OFFICIAL PROPOSALS: Mt. SAC Area ad hoc committee’s three proposals for releaguing … ALL THREE have Charter Oak and South Hills joining the Hacienda League …

IMPORTANT: Please note that the committee was tasked with putting forth THREE proposals to be voted on at the re-leaguing meeting held on May 13. The proposals are due by Friday, Apr. 26 and the ad hoc had its final meeting Tuesday, Apr. 23 and here are the THREE proposals, in no particular order, that will be voted on. (The first proposal was reported here last week as merely an “idea” that has now been adopted as a official part of the proposal). The new leagues would be in place starting with the 2014-15 school year.

It’s important to remember that the ad hoc committee is made up of a principal and an AD from each existing league, for a total of 12 people. The ad hoc can be viewed as a consensus of the league opinions and therefore holds weight. But given that the voting is now majority (50 pct. + 1) and not 2/3s vote, the ad hoc may have less pull. And also, individual schools can put forth their own proposals for vote, but again, it’s hard to see an individual school winning a vote, especially over what the ad hoc suggests.

Ad hoc committee members: Jim Cronin (Alta Loma principal), Dave Masucci (Etiwanda AD), Suzanne Steinseifer-Ripley (Diamond Ranch principal), Ralph Harris (Rowland AD), Jackie White (Sierra Vista principal), Chuck Shore (Gladstone AD), Cary Willborn (Ontario principal), Chris Brown (Chaffey AD), Kathie Wiard (Charter Oak principal), Rick Dutton (Claremont AD), Claudia Karnoski (Covina principal), Bruce Alley (Nogales AD).



Baseline: Etiwanda, Los Osos, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Chino Hills
Sierra: Ayala, Claremont, Glendora, Chino, Bonita, Diamond Bar
Hacienda: Los Altos, Diamond Ranch, Walnut, West Covina, South Hills, Charter Oak
Mt. Baldy: Chaffey, Colony, Don LUgo, Montclair, Ontario, Alta Loma
Valle Vista: Covina, Nogales, Northview, San Dimas, Wilson, Rowland
Montview: Duarte, Gladstone, Azusa, La Puente, Baldwin Park, Sierra Vista
Unnamed League: Garey, Pomona, Ganesha, Edgewood, Bassett, Workman


Baseline: Ayala, Etiwanda, Upland, Los Osos, Rancho Cucamonga
Sierra: Colony, Bonita, Chino Hills, Claremont, Chino, Glendora
Hacienda: Charter Oak, D-Bar, South Hills, Los Altos, Rowland, Walnut, West Covina
Mt. Baldy: Chaffey Diamond Ranch, Ontario, Don Lugo, Alta Loma, Montclair
Valle Vista: Baldwin Park, Covina, Northview, Wilson, Nogales, San Dimas
Montview: Azusa, La Puente, Duarte, Sierra Vista, Gladstone
New unnamed league: Garey, Pomona, Bassett, Workman, Edgewood, Ganesha


Baseline: Chino Hills, Bonita, Etiwanda, Los Osos, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland
Sierra: Ayala, Colony, Diamond Bar, Claremont, Chino, Glendora
Hacienda: Charter Oak, West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Los Altos, South Hills, Walnut
Mt. Baldy: Chaffey, Alta Loma, Ontario, Don Lugo, Montclair
Valle Vista: Wilson, Covina, Nogales, Northview, Rowland, San Dimas
Montview: Azusa, Baldwin Park, Duarte, Sierra Vista, Gladstone, La Puente
New unnamed league: Edgewood, Garey, Pomona, Bassett, Ganesha, Workman

Aram’s take: One of the proposals you see here will be enacted.

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  • D-Mo

    Bonita better start the “attracting” process. Ouch!

    • I think the only scenario that would be a true disaster for Bonita is the last one. They make the Baseline League that much tougher by adding Chino Hills for Alta Loma, then put Bonita in there while keeping Rancho and Upland. That would be a crusher.

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Agreed. That would make the Baseline one of toughest.

    • Same for Diamond Bar! LOL


    Aram, is this for Football only or all sports?

    • All sports. The idea of football-only leagues were bandied about but nothing ever came about.

  • Ritchie

    i would love to see San Dimas,South Hills,& Charter Oak to be in the hacienda league…The valle vista league is to easy for San Dimas! everyone needs to stop talking about school size,who cares..!

