Hacienda League ADs draft proposal that would bring in Charter Oak for Bonita …

Athletic directors from the Hacienda League met Monday and drafted two re-leaguing proposals that both recommend Bonita High School be moved to the Sierra League beginning next school year with the 2014-15 school year.

In one of the proposals, Rowland would also leave the league and be placed in the Valle Vista League. Rowland would be replaced by Charter Oak to form a six-team league that includes West Covina, Diamond Bar, Diamond Ranch, Walnut and Los Altos.

Under the second proposal, Rowland remains in the Hacienda and along with the original five schools listed above to form a six-team league.

The athletic directors’ draft will have to be approved by principals from the league later this week and then submitted for a vote at the Mt. SAC Area meeting on May 13 at Walnut Valley Unified District headquarters.

Bonita officials have come to grips with the fact that the Hacienda League will likely get its way and have the Bearcats shipped out. What they’re hoping for next is to avoid being placed in the Baseline League. Trouble is, there’s a groundswell of opinions throughout the area that the best scenarios drafted by other leagues work best if Bonita does join the Baseline.

“I guess our motto at this point would be ‘anywhere but the Baseline’,” Bonita athletic director Eric Podley said on Monday. “I understand that we’ve had some success in our league and that some people believe that success has been sustained enough for us to go into a more competitive situation.

“We’re not opposed to going to a more competivie situation, but we don’t believe the Baseline League would be competitive. We’d have a little bit more dificulty competing in that situation.”

Bonita’s strong showing across a wide array of sports has prompted other schools in the Hacienda League to suggest the Bearcats be sent out. With about 1,850 students, Bonita would be, by far, the smallest school in the Baseline League and asked to compete with large institutions like Upland, Rancho Cucamonga and Etiwanda.

The Sierra League seems to be a better fit for the Bearcats and if a CIF-Southern Section mandate that Damien/St. Lucy’s be moved out of the Sierra League and be placed in a parochial league, then there would be an open spot. However, Charter Oak and South Hills have both asked for relief from the Sierra, and if granted, the league could have an entirely new complexion next fall.

There have been rumblings of a football-only league being proposed in the area that would look considerably different than the leagues other sports play in, but there was no movement in that direction at the Hacienda meeting of athletic directors on Monday.

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Rowland to VVL is great for them. They will have a chance to win a title next season…and they will be a power in that Division…Especially if Monrovia moves up. DBar, Bonita, and West Co will be in a show down for the Hacienda title.

    CO to Hacienda- This would be good for them because they are not Inland Material…I also don’t believe that CO will come back into that division and dominate like the previous years. However I still think the Hacienda should be in the Central. As I have Said CO’s Success came from transfers…You will really see it this season. The Sierra this year is going to be wide open…Chino Hills is my pick there..

    Bonita to Sierra- Well they would be able to qualify for playoffs with CO gone, but they have no shot at winning a inland playoff game….If they go to Baseline, they will not make the playoffs.They better make the best of this year in the Southeast. If they move up…well ask CO ’bout that life…

  • Aaron

    Awesome, naivete at its finest. We weren’t that competitive in the Miramonte in Football, one league championship in eight years and it was a three way tie. We haven’t won one in the Hacienda, but we’ve been close. In regards to the non-money sports, pretty sure we would not be competitive in basketball for league but that wouldn’t stop us from getting in the playoffs apparently. Sierra is a better fit and moving the back to the Central is best for all concerned.

    We have decent demographics but our demographics don’t help us against the likes of Rancho, Osos, and U-High because they have 4000 kids.

    • 90’s Spartan

      Bonita to the Sierra seems reasonable. Bonita to the Baseline seems unreasonable.

  • 80’s Klassik

    I don’t understand how they want to move bonita out and not west covina their the ones that have won 2 out of the last 3 championships in that division….proposal for the new sierra shoud be colony,s.hills,glendora,bonita claremont and west covina moving them into the central divison….then for the baseline move ayala and chino hills in replacing alta loma and glendora then move alta loma to the mt. Baldy league replacing colony…then the hacienda should be walnut,diamond bar,diamond ranch, los altos Charter oak and san dimas …so replacing san dimas in the valle vista would be rowland so the valle vista would be covina,northview,baldwin park,rowland,wilson,nogales

