I heard things … Bonita to the Sierra or Baseline leagues?

Editor’s note: We’re starting a new thing around here at In the Huddle. It’s called “I heard things” … what it will be is a place where latest RUMORS that we think are likely to become fact (or fade away) will be thrown out there as JUST THAT, RUMORS! It will be up to you to figure out whether you believe it or not.

I heard things … With preliminary discussions between athletic directors and principals already taking place as they work toward official proposals for re-leaguing and re-divisioning for the 2014 school year, one thing that keeps popping up is that the Hacienda League wants BONITA, and not WEST COVINA, OUT! While West Covina has somewhat dominated in football, that’s not not enough to get them out. Meanwhile, Bonita’s dominance in all sports across the board, is. Bearcats fans had better get ready for life in the Sierra League or the Baseline League. With Damien/St. Lucy’s a near-lock to be gone from the Sierra, Bonita looks like a major candidate to replace them … this may be hard for some Bearcats fans to swallow, but I Heard Things …

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  • Hp

    Rumor going around that Jerry chow or Derwin Henderson could become the next football coach at san gabriel

  • 90’s Spartan

    I heard nothing but… if Bonita goes Sierra, how about Glendora also joins Sierra, Damien is out (private school league), and Chino Hills joins Baseline?

    • I heard things about Glendora staying put. That would suck.

  • Aaron

    Let’s think about this…in the fall of 1999 Bonita had an all decade team loaded with division 1 prospects and future Division 1 players. Bonita dominated the non-money sports especially on the girls side, however looking where Bonita went the Miramonte. A League that was dominated by both Charter Oak and Los Altos…four of those 8 seasons both the Miramonte took home a CIF Football championship with CO and Los Altos having two each, CO also had an additional appearance in the title game. Bonita’s lone league title was in 2004 and it was a split title. South Hills won titles in 98 and 2000…but for their dominance they were rewarded with a weaker league based on the fact that they dominated the San Antonio League.

    So because of dominance in the non-revenue sports, although boys Basketball makes a little bit since Basketball is a big deal with what Eckler has been able to accomplish. However, if Bonita gets shipped to the Sierra or the Baseline we will be rewarded for dominance in the non-revenue sports I would prefer the Sierra if anything. It stinks, Bonita must have a black pelt with white stripes because this smells. Based on enrollment Bonita would be on par in the Sierra and the Bearcats would be able to compete. Walnut and Diamond Bar have close to 3000 kids, West Covina 2700ish and Rowland 2400ish with LA, DR, and Bonita hovering around 2000. The only school in the baseline with a remotely close enrollment is Glendora with 2366, Alta Loma having 2678 and the rest of the school have over 3000. Put it this way, it would be be on par with what Glendora has been able to do and that isn’t much.

    • No mention of the baseball program, Aaron?

      Also, the football argument for CIF and whomever is a matter of convenience. They moved CO and SH to the Sierra STRICTLY because of FOOTBALL. Now, the argument the Hacienda peeps are making has nothing to do with football, but all other sports instead. Yes, Bonita is a big school and growing. Bonita makes more sense in the Sierra than South Hills does.

      Lastly, I heard things about Glendora and the word is that they are staying put. Meanwhile, I also heard things about Alta Loma being a lock to be moved out … probably to the Mt. Baldy.

      • Aaron

        In regards to the Baseball program…they got their ring last year so I think that speaks for itself. Are you kidding me with that South Hills argument? You have to be. La Verne literally can’t get bigger…the only available tracts of land are in north La Verne and they’re not being developed as three bedroom homes but rather much larger in the one that has a model home built on it. They’re beginning construction on the old Person Ford Dealer property for luxury apartments.

        I welcome parents sending their students to Bonita from out of the area because the education and entire experience they will receive there will be awesome for their student. However, La Verne’s population is really at it’s peak now. Don’t even attempt to defend what were the dominant programs in Football, last I recall South Hills had a good program on both diamonds as well. With the numbers and reported demographics I’d call it a push between the two. I once advocated for Diamond Ranch to get moved with how Coach Layton got them to two finals appearances in a row, but also because of where their boys roundball program was headed and the fact that it appeared for a little but their girls program was going to hit light speed. However, they’ve come back to the pack in most places where it matters.

