’s some weird, deviant, sicko stuff.

          Do you think Etiwanda is holding out for someone else?

          • Yuppp!!!

            He was offered and the school has been fishing for other candidates, they have gotten a few bites, some sniffed around and weren’t interested, and they threw a few back. It seems to be a job that nobody really wants. The question is why?

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            You’re right. That’s the question, why no one wants that job. Didn’t they get a new athletic director a year or two ago?

          • Spartan 03

            No teaching position is the deterrent.

        • 90’s Spartan

          To be fair Aram, Fowler reported that Gano was never offered the position according to the AD Masucci.

          • Listen, I’m not going to get into a “he said, she said” when it comes to a colleague like Clay Fowler. I respect Clay greatly, but what Masucci told Clay is untrue. Gano met with the principal and was offered the job … I know this FOR A FACT. I have seen and heard documentation on the matter. We can all believe what we want. And I realize that it’s confusing when one person reports something and another reports something else. But I’ve seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears, and Gano was offered the job. The school even expressed regret to him that it couldn’t make it happen.

          • scotty bore as

            Aram, you had GG turning down the job during the time EHS had no principal, the former one resigned and a new one had not been put in place yet….how could your scenario be true ?

          • Scotty Bore As,

            You are so far beyond lost with what you say that it’s ridiculous. If you don’t like or believe or agree with what’s written here, you would have left long ago. But you’re in love, so I get it.

            Principal, interim principal, does it matter? He was offered the job by Mitchell. End of story. Now go get counseling.

          • scotty bore as

            Mitchell? you have NO clue, Masucci is the AD and his hands were tied without a Principal in place,the job was not offered to anyone GG was never a offer to ponder! yes, he might have withdrawn his name from consideration for any number of reasons, it’s an absolute falsehood that he turned down a job offer, none was made….either your “source” is misinformed,lying or he finds you guillible

  • middy

    When does all valley come out???

  • ptp

    Look for charter oak’s Aaren Vaughns and Eric Ortiz to play in the California classic all star game. IE vs LA county. They are on IE. Game is sunday january 13 at 11 at Long beach veterans stadium. Team is loaded

  • Jastrab

    Is Martinez out at OSOS? I still think they need a new staff and the SD head coach would love that position. OSOS has the base and demographics to compete with VM and CC. I hear the booster always had issues with spirit pack $$ and where it was going.