With Scoby on roster, Monrovia has embarrassment of riches at running back …

When the Monrovia High School football team opens spring practice in two weeks, head coach Ryan Maddox will have an embarrassment of riches at the running back position.

Things were already looking up for the Wildcats’ ground attack with the return of last year’s second-leading rusher Darione Jones, who ran for 977 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Coaches were also expecting the emergence of sophomore-to-be Cameron Johnson, who was a dynamic runner for the Wildcats’ freshman team last fall.

But then came the arrival of Kurt Scoby, one of the top running backs in the state, who landed at Monrovia after several other brief stops this offseason.

Local fans will remember Scoby for what he did as a sophomore at Charter Oak in 2011. He played part of last season at St. Paul midway through his junior season.

Scoby is academically eligible to play, according to Maddox and is taking classes to catch up on his course load. Maddox said the final hurdle will be to get Scoby cleared with CIF.

Monrovia appeared to be in store for a rebuilding year after graduating a dynamic senior class. It now looks like the Wildcats won’t skip a beat given Scoby’s arrival.

“We’re excited about it,” Maddox said. “It’s just exciting to have two quality backs and athletes. I can imagine you’ll see some pretty creative sets.

“They will be a big part of the offensive packages and probably a part of the defensive packages as well.”

Although it’s early, Maddox said he can envision both Jones and Scoby playing linebacker on defense.

Fans can get an early look at Monrovia on May 18 at the Charter Oak Passing Tournament.

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  • Fatligian

    Putting the buggy before the horses I see. You’re such a douche!

    • A man named Jed

      And to think that my parents actually had me convinced that I was required to attend class in order to be deemed eligible by CIF. If CIF clears this kid to play football this season they might as well throw that stupid little Blue Book of theirs into the paper shredder. Maybe I just overlooked the Super Star clause in the transfer rule which states all the above does not apply to those that are primmadonna’s

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Saw Scoby at the Passing Downs tournament this past weekend. Was there watching two of Centennials players competing. Scoby is a fire hydrant with feet. I’ve never seen a kid so tremendously thick as he is. Monrovia is going to be wicked this season with him in the backfield. I may have to calendar a Monrovia game.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      yeah… you should come…I’ll

      Roll out the red carpet for ya

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Ok, I will. I’ll let you know once I finalize which one!

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Ayala, San Dimas, and South Hills Games should be at Monrovia Stadium. Those should be the most competitive games.

          • http://twitter.com/aramtolegian Aram Tolegian

            St. Francis also coming to M-Town.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            yep..this probably will be Monrovia’s best chance for a 16-0 season and state title. Especially if everyone is healthy. Kurt Scoby has been hard to stop no matter where he has played and he has already scorched Ayala and South Hills, we should be looking really good. Last season Monrovia lost because they did not run run run, and run some more. I think this year Maddox get’s it. Jones and Scoby in the same set is going to explosive…the counter is going to be a huge play for the Cats in ’13.

          • Fatligian

            You’re F’ing high!!!!

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            .yeah but you still haven’t poke a hole in my statement!

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            LMAO. No he hasn’t. lol

    • MonkeyWrench

      Scoby will NOT be at Monrovia. Aram look into da off-season passing leagues. There be some funny business going on. Look at whut HS coaches are out there coachin players from other HS. Then ask yourself are da schools with coaches out therr da same schools with a bunch a transfers coming in? Go Saturday n Sunday to Fullerton CC to see fo yourself.

      • Observantcat

        My man if you check out the 7on7 match ups you will note that the teams are made up of several gifted athletes from several different schools all representing the schools that they will be attending in the fall. Congratulations to Jeffrey Farrar Jr. who is attending Upland HIgh school and played on the along side of Kurt Scoby on the Duarte Hawks. He too should have attended Monrovia High school…..His dad was a Monster at Monrovia and his son is just as gifted.

