Citing Kurt Scoby’s foster parent, LA Times’ Eric Sondheimer reporting that Scoby plans to play at Monrovia this fall …

OK, the Kurt Scoby Madness has reached its zenith. On Sunday, the LA Times’ Eric Sondheimer, citing Kurt Scoby’s foster parent, reported that Scoby plans to play at Monrovia this fall.

Sondheimer’s post on the matter was short, sweet and to the point. It also featured some clever wording. “Planning to play for Monrovia” … I called Monrovia head coach Ryan Maddox last week to ask him about this … most of what I got was laughter. Maddox also said he had heard nothing of the sort.

As we all know, what Kurt Scoby “plans” to do and what actually happens are about 30 different things (maybe more). And citing his foster parent, when she’s often gotten her news about Scoby FROM ME, is also bad business. But what are you gonna do? As a reporter, if somebody says it, Sondheimer is obligated to report it.

Just wonder if she called him or he called her … hmmmm….

But forget all that, Scoby and his foster parent, have lost all credibility because of what’s taken place the past three years. Charter Oak to Duarte to St. Paul to Cathedral to Alemany to now (maybe) Monrovia … the same Monrovia that Scoby was almost at before leaving Duarte for St. Paul.

As I tweeted and even reported/predicted here BACK ON MARCH 7, Monrovia should be the favored destination for Scoby.

But here’s the thing, it’s real longshot that Scoby will ever play under the lights again. He’s out of options, for lack of a better term, with CIF. He needs a valid residential change to get into Monrovia’s district, which may not be hard to accomplish as he’s been rumored to live in Monrovia/Duarte before.

Then there’s the matter of academic eligibility. If we added up ALL the time Scoby has missed just in between transfers, it’s hard to imagine he’s on-schedule classes-wise or even eligible grades-wise.

I don’t think Coach Maddox realized just how real this Scoby situation was going to get. But it appears to be headed toward his and Principal Darvin Jackson’s doorstep. They handled the De’Shawn Ramirez situation well. And although vastly different, the Gevontray Ainsworth situation, too. But Scoby is a whole ball of wax.

At this point, what Scoby “wants” to do and what he’ll be “eligible” to do appear to be two VERY DIFFERENT things.

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  • reality


  • The truth and nothing but…

    Eligibilities aside, Monrovia is actually the best destination for Scoby. It’s close to home, a league that will allow him to run for over 2,500 yards, and a head coach who has proven he can get players recruited. Spoke to a MHS parent today, next year’s squad will strictly be a running team. Just hope he will be eligible, mostly what’s happened in the last year isn’t his fault.

    • LM Fan

      I agree with Truth. If he can get eligible I think Monrovia would be nice fit for him.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Monrovia will be able to pass. Monrovia has never been just a passing or running team. Mtown normally has a good group of WR’s to throw to. Maddox won’t just ignore those capabilities. Next year’s qb throws a nice ball, but is very Mobile and can go the distance if he gets loose. Not quite as shifty as Nick Bueno was, but nevertheless probably a little faster, and much taller, which should help visibility. Experience is the only thing lacking with this QB, they will need to simplify things to limit turnovers. The Read option for the town is going to be sick with this QB.

      • The truth and nothing but…

        The parent I spoke to has been a main stay at MHS for the last three championships. I am just repeating what I was told, wasn’t going to argue with him.

  • Cris Corpus

    Its just sad that the kid has no guidance, All the wrong people telling him what to do

  • jcaz

    Aram, when are you guys gonna come out with both the football preview and the week by week locals schedule ?

    • Aram Tolegian

      I would guess August, as usual.

  • Johnny come lately

    I’d bet a weeks pay that my youngest son, who is currently a Freshmen, has more classroom hours completed then that which Scoby has accumulated in three years. I’d also bet another weeks pay that any school that puts this kid out on the field this year will end up forfeiting games by seasons end.

