CATASTROPHE: Tribune All-Area DB Pablo Ocegueda of South El Monte reportedly loses four fingers in tug-of-war mishap …

South El Monte defensive back Pablo Ocegueda, a Tribune first-team All-Area selection at defensive back last season, reportedly lost four fingers in a tug-of-war fiasco at school on Monday.

Ocegueda was undergoing surgery on Monday night to reattach the severed fingers. Several Eagles teammates and coach Ibis Aguilar have been at the hospital with Ocegueda to offer support.

Ocegueda was a key cog in helping South El Monte share the Mission Valley League title with El Monte. The senior had 74 tackles, five interceptions and two fumble recoveries.

Aram’s take: From what I hear, and this is all second hand because I obviously wasn’t at South El Monte High when it happened, is that the rope being was used was not a thick one that you can only grab and not wrap. So, Ocegueda wrapped the rope around his hand and when it came time to pull, the rope tightened and caused the injury. Hopefully, his fingers can be reattached and work again.

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  • Lupe

    Sounds like an easy lawsuit to win. Feel bad for the kid.

  • Zapruder

    what an awful story, hope surgery goes well for all involved.

  • The truth and nothing but…

    WOW! Wishing the kid a speedy recovery.

  • jcaz

    That’s a terrible thing to happen to anyone, but as funny as this any sound, Tug of War with a rope like that isnt necessarily a kids game. I remember when I was in the Marine Corps, we used to play that all the time with other Marines and let me tell you, it was some fierce stuff getting out there with some of these guys, especially when one side carried all the momentum at the end, and you cant let go of the rope.

  • Valley Athletics

    I heard a girls soccer player lost her fingers also .


    Just opened yahoo’s home page and there it was. A story about the these two students, this is looking bad for South El Monte.


    Does anyone know how the surgery went?