Brandon Rohrer leaving La Puente to take over at Etiwanda

Brandon Rohrer is leaving La Puente to become the new head coach at Etiwanda, according the Bulletin’s Clay Fowler.

Rohrer was head coach at La Puente for four successful seasons, finishing second in the Montview League three times before earning a share of the league title with Gladstone this past season.

Rohrer is a Glendora grad and was often rumored to be going back to his alma mater during its reason coaching upheavals. Rohrer replaces Tommy Leach, who lasted just one season at Etiwanda before resigning.

Aram’s take: Finally. If you’ve ever wanted to see an example of how not to conduct a hiring a process, Etiwanda supplied one in full over the past few months. But in the end, they actually got a pretty dang good coach. This should come as a shock to nobody as it was reported in a previous “I Heard Things …” that Rohrer was in the mix and Robledo had the same on his blog last week. Feel my heat here, but I always got the vibe that Rohrer was always having an internal battle in his head and trying convince himself that LP was wear he belonged long term. I just always felt like he was trying to convince himself deep down. Anyway, we’ll miss Rohrer around these parts and they’ll miss him especially at La Puente. But all those who are bummed about this have to realize that Etiwanda offers a higher ceiling of talent than La Puente, so you can’t blame a young coach for taking this chance. Now, what the heck is La Puente gonna do? You’ve got Gladstone still open and now they’re second in line in terms of timing. Probably the same group of coaches going for both. Although I suspect most coaches view LP as the better place despite what happened on the field last year.

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  • you the man

    congrats coach, you are are a great coach in our eyes. our son would not be a college player today if not for what you taught him his freshman year at glendora. very happy for you

  • SGV#1

    said the same thing on Fred’s blog….possible replacement? Bobby Godinez?


    Coach Rohrer saw the signs at Hacienda La Puente school district. In regards to the lawsuit against them by LA County. Great move my Rohrer, he now needs to surround himself with great assistant coaches. The Inland is Biotch, just ask Big Lou and co.

  • The truth and nothing but…

    Watch out for Bassett in Mount View.