    • The truth and nothing but…

      I’ll take your bet. Your post alleges he missed two full years worth of school out of a possible two years and three quarters. He has miss more time than your average student but not that much. Now the question is “how much do you make a week?”

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        I’d like to double down on that bet? lol

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Sounds like they’re going to have to double down on his academics, online and summer school wise.

    Given his situation, I hope the investment is made in “him” and not someone’s agenda.

  • Oso Viejo

    I’m thinking this whole Kurt Scoby thing would be better handled in a manner more befitting the precision and gravity it really deserves.

    Maybe a reality show on MTV.

    Hosted by Lindsay Lohan.

    You could have ‘Scooby Sightings’ called in by the guru from a helicopter following
    the Scoby crew around from school to school on the freeways. It would be like the OJ chase without Al Cowlings.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Scoby would have rushed for 2500 yards regardless, if he would have stayed put somewhere. Scoby should be able to be eligible when it comes to address and to credits. Monrovia has a wonderful adult school program to help those catch up. I am not sure if this program will make him eligible for a scholarship, but if he works hard, he can become football eligible.
    However, Darrien Jones is a wonderful back. He will get his carries along with scoby. Scoby will have to find a place to help on Defense. This really puts Monrovia in a position to Win 4 in Row. With Jones and Scoby, the mid valley will not be able to handle a rushing attack like that. Mtown just has to worry about Ayala, South Hills, and San Dimas in Preseason, and SM in league. When the playoffs come rolling around, they should be fine. at 14-0 or 13-1, Monrovia should be in another regional game. they will start out ranked # 2-3 in div III Socal. This team will be just as good as last year or better.

    • The truth and nothing but…

      Scoby will not rush for 2,500 yards in any league, the Trinity and Serra are two that immediately come to mind. You may or may not be related to Darrien Jones, regardless if Scoby does enroll at Monrovia and is eligible, Jones will be the one that would have to make the switch if he wants any playing time. Scoby will dominate in the Mid-Valley. He is a franchise type back. You don’t ask Adrian Peterson to switch to LB so Toby Gerhart can play RB.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        You are so wrong, I am not related to Darrien Jones other than we are both wildcats….First of all just about every team is now running two backs in the NFL and College. What football world do you live in? Besides, Darrien was just short of 1,000yrds last season due to sharing time with Ainsworth. Darrien will get his carries, and he is a very talented back. He missed his sophmore year due to off the field issues. Monrovia is a place where you have to put in work. Kurt is not going to just walk in take a proven backs carries away. He still has to earn the carries he is going to get. Monrovia Disciplines when needed and rewards when it’s deserved. In this case, Jones has earn his spot. And yes Kurt will be ask to play defense! Especially since we do have two backs. Majority of Monrovia players are ask to play both ways to keep everyone fresh. Why did Bishop Ask Blue and Andrews to go both ways, or CO with Vaughns and their guys? You want to have your best players on the field. Duh.

        • The truth and nothing but…

          I never said you were related to Jones. I only said I didn’t know whether you were. As you said, college and NFL team uses two RB, but we are not talking about either one, we are talking about high school football. And the football world that I come from, if you have a work horse back in high school, he is going to be your guy. If Kurt Scoby enrolls at Monrovia and is eligible, he’s going to be RB1, 2, and 3 and Jones will be RB4, he will be lucky to get 5 to 6 carries per game. Unless I misunderstood you, we both agree Scoby will be a 2,500+ yards back if he played for Monrovia. How in the world are you going to ask a 2,500+ yard back to split carries with another RB? IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!! I doubt if Scoby has any interest in playing defense, he hasn’t done it since his Duarte Hawks days. Besides, what coach in their right mind would risk that? Come on GP, I thought you were more knowledgeable about football than what you have proven so far. SMH!

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Truth Change your name….

            Here is a list of the 2012-2013 CIF Champions who supposedly have only 1 work horse….I’m GP buddy….I think your better study a lil bit more

            Well Long Beach Poly had 2 backs over 1200 yrds

            Edison- Had 4 backs over 400 yards/2 over 600

            De La Salle Has 2 backs- 2000 yard rusher and 1000 yard rusher.

