Latest salvo in OC recruiting/attracting war: Former St. Paul head coach Elijah Asante joins Harry Welch’s staff at Santa Margarita …

Former St. Paul head coach Elijah Asante has joined Harry Welch’s staff at Santa Margarita as an assistant coach.

“Harry Welch offered me to come two years ago,” Asante said. “He told me if that if I ever had the opportunity, he wanted me to coach with him. And of course, this opportunity came up because I was out of a job. He offered for me to come in.

“It’s just such a great program, I went on and took advantage of it.”

Asante was let go by St. Paul in the middle of last season, his first at the school. He closed the season as an assistant coach at Lakewood. Asante previously had a successful run at Carson, where he beat Mater Dei twice, a fact that may prove useful at Santa Margarita.

Asante does not know for sure what his role on Welch’s staff will be. According to him, there are no titles on the Santa Margarita staff like there would be at a typical high school.

“He doesn’t give titles,” Asante said of Welch. “If you look at this program book, everybody is an assistant coach. It’s kind of a smart thing to do because he’s got like four head coaches on his staff.”

Asante remains a teacher at St. Paul, but is unsure if he’ll continue in that role next school year.

Aram’s take: Well, in the ever-growing recruiting/attracting wars taking place in The OC, this is a big coup for Santa Margarita. The way Mater Dei has been “attracting” talent recently, the stakes had gone up and Santa Margarita will need to keep up. And then there’s Servite and Mission Viejo. Yep, it’s a rat race for talent. Asante will certainly help in that department and don’t be surprised if Santa Margarita gets some high-impact kids in this spring/summer.

  • LOL

    Maybe he can ATTRACT Scoby for one last transfer.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      To my knowledge, Scoby is at Alamany now.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        I really hope Scob’s Credits are good come Feb 6 2014…

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          He’s a very muscular kid. I hope it’s not from artificial assistance.



          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Well we know Scob well..he was always a buff kid…he had guns at 10 years old.

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            Heard many things about that kid, some good, some not so good… artificial assistance though, not one of them.

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          Glad to hear that everyone! Kids should never, ever be using that stuff.

          That kid is carrying some serious cannons. lol

  • Frank Strazzulla

    the subsidized apartments right across the street from SM (and right next to the north gate of Coto de Caza/Dove Canyon) just got a bunch of new tenant applications….

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      That’s not a surprise.

    • Aram Tolegian

      I think when you consider what’s been going on, I mean REALLY GOING ON, in Orange County the past few years, this hiring is a genius move by Welch. Asante will get players. And probably not the kinda players Santa Margarita typically gets. The stakes just keep getting raised … meanwhile, I wonder what’s going on at Amat. I’m sorry, but if you’re unwilling to get your hands dirty in the Pac-5, then maybe that’s another reason to jet out.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        This is why it don’t like it when people marvel over these schools…with all this pac 5 mess…they are the biggest recruiters out there…Great post exposing what High school football has become. 1 or 2 transfers are normal…but when you bring in Asante, you basically let everyone in Socal know the doors are open hell who needs a door…just walk in. Now if SM’s skill player stable goes from fundamentally sound football players to Track team…you know Asante hooked it up…Tustin High school Better watch out….

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Yeah, That’s why I don’t worship the South OC schools in the Pac 5. They will do anything and hire anyone to win. Once you hire Asante, you let everyone in Socal know that you are looking for transfers/ Skill players with Speed. Now if SM Goes from a team with fundamentally sound team of white South OC kids to a City Section Track team…you Know Asante did his thing…. BA does get its hands dirty…they just are not willing to go as far as Other Schools…However they suck the talent from SGV schools…in No way are they clean…They just won’t hire a slick guy like Asante, and probably don’t have the $$$ to make this happen like a cash rich SM or MD…

      • Valley Athletics

        You need to look at Amats freshman footage on hudl .alot of good players on that team . Trey Sidney at receiver and a couple of running backs . Qb looks good . Can throw and run . A lineman is listed at 6’3 240 pounds on hudl . 2 other lineman are the same size . Defensive backfield looks good and d line . Thy mist be doing some recruiting if they are getting all those good freshman . Maybe that is why they didn’t take a chance on scoby . A couple of those freshman backs look like they can play next year .

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          BA had no need for him. SM and Mater Dei are not extremely talented at RB or WR… Besides Duarte, the other players were good but not great. It’s the Depth at OL, DL, and LB that separates those schools from BA. I Think as far as coaching goes BA has the staff. Poly has all the horses, but questionable coaching. In order for BA to make a dent in the Pac 5, they will need to beef up at the LB, OL and DL spots.

      • Frank Strazzulla

        that’s what I thought…you are going to see a different kind of guy playing for SM……

    • Frank Strazzulla

      I suspect that going to Pleasantville (AKA Rancho Santa Margarita) every day will be an eyeopener for these kids!

  • Frank Strazzulla

    the subsidized apartments right across the street from SM (and right next to the north gate of Coto de Caza/Dove Canyon) just got a bunch of new tenant applications….

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Very interesting spot for Asante to turn up at. That’ll be one to keep your eyes on, both talent incoming and coaching symmetry.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      They brought him in to bring some speed in….you know the drill…

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        haha, yes I do.

  • greenandwhite

    Great Choice Coach Welch!! Asante is an amazing coach. St Paul ruined
    their best chance to bring their dying program back to life. They
    obviously had no idea the caliber coach they had. SM is a much better
    place for Asante. SM has definitely gotten a class act and they won’t be

  • RO

    Well, if you like a coach who tells a kid F… off, after a tough loss, in front of parents and other players then Asante is your kind of coach.

  • WWE

    What a fantastic Tag Team. Harry can take a kid down with a Rear Naked Choke and Assante can heckle him with F Bombs before the lights go out. Someone better take a head count on the kids prior to the bus returning to the school after each game.

    • Lupe

      And maybe they can get those assistants back from a few years ago to smoke out the

  • wow

    isn’t it illegal to recruit for any high school in southern california. Recruiting war WTF.

  • RO

    Some folks still drinking the Asante Kool-Aid. Too bad.

  • RO

    WWE, isn’t counting heads after a game the Head Coaches job? Isn’t he responsible for the well being of the players? Another part of the job he failed. Keep drinking that Asante Kool-Ade.

    • Sense of Humor

      I’m pretty sure that WWE was cracking a joke at Asante and Welch’s expense. Based on his post, I’m pretty sure that he is anything but an Asante Kool-Ade drinker.

  • Don

    Golly, I hope they have enough single digit jerseys to go around.