It’s Official: Kurt Scoby enrolled at Monrovia, plans to play this fall …

Former Charter Oak, Duarte, St. Paul, Cathedral and Alemany running back Kurt Scoby is enrolled at Monrovia High School and is following a plan to get himself eligible to play for the Wildcats in 2013.

Not exactly breaking news as this was the plan for Scoby ever since he left Alemany last month or so ago, but now this makes it official.

Obviously, lots need to happen. Scoby must get up to speed with his classes and of course be eligible grades-wise. But he is reportedly living within in the Monrovia district, which is a hurdle he’ll need to clear with CIF and will do so as long he as a valid residential change.

Aram’s take: I’ve called seeking confirmation from Monrovia officials all week and there’s a gag order in place by Principal Darvin Jackson, who himself refused to confirm whether Scoby was a student at his school. I guess they’re playing it safe and there’s supposedly some type of rule that disallows schools from confirming whether a student is enrolled. Of course, if I was to call down there today and ask baseball coach Dave Moore how Joe Mata’s arm is feeling after yesterday and he answered me, wouldn’t that be confirming he’s a student there? I asked that question and they told me that would be fine because I already knew Mata was a student there. It’s very confusing. Calls to Scoby’s guardian have not been returned. Anyway, beside staying at CO, Monrovia is probably the best place for Scoby. He will be teaming up with several of his former Duarte Hawks teammates and the coaches at M-Town appear well-suited to handle the situation. They had a touchy one two years ago with De’Shawn Ramirez and everything went off without a hitch. There are still some big questions, i.e. is he an official member of the football team NOW? If he does somehow make it to fall with full eligibility, will he be given the chance to win the starting RB job? M-Town has a nice returner in Darione Jones, but Scoby is on another level.