            Gardena Serra- had 2 backs over a 1000

            Corona Cent- Had a 1400 yard Rusher and 1200 yard rusher.

            Downey- had on back with 2300 yrds and QB had a 1000

            **QB is a back…we are talking about carries right**

            I am sure I could find more.

          • The truth and nothing but…

            Read my post above to Seriously?, it covers some of your arguments. Also, we are talking about Kurt Scoby, who haven’t played defense since Junior All American. The guys you are talking about that plays both ways have been doing it through out their high school career. QB is a back just not a RB, as far as RB Downey just have one, Justin Huff. Edison weakens your argument, it only proves they didn’t have a legit no. 1. I am not saying some schools don’t use two backs. I am saying if a school has a clear cut no. 1 in the caliber of Kurt Scoby, he is going to be the guy. Please don’t argue Darrien Jones is the same caliber RB as Scoby when Jones was still a 3rd stringer last year while Scoby has gained at least 1,500 yards since his freshman year. But knowing you, you will probably argue that LOL.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I think that what we are discussing may have been the issue with Scoby transferring so many times. This is total speculation, but ,maybe everywhere he was trying to transfer except St Paul, probably have good backs there. His family may have been looking for a place where they did not have other backs.The coaches at those top schools probably were not going to bench talented players, who have been there. I am not saying players can not lose their spots, but Jones is not someone who is going to be benched. When you try to transfer into Schools like BA, Alemany, Cathedral, SJB Etc… they are going to have guys there, talent guys all developing and ready to contribute. Monrovia is no different, Especially since Jones can run it and was key player in last years championship run…the incoming Soph running backs to can play. Monrovia is going to use them all where they best help the team. They will all push each other, and make each other better.

          • The truth and nothing but…

            GP, if you don’t know a player or school’s situation, don’t speculate, it’s just ignorance. Any of those schools you mentioned above, they can all use a RB like Scoby. The problem with him is he doesn’t drive, his foster mom works, and he chooses schools (St. Paul, Cathedral, and Alemany) that are not close to home so transportation becomes an issue. That’s it! It’s that simple, let’s not look into it more than what it is. Monrovia I think is a good fit for him because it’s close to home. At worst, he takes a bus that is like 20 minutes from home. If you don’t think Jones will sit as a RB once Scoby gets on campus than you don’t know Scoby as you so claim. The kid bench presses over 400 lbs. and runs under 4.5, as I said before, he has gained at least 1,500 yards since a freshman in D2 football. Yet, you are saying you want him to split time with a RB that was a 3rd stringer in D11. OKAY!!!

          • Seriously?

            What high school games are you watching? Everyone knows your best athletes go both ways except for the QB. A better question would be, what coach in their right mind would risk a loss by not having their best athletes go both ways?

          • The truth and nothing but…

            Look up the top 25 high school RBs in the nation in 2012 production wise, I am sure you will not find more than 2 or 3 who plays both ways. Here are some of the Socal RB that comes to mind immediately who don’t play both ways and these coaches want to win just as bad: Jake Peyton (San Dimas), Nate Tayco (Rio Hondo Prep), Zach Green (St. Bonaventure), Justin Huff (Downey), and the list goes on and on…

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I only see 3 examples. Besides, you only play both ways if your team needs you to. Obviously these teams don’t need. A lot of teams don’t need it….but Monrovia has a history of two way players. Here is a list of great RBs in the SGV who did go both ways. Production is good but what did the top 25 RB’s Teams do?

