I heard things … La Salle football landing impact transfers …

Editor’s note: We’re starting a new thing around here at In the Huddle. It’s called “I heard things” … what it will be is a place where latest RUMORS that we think are likely to become fact (or fade away) will be thrown out there as JUST THAT, RUMORS! It will be up to you to figure out whether you believe it or not.

I heard things … It didn’t take long for La Salle’s success last season in football to pay dividends. I did some snooping around/a little birdie told me today about some of the goings on with the Lancers. I was there to cover girls soccer, but you never know what you’re going to fall into.

Anyway, word is that La Salle has picked up a 6-foot-5 wide receiver who played at St. John Bosco last season, a sophomore-to-be QB from Diamond Bar, who was MVP of the JV team last season and a 6-foot-4 QB from Village Christian, who is supposed to start next season.

I’ve got no names, however. But from what I hear things are looking very promising. La Salle was 10-1 last season.

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    All these skill player transfers mean nothing…QBs, WR, and RB’s always transfer when they are not getting the ball or not the “Man”. Until you hear about 2-3 lineman or LB’s transferring into one school…I would not be impress. Now if that school has a dominate Line in place, then a skill transfer could take them over the top..but La Salle did all that to be snuffed in the first round….I want to hear some things in November…..

    • http://twitter.com/aramtolegian Aram Tolegian

      Yeah … to your point GP, I heard that coaches at LS know they won’t take next step unless they get horses along the lines. They are bracing for the expected shift to the Mission League. They’ll be in big trouble sans big linemen, but Pasadena is open territory for anyone and maybe they can get a few horses up front from somewhere in the city.

      • No way in hell

        The Mission League?? No way, La Salle would get destroyed in the Mission. A move to the Alpha League is more probable.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Yea, there is no way they are ready for mission league play. Monrovia barely won vs st Francis. they were more decent than most know…but their line was strong and solid…and they were not the best line in their league. LS is More of a midvalley team. However the midvalley was tougher than the division they were in….even though it was higher…Monrovia, Paraclete, would have beat Nordhoff. LS needs to get a hold on Pasadena..but Alemany has a choke hold on dena talent

        • Noobskillme

          We played the schedule that was set up. We have upgraded the schedule by adding Cathedral, Bishop Diego and Pasadena while dropping Temple City, Glendale and Village Christian. No worries GP, La Salle knows they are in a talent rich area and if they build it they will come….

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            No doubt, don’t let my words fool you LS had one of the best turnarounds in 2012. The Skills have always been there…there are enough in Pasadena. It’s those big lineman….which always end up at Alemany. I wish them the best this year.

          • Noobskillme

            And I do (wish) Monrovia as well…. Funny how Alemany’s lack of size on both fronts (O & D) helped lead to their demise last season….But being “BIG” for Mission League and being BIG for Pac-5 are two totally different animals…..

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Very true, but really Alemany just got beat. they match up with pac 5 teams.

      • Eastern Ave.

        Aram, I heard LS and Maranatha turned down RHP for this fall. RHP is
        having no success in scheduling with the local schools. RHP has only 8
        games on their slate what have you heard?

        • Noobskillme

          Eastern Ave- As far as LS is concerned you “heard” sooooo very wrong. RHP never called LS to schedule a game (much less did LS turn them down). Have no clue if what you “heard” re: Natha is truth or not.

      • GreeniesSideKick

        Aram….Don’t believe a word Gordon or his cronies tell you. They all have alligator mouths.

        • Noobskillme

          Sidekick- what’s an alligator mouth? Don’t believe I’m familiar with the analogy.

    • Noobskillme

      “snuffed” in the play offs by the team that lost in the semis (13-8) to the eventual CIF champs (Nordhoff). LS was “snuffed in the first round 12-10. I won’t even go there regarding how the game ended as there is no crying in football. LS knows very well that it is all about the trenches and you don’t win ships without them on both sides of the ball. LS is very aware that size needs to be a steady flow but you have to walk before you run and now that we are somewhat “on the map” we shall see what the future years bring….2012 we walked.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Snuffed is the word… a real 10-0 – contending team does not lose in the first round…they fluffed their schedule…their league was soft… and they were beat at home. Now I think La Salle is much improved, but has a long way to go. Just like Monrovia still has a long way too…it’s continuous, Monrovia has had to skill players for decades…now the line is catching up…and the titles followed. However, your line has to improve with you as a team moves up divisions and or have championship aspiration. LS line is not very good.

    • GreeniesSideKick


    • justin time

      Maybe someone transfers because they need to! Maybe it is a family issue, maybe it is finaces or logistics……If you have NO FACTS then do not assume why someone transferred. My guess is that you would be the first to run from a situation for not being “the man” since that is your first conclusion. The “green” in your screen name must represent the jealousy you have over those who have been better than you your entire life. I will also get the word out to the local high schools that they need to aim to “impress” you!! What a joke!