  • reality

    Quite obviously football is what high school sports folks are most passionate about. Post a story about the two top teams in the area playing each other in baseball and you get barely a hit. Post a story about a football player that has barely played the last two years and you get 150, and it’s the off season. Hacienda coaches wanting Bonita out because of the success of their girls and boys baseball, basketball, track and waterpolo teams does not ring true. It’s all about football no matter what the AD’s say. Having Bonita football compete with teams out of their league is killing the golden goose. Bonita football fans fans follow their team with passion but making them play against D2 teams is wrong. I admire Podley for not whining about this catch 22 but someone should. Bonita highschool does not recuit, in fact the administration discourages it so what chance does an 1800 pupil non-recuiting public school have in playing D2 football? CIF needs to look at football as a separate entity and make their adjustments that way. Lumping all teams together is plain lazy. I’am sure coach Medrano and staff will coach the football Bearcats up and be ready to face the team in front of them in 2014 but lets not base who the football team plays on what their other teams do. And moving Charter Oak football down to D7 because they get blown-up in other sports is just crazy. Football is just different.

  • BigBoy

    This is stupid. Charter Oak wins league and wants out??? Bonita is right where they should be. If the rest of the Hacienda wants Bonita out, they better watch out if Charter Oak comes in, they might get really hurt.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      After this season you will see CO is a Southeast level team…Ask Lou, and all the school ad’s know this in the Sierra and Hacienda. Do you see Lou or AD complaining? Only bloggers ignore this and all of the transfers in, which allowed CO to win the southeast consecutively. CO is going to be in a dog fight come sierra time this year…CHills smells this…Betchel will win it this year.

    • Charter Oak wants out because it’s non-football sports have struggled mightily.

      • that really supports the theory that they rely on transfers if thats the case! If football seems to rock yr in yr out and other sports suck wind! That tells the tale right there in my opinion!

      • So CO has an AD who only cares about football and somehow that should allow them step down and continue to have struggling non-football sports teams in the Southeast?? If thats ur rationale move them to the Montview so that their water polo teams can compete!! I

      • Dirty Hawk

        Lets just say it like it is, Football should be the only thing that drive re-leaguing.
        1. Basketball – It’s irrelevant what league your Basketball team plays in because how you do in league in meaningless. Everyone in league participates in different division of CIF and loosing every league game has on barring on your team making the playoffs.
        2. Baseball – CO is competitive in Baseball so lets not huff and puff about not being able to compete in anything other then Football
        3. Sports like Wrestling, Track, Swimming etc. are all individual sports so the team concept thing is BS and any other sport/activity isn’t even worth discussing.
        4. Girls sports – with the exception of Mom & Dad, nobody gives a crap about girls sports.

        end of discussion

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I’m thinking I missed it, but can someone explain to me why Charter Oak would want out of the Sierra League?

    • AMAT 73

      I am sure you have seen Big Lou’s quotes on the blog on how they can’t win in the Inland . Remember something about a long bus ride to get your azz handed to you , or something to that effect . I don’t think this should or will fly because to move them back to D-7 is insane . Try D-3 first and see how that works . If they get back in Hacienda they will dominate same as before . Contrary to GP’s belief they have talent , coaching , and still get players in at the freshman level . Which by the way are not transfers . Bonita is fine where they are at in my opinion .

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Vaguely. They seem like they’ve competed quite nicely in the Sierra.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Hey there 73.
        I will say CO has coaching. However, you will have to show me a year where CO won something without multiple Transfers? How far back do you have to go? D7 South east is where they belong when they don’t have a heavy transfer class. Don’t tell me they have a underclassmen (like Adam Mueme or Kurt Scoby or Rufus or Santiago or Gilchist…hey those were all out of area transfers…I am sure the westco/south hills bloggers) could drop more names. Do they have players of that nature running around on campus? BA can hold their position in upper division for the moment because they are private and can replenish their talent through recruitment.

        • AMAT 73


          First off they did not move up by choice , they were pushed out . They were moved up because of their dominance of the Miramonte / Hacienda and in D-7 . They have not dropped off in talent to the extent that you think to be moved back to D-7 . They will again dominate if that happens , no doubt in my mind . I saw all three teams last season , Frosh , JV , and Varsity. Also the young men you listed I believe were at CO their freshman ( not sure ) year so they are not transfers. Yes they did chose to go to a school out of their area but everyone has that choice. Also they do get transfers but schools of that nature attract talent , plain and simple, whether by enrollment or transfer . Maybe the right thing is to place them in D-3 ( I know they could wax the slimesmen , Cathedral , and others ) and see how that pans out .Maybe the top 1/4 of the Inland gives them trouble like a CC,VM,RC , and a few others but they are a step ahead of the others and better than all the teams in the Sierra . They will win league again this year as they are solid at QB, Oline and as I said coaching . Plus they only have 2 or 3 years in the Inland . Too little time to think of moving them just yet in my opinion .We all know about Big Lou’s complaints but if you remember he was blowing the same smoke when Santiago went down , it’s just his nature or mind games if you will .Maybe have M’Town play them and you will quickly change your mind that they are a slightly better version of Covina . Although that has to be one of the classic lines ever on the blog .