            Jake Peyton RB- plays a little situational DB. Semis
            Dayleon McCutcheon RB-DB title
            Ralph Brown RB-DB Title
            Chris Solomon RB-DB title
            Lawrence Phillips RB-DB playoffs
            Dionza Blue Rb-DB playoffs
            Aaron Vaughns RB-DB playoffs
            Sultan McCullogh RB-DB Semis
            Deshawn Ramirez RB-DB title
            Tarien Owens RB-DB Semis
            Dedriech Riley RB-DB playoffs
            G’ Vontray Ainsworth RB-LB title

            These are just RB’s we won’t get into WR or DB’s Oline and Dline…

            You better bring a lunch…Better yet Dinner and a midnight snack.

          • The truth and nothing but…

            You obviously have more time on your hand than I do. WR tend to play DB because it’s a natural fit. Playing a few plays here or there on special situation doesn’t count as playing both ways. The player must make a significant contribution on both sides of the ball to count as playing both ways. The list above, how many ended up playing RB in college. Phillips is the only one I know on that list. They aren’t really RBs as much as ATH. Read my post above to Seriously? the definition of ATH if you don’t know what that means. Scoby will be strictly a RB in college if he goes, he’s not playing DB or LB.

          • Seriously?

            What the hell does the definition of ATH have to do with anything? Again, you’re talking about college. And go back and read all the stupid sh#t you’ve posted, like “he’s going to be RB1, 2, and 3 and Jones will be RB4.” And then you wrote “Scoby will not rush for 2,500 yards in any league” but later on you wrote “we both agree Scoby will be a 2,500+ yards back..” Dude, you’re going in circles in your head.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Why do people act like having a lot of time is bad thing…However that’s not really the case… I type fast and most of the time I know go of the top of my head because I played, coached and am a big time SGV football fan. The more you write, the more you show you do not know what you are talking about. RB’s are more of a natural fit DB because it requires you to be physical due to the contact. Most of the time if a WR can catch, you don’t switch them. Especially since there are 3-4 WR spots. If they can’t they play DB, if they are physical. Since there are so many good running backs but most schools only play 2, they have to find somewhere for them to play on the next level, which is the DB/FS/SS and LB depending on the size of the players. Morever, a player does not have to make a significant contribution to be considered a 2 way player. It may be just to add depth and keep people fresh. You don’t have to play the same position in college that you played in high school. Some people go to college as a DE and end up playing fullback or TE or Tackle. Come on….

          • New York

            I’d make the argument that Akil Harris, one of the best hitters on that 1998 team, should have gone both ways and lit up the running back from Paso Robles…if the other team has the ball and is chewing up the clock, then having your MVP on the sideline is completely unproductive.

          • Seriously?

            You sure about that? You better check that again. I don’t care who the coach is, at the high school level, when the game is on the line, the best athletes are on the field. You’d be an idiot not to. A few years back, Monrovia even had their QB returning punts in the playoffs.

          • The truth and nothing but…

            Do your homework like the post above suggest than we will continue. In college, they have a description call ATH, it stands for “athlete” or player that can play multiple positions and not committed to any. Nick Bueno was an athlete more so than a QB. I am not saying there isn’t any RB who aren’t also ATH but I just know Scoby only wants to play RB.

          • Seriously?

            Dude you need to stop comparing high school ball to college and the nfl, it’s completely different. I’m only going off your statement of “what coach in their right mind would risk that?”

          • The truth and nothing but…

            How am I comparing high school ball to college or nfl?

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Scoby is going to play where the coaches put him and where the team needs him. There is no more times for transferring. Monrovia is not the place where you do what you want to do. Monrovia does not desperately need anyone. Ainsworth did not play much D at covina. He came to mtown and they stuck him out outside linebacker on Day 1. He ending up being All state. The Same thing with Deshawn Ramirez, and Bias. All those backs played defense when asked to. It’s about the team. It’s funny how you think you know the inside and outside regarding Mtown…I know exactly what’s going on and what’s going to happen. You don’t.

