Citing Kurt Scoby’s foster parent, LA Times’ Eric Sondheimer reporting that Scoby plans to play at Monrovia this fall …

OK, the Kurt Scoby Madness has reached its zenith. On Sunday, the LA Times’ Eric Sondheimer, citing Kurt Scoby’s foster parent, reported that Scoby plans to play at Monrovia this fall.

Sondheimer’s post on the matter was short, sweet and to the point. It also featured some clever wording. “Planning to play for Monrovia” … I called Monrovia head coach Ryan Maddox last week to ask him about this … most of what I got was laughter. Maddox also said he had heard nothing of the sort.

As we all know, what Kurt Scoby “plans” to do and what actually happens are about 30 different things (maybe more). And citing his foster parent, when she’s often gotten her news about Scoby FROM ME, is also bad business. But what are you gonna do? As a reporter, if somebody says it, Sondheimer is obligated to report it.

Just wonder if she called him or he called her … hmmmm….

But forget all that, Scoby and his foster parent, have lost all credibility because of what’s taken place the past three years. Charter Oak to Duarte to St. Paul to Cathedral to Alemany to now (maybe) Monrovia … the same Monrovia that Scoby was almost at before leaving Duarte for St. Paul.

As I tweeted and even reported/predicted here BACK ON MARCH 7, Monrovia should be the favored destination for Scoby.

But here’s the thing, it’s real longshot that Scoby will ever play under the lights again. He’s out of options, for lack of a better term, with CIF. He needs a valid residential change to get into Monrovia’s district, which may not be hard to accomplish as he’s been rumored to live in Monrovia/Duarte before.

Then there’s the matter of academic eligibility. If we added up ALL the time Scoby has missed just in between transfers, it’s hard to imagine he’s on-schedule classes-wise or even eligible grades-wise.

I don’t think Coach Maddox realized just how real this Scoby situation was going to get. But it appears to be headed toward his and Principal Darvin Jackson’s doorstep. They handled the De’Shawn Ramirez situation well. And although vastly different, the Gevontray Ainsworth situation, too. But Scoby is a whole ball of wax.

At this point, what Scoby “wants” to do and what he’ll be “eligible” to do appear to be two VERY DIFFERENT things.