Meet D-Bar’s Cordell Broadus and Kanya Bell …

Aram’s take: This website “CityBallers” seems to have quite the interest in Broadus and Bell despite the fact that there’s nothing “city” about Diamond Bar. 20k views on this YouTube video. Man, with Noodles in tow D-Bar is going to be one interesting spectacle to watch this spring/summer. Noodles has to be thinking that if he can somehow be the starting QB and throw to guys like this, then whatever “looks” they’re getting will go to him as well. It’s a way to step into the spotlight or share the spotlight. That’s my take.

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  • Doggy Dog

    Noodles is maybe 5’10”, there is no way he will ever play or get recruited to play QB at the next level. I know, I know, he is listed at 6′, but trust me, I have stood next to him many a times and he is no taller then 5’10” If he is looking to get looks from recruiters he should have stayed at WC to shine as a RB or DB, which are the only positions that he will have an opportunity to play at the next level. There’s a reason why Coach M didn’t want to play him at the QB spot.

    • In all honesty

      We don’t know for sure yet if he’ll even play QB for them. Peterson won’t go down without a fight I’m sure. If he doesn’t play QB, he’ll get lots of looks by college teams

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        Peterson is the real QB. Hull is a RB that can throw. BIG difference.

  • Valley Athletics

    A good reason to transfer . Saw his video a couple month ago and I commented that someone should cover the branding iron game when you had the topic on who should you cover .

  • itzaboutthekidz

    Ground Zero beat Snoops’ team this past weekend. There are a lot of good kids out there doing great things. You should get out to some of the passing leagues and report on all of your LOCAL kids.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      Not to mention the “adult” flag football scene… My guess is there’s some kids playing in that too.

  • GP AKA Green Machine


    doesn’t have to start at QB, but if DBar was smart, they would line him back up there in the wild cat to mix things up. Noodles will be recruited as athlete, and should focus on his DB skills along with catching the football as WR/RB combo player. I don’t see qb in the future for this kid, but I do see a D1 offer. If DBar has a solid QB…it makes no sense to waste that guy, when noodles can play just about any skill position. However, Downey is still the team to beat in the Southeast. I still have not heard about any upcoming Lineman or Defensive stars…. Is Dbar going to be good upfront or what? Are they going to have any athletic LB’s? If not, all the passing league, loaded backfield and WR stuff can be thrown out the window. If the line is good watch out. If not, 2nd-3rd place in the Hacienda and a 1st – 2nd round exit in playoffs.