          • The truth and nothing but…

            You know what? You may be onto something. I am starting to agree with you. Ainsworth wasn’t good enough to play D at Covina, all of a sudden he transfers to Monrovia and he’s an all state LB. Because it’s D11, Scoby can excel at any position on defense too in addition to RB. In fact, if you ask him to kick and punt, play TE, OT, OG, or C, he will make all state at any of those positions. I forgot we were talking about D11. For one moment, I was comparing your division to the Trinity, Serra, and Mission league. My bag!

          • Seriously?

            Covina is D11 you knucklehead.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Plenty of players go both ways in that league too. Just stop…you are starting to sound ridiculous. Now you are say that talent players can’t go both ways in the trinity league or Pac 5? Really….Both Poly and Mater Dei have had two way players….Imagine….if St paul would have play Scoby on defense…they would have had one more superior athlete on the field…and they needed it. Just stop.

          • The truth and nothing but…

            Yes, there are players that go both ways in those leagues but we are talking about a very minority. If they go both ways, its part time both ways. BTW, add Chaminade’s Terrell Newby to the list of RBs that only plays RB, and he is going to Nebraska as a RB. You don’t think Chaminade will like to beat Serra? Why don’t they put him on defense? Because he’s in D3 and a franchise back and no coach is that dumb.

    • Not Since 1995

      This quote from GP AKA Cracker says everything we need to know about Monrovia H.S. and their Divsion 11.5 football team…
      “Monrovia has a wonderful adult school program…I am not sure if this program will make him eligible for a scholarship, but…he CAN become football eligible.”
      That’s great dumb a$$…! Go ahead and take another “local talent loser” on your team so you can crack another Cracker Jack box wtih another ring…!
      Not In 2013…

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Not since 1995.

        3 craker jack rings
        5 signees this season
        Brand new facilities
        Kurt Scoby coming home….
        Not since officially on our man parts

        life could not be greener! The Grass is greener on this side of the pasture….

        You will not bully me…you 41 year old virgin.

        • Not Since 1995

          GP AKA Cracker

          Don’t forget the 12 meth labs above Foothill that the L.A. Sherriffs raided in 2012 along with the distinguishable CA State Academic ranking of 9,456 out of 12,042 high schools…! MildCats ain’t got time for class? We wouldn’t want to mislead the “Local Talent” now would we…? on 2nd thought, this may be just the place for a guy like Scoby…! The classroom expectations are equal.. MildCats don’t expect good grades and Scoby doesn’t expect to go to class…! PERFECT…!

          Oh…and most importantly…lets not forget that you play in the CIF Division 11.5…! Western Christian HS and the Asuza Raiders are both laughing…!

          Kurt Scoby doesn’t want to compete Division I or II, or even D7, so he’s lowering himself to 11.5…? Now that’s sad!
          BTW, the “Grass is Greener” because of all the verbal diaheria that comes out of your mouth, boy…!

          Not In 2013…

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Not since

            What’s mild about Yale and Northwestern…that’s where two of mtowns seniors signed this year. Not only the best schools, but the most to sign. The mild also have a baseball playing Senior committed to have to do a little homework, and pass a few test, to go to those mild institutions. So basically the local talent knows that Monrovia’s public free education is pretty d@m good..

            Most importantly….Monrovia has 3 cracker Jack rings…don’t for get to say that too! Come on Please…Just face it you are blogging with someone who is just little bit sharper and has little bit more material than you…

            Bully the Green…NOT IN 2013 either….mama’s boy.

          • Valley Athletics

            I wouldn’t look to much into school national rankings in academics . I prefer a school that mentors struggling students over schools that rank high because of there demographics . Walnut and diamond bar are tops in nation because of the asian population who take it serious and do more after school to have good grades . Tutors after school since there young .

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I don’t know what you are trying to say, I am coming from a scholar Athletic perspective. It’s quite an accomplishment to receive excellent grades, when you throw a few hours of practice, and working out everyday into the equation. Non athletes, have more time and are less tired than Athletes. I commend all the athletes who are eligible and those who excel. What’s funny is college is not for everyone one, but if you want to play at the next level in football and basketball, you have to figure out how to get yourself in a position to get there and do well.

