Forget the Inglima news, the real story is that former Charter Oak standout and USC safety Will Harris is on staff at Diamond Bar now!!!

Say what karaoke? You with me, Roddy?

Will Harris, the fiery former safety from Charter Oak and USC is now a defensive backs coach on Ryan Maine’s staff at Diamond Bar, according to my latest edition of the Brahma Blitz.

Really? What’s going on at D-Bar? I had no clue Will Harris was even back in town let alone wanting to get into coaching let alone doing so at Diamond Bar.

The Inglima hired as DC news is nice. He’ll scheme and that’s cute, but having a guy like Will Harris on staff, among other youngsters, probably means the Brahmas are gonna start attracting some guys.

Now why isn’t he at CO?

Aram’s take: By the way, even though it’s been years, I swear at some games I can still hear/feel Will’s dad from the standings yelling “Come on, Wheel (Will)!!!”.

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  • Valley Athletics

    I saw a picture of will with Washington huskies coach a month ago when he went to recruit Kenya and Cordell . Didn’t know if he was already there as a coach or new . Also was reading about some of the other coaches . Linebacker coach who coached at servite 6 yrs , Amat 2 yrs and el dorado .

  • Iron man

    Doesn’t mean the kid can coach. D-Bar will still finish 4th in league. Poor coaching and soft.

  • reality

    Iron man is correct. Inglima’s reputation around the SGV speaks for itself ( lol ). And Harris has been lurking around the program for years, where have you been? Nothing fresh or good for DB program here.

    • Obvioulsy you cant read! and i bet you DONT even know Will Harris! and if you did , your quite a backstabber to come on a blog trashing him!!

      • In the know

        I was not referring to Mr. Harris.

    • In the know

      I agree. Coaching is more than just Xs and Os. You cant be a good role model and build character and morals if you have none yourself. Track record speaks for itself….

  • Brahma fan

    This will be Coach Harris’ SECOND year on the Brahma coaching staff. He’s as fiery as his dad. Coach Maine has the program pointed in the right direction. Snoop has been a real pleasure to speak with. Many Pac12 recruiters around campus these days. Good things to come REAL SOON.

    • Thats why i told Iron man, to hell with his opinion…if the scouts are showing up, then obviously the program is going in the right direction. Too many uninformed comments from guys who #1 Never had a child at the school and #2 Never spent time around the program to be judging the kids and its program. ….

  • IronMan

    Patrick…..No titles, not even close, will be happening at D Bar. Have fun screwing around with Snoop.

    • Funny, you spend so much time blogging about a program you have so much hate for!…Sorry you life is so miserable!

  • abbjjmps

    USC All American and 1st Round NFL Pick Chris Claiborne has joined the La Mirada High School coaching staff. Nice pick up for both Southeast school!

  • New York

    Diamond Bar’s website shows some well pedigreed coaches at the position coach level.