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        You may be right… however that has nothing to with the point I was making. Once again regardless of the reason players transfer, Skill players, ie QB, RB DB,WR Etc…don’t improve your team unless there is a solid line in place….Why would a player leave one of the top teams in Socal to go to La Salle? The QB at SJB is sick and only a JR. I could see if he went from big private school to local free public school…but he went private to private, he also did not choose another private or public school which is as good as SJB, he went to La Salle which couldn’t even get out the first round…that smells like a player wanting more time… and wanting to be the star…you can attack me…but I have a great career and had no reason to envy anyone….I think your mad because I am somewhat accurate. I may be homer, but I know wassup…Don’t let your feelings get in the way of is only obvious and La Salle still can’t beat Monrovia…

        • Noobskillme

          You are sooooo not accurate on so many different levels. Too many to get into, really. “LS still can’t beat Monrovia and never will, so there”. You sound like a 5 yr. old talking about your favorite WWE wrestler…. Lmao!.

          Never say never, machine.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            So why did these transfer come? Yeah, I’ll say never on that one.

          • Noobskillme

            Probably some of the same reasons Monrovia gets transfers, unless you are saying they don’t. Diamond Bar transfer didn’t happen because some kid named noodles transfered in. And it’s stamped.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Yeah Monrovia does, the difference is those kids all grew up in Monrovia. They went other schools and decided to come back. In the past 5 years Monrovia has to be one the few schools with the least amount of transfers in, but probably had the most floating around. Muir has been raped for their talent more than anyone…Muir Kids over there at La Salle? I mean La Salle is in Pasadena so no harm done, but yeah…

          • http://twitter.com/cbnboy34 patrick tyrone

            what do you mean the transfer didnt happen?

          • Noobskillme

            Meaning the transfer happened but NOT because some kid names Noodles transferred into Diamond Bar.

  • Noobskillme

    To the Alpha? Like I say “noobs kill me”- You really think LS is going to move DOWN…..don’t get mad. Enjoy the turn-around that is going to happen. No one says LS is ready for Mission league……yet. Key word…..YET.

    • No way in hell

      La Salle may be in D10 but your league is more on par with that of D12 or D13. No team in you league, including La Salle, is any where near capable of beating either Paracleat or Sierra Canyon, let alone going up against the likes of Chaminade or Serra in the Mission League. In Fact, didn’t CIF just move the Mountview and the Olympic Leagues from D11 to D10 because neither league had a snowballs chance in Hell of competing in the Midvalley Division (i.e. D11)? Don’t get caught up in comparing division numbers when comparing the Midvalley with the Northwest Divisions because the leagues in the Midvalley are much superior to that of the Northwest.

      • Noobskillme

        La Salle beats the dog snot out of Sierra last year….PERIOD and isn’t consenting to the Clete. You are truly showing your ignorance saying LS is a D12/13 team…truly. Based on their last few seasons (obviously not including 2012) I could see where you say they belonged in a lower level..but stating that now is ridiculous. If it wasn’t for St. Bernards folding (and adding strength to the likes of Catherdral and Serra), their league would have been tougher. I’m not going to argue with you re: the Del Rey’s strength because they weren’t a strong league as a hole. “Mid Valley leagues are much superior to the Northwest”…..due tell, and I hope you can say more than Monrovia, Paraclete and Sierra.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          St Bernard has not been that good in some time. Serra, Chaminade, are legit southland powers. Sorry La Salle finished the season ranked 360 and Compton Centennial 307

          Sierra Canyon would have won the Northwest

          • Noobskillme

            No one is saying Serra and Chaminade aren’t legit powers so not understanding that mention. Rankings mean naught to me..observance of teams play on field matters. Sierra Cyn gets molly-whomped by La Salle. Let’s call it a big difference of opinion.

          • Noobskillme

            2012 SC (not 2011) gets beat by LS, North, Centennial and Nordhoff… Please with that.

          • LaSucks

            Dude put that koolaid down.

          • Noobskillme

            Keep livin in the past….


          You are a joke. Paraclete would have bent you over and Sierra Canyon would have been there to pick up the sloppy seconds. Its nice to aspire to be a big dog but until then keep dreaming.

          • Noobskillme

            LOL…..okay. Sure. And SC is a big dog? LOL….. Sell that garbage to the West Side of the 818.

        • No way in hell

          Never said that La Salle is a D12/13 team. What I said, is that the Del Rey League is on par with D12/13 leagues. I believe that LS was good enough to make the playoffs in the Midvalley last year but would have been a 3rd place team in most of the Midvalley Leagues. If LS played in the Alpha League last year they probably get in as a 3rd place team and probably draw a team like Monrovia which would have made short work of you guys in the 1st round. I have to laugh at the idea of you looking down your nose at the Alpha League with the good sense to know that both Paracleat and Sierra Canyon’s would have kicked LS teeth in in the same fashion that they did to the rest of the Alpha. FYI anybody can go 10-0 playing a Pop Warner schedule. I’d bet a months pay that D13 Rio Hondo Prep would have beaten LS by at least 2 td’s last year.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      They won’t be ready for the mission ever…Monrovia beat a mission league playoff team. It was very tough for us. However, Monrovia would have probably beat LS 45-10 last year…really

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    LaSalle would lose in Midvalley 2nd round….their division is not strong….I say Nordhoff… Slow is the word

    • Noobskillme

      Not understanding the “slow is the word” comment…… And who would LS lose to in the quarters of the Mid Valley play-offs?