          • Valley Athletics

            I meant to answer not since quote about monrovias academic ranking as a school . Not about your 2 scholar athletes .

          • New York

            How about Harvard beating New Mexico last night? Go Crimson!

          • Not Since 1995

            GP AKA Cracker

            Congratulations on cooking the grades so your “Local Talent” could scrape by and get into NW and Yale…!
            We all know that those type of schools are literaly be begging your kind of people to come to their schools. What do they call it around here…? Affirmative Action…? Right…? So they got in. So what…? The mark of a great student athlete is staying and growing. We’ll see if these 2 have what it takes.
            Scoby will fit in with the other 99.5% of the “MildCats” population at that institution. No Grades, No Education, No Job…!
            Division 11.5…! Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!
            Another “MethLab” busted last night in Monrovia…!
            Not In 2013 “MILDcat”…

          • Seriously?

            What do you exactly by “your kind of people”? Sounds like your the only cracker here 1995. Keep it about football and keep your bigot thoughts to yourself.

          • Lupe

            Dude, NotSince1995..I think the Scooby saga is not worth the time it took me to post this, but you really need to evaluate after THAT post.

          • Not Since 1995

            Who named you Lupe, dude? Was that your single family mother who gave that chick name…?
            Evaluate this one, LUPE…!

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Well Luckily there is a SAT and ACT to make sure…and those Mild Cats scored very high..It’s obvious you have no clue what is required to be accepted to a 4 year. I should have known that.

            Your Kind Of People? What Kind of People? Wow..GP extracted the racism blogger in you… Geesh… Actually one kid is Biracial and one Kid is White… You don’t know much about these two kids or any of the kids at Monrovia…These are two of the smartest scholar athletes around, from great families with both parents in the home and educated as well…Ill put there scores up against any Scholar Athlete in the AREA.

            Actually, I am college grad, and we have Harvard grad who actually blogs here weekly as well.. Se every thing you say..I just shut you down….If you had your GED, you might have a shot at getting with GP.

            Every angle you have, I shut you down…You are the type of bully who gets beat up…Face it…I am better, smarter, and have more bravado than you in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and as long as this blog is running, you will never get the best of me…

            Your name is not since 1995 because that is when you dropped out, and haven’t been back to school since.. haha…Greeeeeen!

          • Not Since 1995

            GP AKA Cracker

            He who cries the loadest is the most insecure…!

            Where do you get off calling me a racist…? Explain to me how Your Kind of People = Black American…! Go ahead…I’ve got all day, little man…! What if I was talking about Gay Catholics or Lesbian Islamists, or Midget Fat Women…? Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

            Your insecurity about your minimal accomplishments in CIF Division 11.5 makes you leap to the defense of your “Local Talent” MILDcats without recognizing the truth about what other people like me are saying. The Truth is always the Truth…! Just ask the BishopNomas blow hards. They know the Truth…

            And…the TRUTH is that the TURTH HURTS…!

            You’re just a CIF 11.5 Division winner with 3 Cracker Jack Rings…!

            By the way, the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution gave Black Americans the same liberties and rights as the rest of the citizens of this great country. I don’t think they worry muich about racist anymore…!

            Cracker…He who cries the loadest is the most insecure…!

            Not in 2013…

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            haha…look at you…hahaha…see what Ive done to you. You are totally out of control.

  • RO

    Kurt is a good kid who has not been served well by his guardian.