  • Aaron

    Excellence breeds jealousy. Playing in the Sierra for Baseball would be better…not without South Hills and CO. Basketball wise, we’ll deal. But unless the Sierra is moved to the Central, it would be a disaster in football.

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    At least the 3rd option gives Ayala a chance to make the 1st round of playoffs. I do like the new unnamed league. Talk about needing relief… THOSE schools need relief.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      As long as Ayala kept Chino Hills on the schedule. Then I’d agree with you.

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        Schedule that game as a pre-season game.

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          Lol. doesn’t matter. That was one of the games I saw last year and there had to be at least 5-6 thousand people there. Almost as big in people attending as the Bishop Amat game. And THAT game was a classic.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Aram, I like the last proposal. The one that puts Chino Hills in the Baseline. That would make it very competitive and I know CH’s new head coach would love that. lol

  • WCDan

    For a football competitive standpoint,I like proposal #1 but with a couple adjustments.
    For the Baseline and Sierra leagues, switch Chino Hills and Upland with Glendora and Claremont, and in the Hacienda and Mt. Baldy, Walnut could be switched with Diamond Ranch to get relief, although geographically D.Ranch would be an easier fit for the Mt. Baldy. Also put Pomona into the Montview instead of the unamed new league. So the leagues would be:
    Baseline – Chino Hills, Colony, Etiwanda, Los Osos, Rancho C., Upland.
    Sierra – Ayala, Bonita, Claremont, Chino, Diamond Bar, Glendora.
    Hacienda – Charter Oak, D Ranch, Los Altos, S. Hills, San Dimas, West Co.
    Mt. Baldy – Chaffey, Don Lugo, Montclair, Ontario, Alta Loma, Walnut.
    Valle Vista – Baldwin Park, Covina, Nogales, Northview, Rowland, Wilson.
    Montview – Azusa, Duarte, Gladstone, La Puente, Pomona, Sierra Vista.
    New League – Basset, Edgewood, Garey, Ganesha,Workman.
    I think this would be the most competitive from a football point of view, the one bad fit that I see is that Colony would have it tough being in the Baseline,
    they can probably be sent to the Sierra to form a seven team league and then have the Baseline be a five team league.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      I was going to say you’d be trading one punching bag (Alta Loma) for another in Colony. Colony was small, but credible a few years ago. I doubt that with the coach they hired last year and the exodus of talent, they’d be hard pressed to keep pace in the Baseline now or the foreseeable future.

      I don’t know why it’s a sell on Glendora in the Baseline or even Bonita for that matter. They would make more viable opponents as opposed to Colony.

      • WCDan

        Agree on Colony and Alta Loma, Baseline schools are just to big, they are a better fit with the Sierra that I proposed which would make that a seven team league, but that would be better than throwing them into the Baseline

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          I totally agree. Colony would have been good when Bechtel was there, even being a smaller campus. But now, no, not even close. Lambs to slaughter.

  • G-Stone128

    I know that Baldwin Park struggled last year. But, historically, Baldwin Park used to dominate the Montview League. If Baldwin Park gets moved into the Montview League, I think they will once again rule that league in football.

  • Brahma fan

    Aram, this new Disqus SUCKS!!!

  • The truth and nothing but…

    I know Bassett hasn’t won in football like ever. I predict they will finish top three this year in the Montview. Hector Spathias and Jerry Urias have quietly put together a team there. Most of the core players are only sophomores and juniors so they are set-up to win the next two years. I say leave them in the Montview. They don’t belong in the unnamed league as long as Spathias and Urias are running the show.

  • no-step

    Aram. The blogs aren’t fun anymore.

    • AMAT 73

      no step,

      Don’t worry , the closer we get to football season , the fun will come back . Passing leagues are just around the corner and it really gets funny then .

      • WCDan

        “Passing leagues are just around the corner and it really gets funny then .”
        LOL, So true 73.

        • AMAT 73

          Maybe we give it a new name and instead of passing leagues we call it “The Silly Season” .

          • WCDan

            73, your right, it can get sort of funny on here because of the trash talk and bragging that can happen over a summer passing game or tournament. Yet many summer teams of destiny are delt a harsh reality when the pads come on in fall. Even so, I still enjoy the excitement and anticipation of spring and summer football.