La Mirada treating college coaches to “CONVENTUS” workouts …

College coaches doing their May evaluations of prep talent have made La Mirada’s early morning “CONVENTUS” a must-see.

Just Monday morning, coaches from Cal and Stanford were there to watch the workout.

The Latin word “conventus” has many meanings, but in terms of La Mirada’s football team it means coming together. The players do this by putting themselves through several rigorous agility drills in the school’s gym.

“It’s literally an hour of hell,” Matadores head coach Mike Moschetti said. “It’s jut mental and physical toughness stuff. We start at 5:30 a.m. and go til 6:30 a.m. and there’s no hiding.

“The coaches come in and film the kids and see them compete. The kids love it.”

Rather than interrupting the school day, Moschetti prefers to have college coaches see his players in the flesh during a workout. That way, most questions are answered in terms of the prospect’s appearance and his toughness.

The workouts take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • The truth and nothing but…

    Is there anyone in the entire state who is doing a better job than Moschetti in getting players recruited?

    • Valley Athletics

      There is but they are not out there doing PR work about it .

  • Eric Robles

    Moschetti and his staff do a great job of getting players out. Bad thing is none of his players are panning out at the collegiate level. With all that talent will they beat the lowly Santa Fes of the world?

  • HighSchoolFB fan

    I must admire his relentless work on Moschetti getting his kids
    noticed. If a college coach accepts his evaluation as truth then it’s on them.
    Getting up early seeing kids workout is great a tool on getting the attention
    of media, recruiting services, and college coaches. He has made it easy those
    interests but demonstrates the lack of initiative by all to honestly go and
    seek the truth by going to all the High Schools in the area and seeing what
    talent is available. And shame on those coaches that do nothing or very little
    for kids that work hard everyday on the field and classroom.

    Your post made me search the internet and I came up with his
    interview with Jeff Fisher in which the coach describes “conventus” a Latin
    Term which he interprets as “coming together” and states that La Mirada is good
    school to play football and get noticed instead of a Catholic school. I hope he
    knows that their many other private schools in the area that are not Catholic
    that have good football programs.

    Why do student athletes need to be angry in the classroom,
    he is promoting a culture of violence or is it a poor choice of words. High
    School coaches are shaping the minds of youth as they move forward.

    Anyway we will see if a few months of what this program is
    all about and whether the team will stand up to the competition.

    • The truth and nothing but…

      You lost me with that last sentence. What does it mean?

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