  • Lance R

    If he or his foster parent and all the schools he jumps to or C.I.F. for that matter have not figured out this young mans agenda yet then shame on all of them for buying into this program of flip flop to whatever school because I am Kurt Scoby. He should just be ruled ineligible altogether with his main focus on the classroom for his senior year. This again sounds like the superstar football player without the classroom discipline that ends up playing JC errrrrrr Mt. Sac and then pans out to nothing. He then drives a forklift for a living (example)and becomes a adult carrying around and not letting go of his H.S. Super stardom memories as he drinks himself away and tell stories on the bar stool to anyone that will listen that he is Kurt Scoby H.S. phenom of Charter Oak, Duarte, St.Paul, Alemany,?? By this time the guy on next bar stool asks him what happen to you? Simple answer: I could not make the grades. Note: Kurt if you read this don’t let this become you. I have watched you play, you have what it takes but only you control your destiny and your window is closing or just may be shut as far as H.S…. Tough, but not impossible to make it through JR. College but the odds are against you. Shape up Kurt.

    • AMAT 73


      Don’t you think all this mess has been created by CIF and their new transfer rule . I don’t think they ever thought it would be abused to the extent it has in this case . In all these transfers and no one has really said that Scoby has been cleared to play . Just wondering if he has ever been cleared other then at the slime to play ball for either Cathedral or Alemany . We see all the transfers or supposed transfers but no reporter has ever gone deep enough into the situation to see if indeed he has been cleared . Don’t know if they can get the info but it has never been mentioned . I just can’t see how he has enough attendence time or grades to be eligible . Look at how long it’s been since he left Alemany and if he doesn’t enroll soon it will be after Easter break before he sees a classroom . Such potential to be a top back and it’s all more or less gone for his high school years . Imagine if he had stayed at CO , They just might have made or be making that deep run in the Inland with his talent . Sad situation to say the least .

      • Lance R

        I agree 73, Kurt should have stayed at C.O. and been that 4 year player with commitment to Lou and the Chargers as well as being a good student in the classroom. You go to school to learn not to just play football. With the Slime Kurt nearly beat Amat that night on his pure talent. I really hope it pans out for him but sometimes that ego is a huge thing to crack with some of these talented H.S. players. CIF is totally to blame they should have stuck to rules and not changed them for this mere reason, that a player like this with talent can really get screwed up in this mess if not properly directed. Were going to wonder the ” what could have been” if Kurt does not play H.S. Football again and Drops out altogether. What a shame if it comes to that.

  • Mike Edwards

    So…. he is out of eligibility after next school year, correct? Not sure we could survive yet another year of this.

  • Observantcat

    “Truth Be Told”, Just think of Monrovia and keep in mind what Coach Kelly has been doing over at the University of Oregon and then you can figure out how to not only have one super running back, but two maybe even three. The bottom line is that both backs have plenty of talent and will both be receiving the Rock on a regular basis, I’m also sure that just getting that relief will serve a great purpose for both to get their rest and compete like monsters on the field. I would bet every coach wishes he had this problem. We also have several underclassmen that will see plenty of playing time in the 4th quarter and those guys will be competing for spots on next years squad.

  • Kurt Toa Scoby

    I Love All of My Haters
    You All Make me Work Harder than Others – I love you Guys
    God Bless -KURT SCOBY

    • Lupe

      Hey there Kurt, saw u at Bonita. Are you shopping the Bearcats??

  • Carlos

    Who cares let’s get some really football news!

  • Valley Athletics

    Is scoby going to be the next Aubrey Coleman .

  • Observantcat

    Is that Crackhead still posting on the Tribs? The little RACIST really believes he’s gaining ground on Monrovia with those kind of comments. You are as foolish as those you tend to want to bring down to your level. I bet you couldn’t hold a candle to none of those people you seem to have a problem with. You talked about Bishop Amat putting down the Hispanic population of La Puente, now you are trying to attack the African American population with your cunning low life rhetoric. Stay behind the curtain like the Great OZ did because when you get exposed which you eventually will, I’ll bet you are a clone of OZ. Your football knowledge is pathetic and so is your attempt at real humor. When you think attacking any race and thinking it’s cute you will get exposed! do yourself a BIG favor and slice your wrist, you will get all of the attention you need from others who want to just see you go away. DUMMY

  • Ellen Zunino

    Doesn’t the CIF prohibit athletes “shopping around” for schools.

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