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I would so play them this year with Kurt Scoby back… Nevertheless they were pushed out of D7 because everyone knew they were recruiting. Everyone was under the impression, that they would continue to recruit and they did. Now that everyone can recruit, with the 30 day policy, no team can lock down players, Your true talent based has to be for real. Otherwise your fair weather players can pack up and leave… If they would have stayed in D7 with that amassed talent, they would have won 5 – 6 south east titles in a row. Now that everyone can see they don’t have that kind of talent and are not recruiting successfully, they need to go back to where they were prior to the wave of talent.Those players I named were recruited back when 5 of them were playing For the Duarte Hawks and two of them came over from Monrovia in their JR year…Ever heard of Brooks and Youngblood…two starters and big contributors….. They were Dhawks teammates of Brandon Golden, AJ powell, and Adam Muema. I know this for a fact. I know those kids, and I know why they chose CO over Monrovia or Duarte at that time. I don;t care who they have on Freshman, JV, etc… they don’t have that kind of talent there at the moment. When they did, they tied Rancho, but since then they have not came close to beating them. I have nothing against transfers or out of area kids going where they want. I am for it. But it comes at a price, and you are watching this unfold with CO going up and getting sent right back down. I am just calling it fair and square…go ahead…give a season where CO Did anything outside that small 3 year run where they had Monrovia, Duarte, Pasadena, and West Covina kids who chose to go there together…?

          • AMAT 73

            You base all your theory on the fact of Upland , RC , beating them in the playoffs. Do you think they are the best team in the Sierra ??? In their second year they won league and haven’t looked back. It didn’t take them to pass CH did it as the power of the Sierra . Many thought that wouldn’t happen . As I said maybe they are overmatched at the top end of the Inland but from there down they can and will beat those teams . Where do you get the idea that they have fallen off so far as to not being dominant in the Hacienda if moved there and in the Southeast . What is your proof to that fact on the field of play and not in your mind . By the way , even with Scoby , they would beat Monrovia , bet the farm on that fact !!!!! Also all teams have always been able to recruit , and have done it plenty , just think of SH and Los Altos in Gano’s days the only difference now is the ball is in the players court because if they don’t get what they want ala Scoby , they move to where they do . On another note , has Scoby enrolled at Monrovia , there has been nothing on the blog to verify that fact . I figure someone as much in the know at M’Town could give us the answer.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            They are the best team in the sierra, However, I think the sierra does not belong in the inland. I would not mind seeing them play in the Central. But I just think that CO is only as good as the talent that comes in from elsewhere. I don’t think the city of Covina as a whole does not has the talent to compete in the upper divisions 1-4. Divisions 5-7 is where they belong. The only proof i have is that they did not win before they got all those out of area players, but they won when they got those out of area players. This caused for many to continue to transfer there when they were moved up…but they did not have the success everyone thought they would, and now it is no longer a transfer hot bed. The job will be completed this year when they have no success in the inland again, and possibly lose the Sierra. I have CH this year. CHIlls is the only team in that league which has got passed the 2nd round, and they played rancho much tougher than CO did. That was with local talent. CO has never been that close. As far a inland goes…most of those schools on lower end of spectrum especially the corona schools fight for the same players with Centennial being the school of choice. I’m glad you brought up Gano…You see what happen to his schools when the transfers stopped? That followed him all the way to Damien. You may be right about Monrovia losing even with Kurt, but I still would like to see the game. Mtown is moving up the slow old fashion way with the local talent and a shot SouthEast ,is a promotion the cats have earned.

          • WCDan

            GP, I’m sticking to my guns,
            I think your wrong on CO winning 5 or 6 titles in a row, in 2010
            Both WC and Bonita had the physical size and superior athletes to beat CO that year. In 2011 West Co was very good once Solomon and Fraizer were both healthy and their brand new line had a few games under their belt.