Arcadia football opening update … Dimalante NOT a candidate …

Arcadia’s search for a new varsity football head coach is ongoing. The school will be accepting applications through Apr. 8, according to AD Ryan Press and hopes to have a coach named by the start of spring practice.

Former head coach Chris Long resigned following the 2012 season, his only at the school.

Press also ended any speculation that former head coach Jon Dimalante is a candidate.

Aram’s take: As of now, there’s no teaching position. But, the school will reassess the situation after the school year once retirements and whatnot take place with the teaching staff. Not having a teaching position right away may depress the market. Have to worry about the program getting a late start. Hopefully somebody is overseeing the offseason weight training.

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  • The truth and nothing but…

    Pacific is a weak league, with no coach and no impact players, Arcadia may still finish third behind Burroughs and Muir.

  • reality

    Another hint as to what may be happening with SGV football. A large school with a beautiful stadium and facilities in a affluent area has a first year so-so coach quit and then has to put out a help-wanted for a replacement.Analysis: Even in high income areas money is a problem to pay for coaches. Walk-ons can’t afford to coach without a job.Little parental interest in football with all the talk about concussions and other injuries. I hate to say it but high school football in the SGV may be heading for a big downward spiral.I have over heard many parents having second thoughts about encouraging their sons to play football.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Yeah, before you know it, all the serious football players in Arcadia, will be split between Monrovia, Temple City and La Salle. What’s sad is if they play RHP…they are going to lose by more than last year. Actually, with all these schools losing a grip on there football programs in West SGV Monrovia is going to be a beacon of light for serious Football players. Especially if Mtown can jump into the Pacific and Southeast Division. Monrovia is also a solid academic school. Principal Jackson is from AUSD and takes academics seriously. I hope to see Arcadia get back on track.

      • Catz

        Monrovia solid academics…..???? Come on. No one is buying that.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Why, I mean we did have 1 player admitted to IVY league, 1 player admitted to Northwestern, 1 player admitted to Apu which are all great academic schools. The other 2 players were eligible to receive their Scholarships. Last year we had one player admitted to UC Davis and UCLA and both of those guys are still attending those schools. Also the Chris Burkholder is committed to Dartmouth…. Looks solid to me.

          • AMAT 73

            You need to show more than just athletes who receive scholarships to say Monrovia is a solid academic school . After all those athletes did receive the scholarship based on athletic abilities also and not purely academics.But you are correct in that that they met requirements to be accepted . List the graduation rates and acceptance percentage to colleges of last years senior class and also how many of them received academic scholarships to colleges . I am not knocking Monrovia but maybe that is why Catz has doubts on your post of solid academics at Monrovia . When you say solid academics , it goes beyond just what is accomplished by athletes getting scholarships .

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Very True, but neither of you have defined what your Definition of “Solid” is. Catz was trying to imply that Monrovia education is not good. If you read my post and look at the context of what I am saying, then you will totally understand why I chose the word ” Solid” You know my style… if I want to say something I will say it, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. I did not claim that Monrovia had the best education, nor the highest test scores. What I am saying is that if you are a accomplished athlete and good student, Monrovia is fully capable of preparing you college. Moreover, I was saying that Arcadia Football players may find their way over to Monrovia and their parents can feel comfortable knowing that there are kids at Monrovia getting accepted into these types of schools. That is why Monrovia went After Principal Jackson. Arcadia has a great academic reputation in the area an those are the kind of admins Monrovia needs to improve the quality of education.

          • New York

            I agree. “Solid” is kind of hedging your analysis, and it fits with “acceptable”…just sayin…lol

  • New York

    Well…who are the candidates? Anyone who once played for Dimalante? Any chance Arcadia convinces Coach Lionardis to leave Alhambra and take the reigns at his alma mater?


    Former Conqueror, and College Coach Bobby Godinez is going after the Arcadia job, IMHO would be a good young hire, in a very competitive league and area.