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        San Dimas, Monrovia, Paraclete, San Marino Sierra Canyon

        • Noobskillme

          San, Dimas, San Marino and Sierra Cyn…not happening. Clete, not conceding. Monrovia 2012 too much.

  • Eastern Ave.

    Aram, I heard LS and Maranatha turned down RHP for this fall. RHP is having no success in scheduling with the local schools. RHP has only 8 games on their slate what have you heard?

    • Noobskillme

      You heard wrong….concerning LS.

  • GreeniesSideKick

    Noob…you’re killing us.

    Great job turning things around. Yeah, you inherited a soft schedule. No prob. But you walk in here and start sounding off like you deserve some respect from what you accomplished. How about play and beat someone first before you open your mouth.

    Sierra Canyon and Paraclete are leaps and bounds better than you are. I mean, Paraclete easily beat the same Centennial you lost to.

    It is not secret that the Northwest is by far weaker than the Mid-Valley. The numbering system is gone…they dumped all the crap in the NW.

    Good luck…its one thing to be prideful but you’re sounding really stupid right now.

    • Noobskillme

      If I’m killing you, then get tougher. No one walked in anywhere and sounded off. SC in 2012 was NOT leaps and bounds better than LS…did you see BOTH teams play (on the field) at all? “Clete easily beat Centennial”….ask Clete if they thought it was an EASY win. Also the team Clete beat WAS NOT THE TEAM THAT PLAYED in the play-offs vs. LS. Transfers and “others” were in post season and not pre-season. So that means an entirely different team. Mid Valley is stronger than Northwest in Top 2 only (not including Sierra in that group…sorry). As a whole, sorry not buying it. If I’m sounding stupid to you because I say without a doubt La Salle whups SC on the field in 2012, so be it. Other than that I don’t know what else I said that is so unfathomable.

      • GSK

        I saw all three teams and you take third easily. Dude Gordon got his ass whooped a combined 161-28 in two years playing against SC and Clete. Even with a couple better dudes on field you’d still get a beat down if either had half the team they have because both schools have superior coaching.

        Don’t flatter yourselves…you have a long ways to go.

  • Valley Athletics

    The diamond bar jv Qb was not that good and was a sophmore who transfered in from Covina from what I heard . The freshman Qb didn’t pass much because they ran the ball a lot .

    • Dirk55

      You have the wrong player. The diamond bar qb is a freshman who played on the freshman team who transferred at the end of the season. At dbar they threw the ball 75% of the time. He has great command of the offense and a strong arm.

      • http://twitter.com/cbnboy34 patrick tyrone

        Well cant blame him for thinking about the future!

      • Valley Athletics

        I am correct . I am talking about the Qb who played jv . The post says sophmore to be who was MVP on jv team . It does not say sophmore to be who played on freshmen team . I saw 2 freshmen games last year and they ran the ball 75 percent of the time. Maybe they passed more in other games but against walnut and diamond ranch it was mostly running

        • Dirk55

          Read aaron’s post “sophmore to be” next year but they were wrong on the team he played on he was on the freshman team.

          • Valley Athletics

            You mean aram . I figured it was the freshmen team he played for .

      • Brahma fan

        CORRECT!! He will be missed! Good luck to him.

    • Brahma fan


      • Valley Athletics

        It wasn’t Peterson the day I saw the jv team and when I saw the freshman team play that day , they ran mostly . Maybe they ran because it was working and diamond bar blew out walnut that day .

        • Brahma fan

          So which team did you see? JV or Freshman? Who did they play?

          • Valley Athletics

            I saw a half of the freshman game and half if jv game against walnut . I have nephews that play on both levels in walnut so I had to catch both games . Been attending the varsity branding iron game the last 5 yrs .

  • New York

    Bring in someone like Coach Lou Stueck as a Senior Adviser and allow him to breathe some fire and toughness into the linemen and linebackers. Stueck kept score by how many of the opposition were knocked onto the backs.

  • Brahma fan

    Your facts are a little incorrect Aram. The Diamond Bar QB was the OFFENSIVE MVP from the Freshman team (good kid too, Aaron McCorkle). The Freshman, overall MVP was another kid. The JV Quarterback was Petersons’ TWIN brother (Kyle) and he’s very good too. We lost him against Los Altos (high ankle sprain). His back-up was more of a runner than passer.

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