I heard things …

Editor’s note: We’re starting a new thing around here at In the Huddle. It’s called “I heard things” … what it will be is a place where latest RUMORS that we think are likely to become fact (or fade away) will be thrown out there as JUST THAT, RUMORS! It will be up to you to figure out whether you believe it or not.

I heard things … the frontrunner/last finalist for the Etiwanda job is a current coach on staff at Covina. But finding out a name has been very difficult. The Etiwanda job is expected to be a walk-on position. So maybe this guy teaches at C-Town and will commute for the football gig?

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    I heard this….this blog has more info about my area than the blog that covers my area(IE)! ….and is updated more often! Thanks for the latest on the coaching vacancy!

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Be happy. There’s not even one that covers my area. So I come here to hangout and get my football fill.


        I am happy…. and thankful. I feel your pain.

        • Not So Fast My Friend


  • Colt74

    it’s not a current coach..it’s Mark Pasquarella…..

    • You serious, Colt?

      • Colt74

        I have had FOUR ( 4 ) people EMPLOYED at Covina tell me it was/is him..and 1 tell me that it was/is the Linemen coach. The 4 that named MP said that he was wanted because he coached Glendora ( same league ). Guess we will know tomorrow. Was told it would be announced on 2/1

  • FanFriendlyFan

    So MP would step down from his job in administration to take the Etiwanda coaching job? Could he realistically fulfill his admin duties that extend to the end of the school day then get out to Rancho in time for practices at what 5? It is either the linemen coach or no one from Covina at all. More then likely it isn’t anyone from Covina. And a Cal Preps message board has tabbed one of the possibilities as a current head coach in the SGV.

    • Colt74

      “So MP would step down from his job in administration to take the Etiwanda coaching job?” E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what I came back with! Assist principle for coach? I can’t see it..does not make sense or $$$$$$$$

  • EDogg1438

    It isn’t Pasquarella, or any of the Covina coaches. Can’t speak on who it will be, but it isn’t any of them!

  • Mike The Clone

    I heard things…..Go forward Etiwanda not backwards…good grief!!!