I heard things …

Editor’s note: We’re starting a new thing around here at In the Huddle. It’s called “I heard things” … what it will be is a place where latest RUMORS that we think are likely to become fact (or fade away) will be thrown out there as JUST THAT, RUMORS! It will be up to you to figure out whether you believe it or not.

I heard things … UPDATED: Yes, I’ve heard that Chaffey College asst. coach Dana Hall is also in the mix. … One named that surfaced late yesterday as far as the Etiwanda opening was La Puente head coach Brandon Rohrer. That’s an interesting one. This thing is such a disaster that nothing would surprise me. They offered Gano and gave final interviews to Roland DeAnda and Jason Smith with sources saying they were NEVER going to offer the job to either of the other two. Then, a new principal came in and the process was supposedly started over again with some new guys getting interviewed. Just incredible. But for something like “I heard things …”, Etiwanda has been priceless. Back to DeAnda for a second … this guy’s rebirth is AMAZING. Supposedly he’s got a contingent of Pop Warner parents lobbying for him to get the job. JUST AMAZING!

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    I heard …..Hadaway was on campus with another coach, not Hall, last week, but talking to Smith. Probably about players…..I heard….Hall needs to find a job because he is no longer with Chaffey. I hope…..the kids get a coach soon!


      I heard….that I am wrong. Hall may have been with Had…..on multiple days. I’ve been told that a couple of coaches that match his description were on campus…

  • living legend

    Roher has the job if he wants it

    • Middy

      Is there a teaching job for him?

  • Fatligian

    This is what’s wrong with today’s media…you’re hired to tell the facts. If you can’t find good stories filled with FACTS, then maybe you should quit this business.

  • FanFriendlyFan

    Word around campus is that Brandon Rohrer has taken the job and there is a teaching job to go with the position. The SGV loses a very good young coach to the IE. Although it is nice to see these programs not reuse old coaches. You can only reuse a paper plate so many times before it needs to be thrown out. Good for Rohrer and great for Etiwanda.

  • Warrior Nation

    If coach Rohrer leaves I hope Coach Crook come back as head coach.