        This would be the second time that Bonita will move to a league because of its non-revenue sports and not where we are. I welcome the challenge, but it won’t be an easy task especially if the Bearcats get kicked out to the Baseline, that’s as bad as Glendora being out there…


        I’m ready to see CO replace Alta Loma in the Baseline.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Then they would not make the playoffs…and if they did they would be playing Vista Murrieta in the first round…
          With league losses to Upland and Rancho every season, they would be duking it out with Los Osos, and Etiwanda for the final playoff spot, and Etiwanda plays Rancho much closer than CO does. Then if you Move into basketball, Etiwanda is a lock to win league, Baseball is a toss up…but CO would be far worse in the baseline…

          • SGV_FOOTBALL

            I believe CO needs to be challenged every week in league to get better every year.. The Sierra has not challenged CO much in the past two years. I would rather go toe toe in the Baseline than sit in the Sierra and win league title after league title. Just how you want your team out of your league and division I want CO in the baseline.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I Don’t you think that’s what Rancho and Upland want…Those schools beat CO almost as easily as they beat Alta Loma, and Glendora… They will beat every team in the Sierra that way as well. I think you are ignoring the fact that the Sierra should be in the Central. You can’t just think about it from a CO perspective…how much would CO improve that league. Upland beat CO by 50 pts and Rancho nearly shut CO out last year….Listen…I respect CO football…they won’t win the baseline ever, and they won’t go deep in inland…That’s a proven truth…

      • tor eckman

        You’re way off here; Bonita is not growing in attendance and there is virtually no land to build on in La Verne (where I live).

  • Bearcat

    Rumor has it around campus that a kid from Covina will be transferring in this year. He has been working out on campus lately. Can anyone confirm??

  • Brahma fan

    I heard things……..
    Diamond Bar Defensive Coordinator For the past 2 seasons, Ernie Navarro is out. Former Ayala Head Coach Tom Inglima will be the new DC.

    • Pls …tell me more! lol

      • Brahma fan

        Both Cordell Broadus and Kanye Bell offered scholarships to the University of Washington.

        • Very nice but actually i was referring more about Inglima!

          • Brahma fan

            Well, if you are asking how true this is, it’s a done deal. Coach Navarro was not fired. He was asked to take a lesser role as a defensive position coach but unfortunately, he felt that he would rather move on. You can google coach Inglima. Former Head Coach at Ayala (named coach of the year, took an 0-10 team to 7-4 and the playoffs). Previously coached at DB before that.

          • Ah ha..this could make things VERY interesting once he gets his agenda down!

  • FanFriendlyFan

    …Etiwanda is down to two candidates and will make an announcement sometime in the next couple days, if not today.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Any idea who?

  • Don

    Bonita to the Baseline? At 1950 students that would make them the smallest school in Division 2 right? And that does what, bring in fresh meat for the Pomona Valley

    Yeah, as Aaron points out, they do a swell job in the small cap sports but there is a reason ambulances don’t get assigned to volleyball games. Put a football team full of soccer, basketball, and baseball players on the field against the likes of Rancho Cucamonga or Upland week after week and (more) people are going to get hurt. I’m thinking the section has more smarts than that although they have done some wacky stuff in the past.

    Maybe you have been spending too much
    time with the Inland one and done set. I’m thinking that some of
    your insiders are wishing and hoping and thinking and praying,
    planning and dreaming that one Friday night they will get theirs.

    • 90’s Spartan

      Charter Oak has slightly fewer students. Around 1850.

  • reality

    Maybe Podley as AD at Bonita saw the handwriting on the wall thus hastening his stepping down. If this happens Bonita football will fall into the proverbial black hole, never to be heard from again. Those soccer moms of Laverne and Shirley will never allow their babies to be pummeled by the Inland empire monsters.

    • LMAO…now that was funny as hell!! @ Laverne and Shirley..LOL

  • scotty bore as

    if Damien/Lucys leaves the Sierra and CHIlls goes to the Baseline,what 2 schools bring it back up to 6? Bonita and DRanch ? or….

    • 90’s Spartan

      I suggested Bonita and Glendora, but Aram has heard Glendora will be staying put.

      • scotty bore as

        Alta Loma appears to be gone in the Baseline..would Summit or CHills be a better fit? maybe Colony gets bumped up to the Baseline…I think 2 of those 3 schools go Baseline and Bonita,Glendora go to the Sierra

        • 90’s Spartan

          I don’t think Summit was moved into the Mt. Sac Region, so they can’t move to the Baseline. Otherwise, it would probably be a good fit.

        • tor eckman

          Colony would get their ass handed to them in the Baseline league against the likes of Los Osos, RC, Upland, etc.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      I’d Cancel the Sierra League and Move Chino Hills/Glendora into the baseline, take the rest of the teams and form a new Mt Baldy(Div V) with….

      Charter Oak
      West Covina

      Then Drop Monrovia and San Dimas into the Hacienda…They could compete in all sports on that level.