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          Jeff Farrar is a beast. Pure and simple. Very talented young man that can play both sides of the ball. Personally I think his future is at DB, not WR. His hands and speed would make him and excellent choice in the slot, but as physical as he is, I’d push for the DB. Of course that’s just me and my observations.

          Scoby, for his size is very quick. Monrovia is lucky to have him. He’s going to create a lot of problems for defenses in their league. If he ended up at Upland then the Baseline conference was going to have major problems. After Rancho Cucamonga, I don’t see any defense being able to contain him. Not Alta Loma, not Etiwanda and not Los Osos (even with Tobar). Someone is going to take this kid at D1 and hes’ going to be very good wherever that is.

          The 7 on 7 team Farrar plays on also has Tyler Hilinski and I’m sure I’ve spelled his name wrong. He’s a very sound QB. He has excellent footwork, does his reads, and has great arm mechanics. I think he used to be trained by Steve Clarkson because a QB at his age is way too polished to have learned all that from playing Pop Warner. Lol

          That team also has Carlos Tobar. He plays safety at Los Osos. He has good feet and closes on WRs very quickly. From what I’ve heard he’s staying at Los Osos, so that prevents Upland from having the ultimate Alabama styled defense. Because with Farrar and Tobar back there on Sunday, together, they’re lethal.

          • Observantcat

            I’m glad that you explained the 7 on 7 in greater detail so that guys like Monkeywrench would understand that these are not recruiting trips for high school coaches just workouts for talented athletes that get invited to mold together for better spring and summer competitions. I still say that Monrovia’s QB will be the difference in our offense when it comes to the running game. He is very quick and fluid and in High school football that is sometimes the hardest thing to coach against. I know most of Scoby’s true family whom the majority do live in the Monrovia Duarte area and they are pretty stoked that he will be attending Monrovia High school as well. I hope that he turns out to be a leader on the field as well as off, he has the mechanics to do both. Farrar has done as many transfers himself and it has been kept low key and he is well on his way to D1 pac 12 on a scholarship maybe to UCLA. I hope these guys great futures and they will be the future in repping the SGV in years to come.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Kurt was all CIF in the inland as a Soph.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Lol…yeah he will..

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Is there a reason you wrote that like that? You couldn’t write it using normal English. lol

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        So where is he going Upland lol

  • Fatligian

    Yeah pretty much a traveling circus. If he is cleared, CIF, more specifically Rob Wigod is a JOKE.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Well, Well, Well, Monrovia will have1,2,3,4…Good Backs/Athletes. Don’t forget about soon to be Soph Marquez. He had carries and scored a TD on Varsity. There are other Frosh with excellent speed coming up too.The good thing about this stable of backs, is that they all can catch, and play other positions, which Monrovia will need them to do. Jones and Scoby will be feature backs, so the other guys will have to find something else to stay busy..DB/FS. I know I Know, some of you have written Jones off etc…but to your surprise you will see he is as good as anyone around. The Argument and controversy people may try to stir up has been shut down already..Maddox say’s it here if you read closely and pay attention. Some will try to make this about CIF’s loose policy. I say don’t worry about it…It’s not your call. On that note, the Cats will literally have beat to Ayala and South Hills bad this year, and probably have to beat them by more than CO or Chino Hills. That will be the only way to judge where this team is at. I think they will this year. The RHL and Mid Valley will probably be easy. I hope We can get over the hump and play at home depot this season.

    • New York

      No passing over the middle in the hotzone.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        New York!!!! I agree. More swings and Dump offs…a RB one on one with LB is a favorable match up for the RB.

  • New York

    1) I do enjoy reading about Monrovia, but I would really appreciate some investigative reporting on: South Hills, Ayala, St. Francis and San Dimas.

    2) I don’t understand how a kid can be eligible, yet need to take classes to get caught up…seems to be a disconnect either with the writing or with CIF academic standards.

    3) How ’bout them ‘Cats!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Maybe his eligibility is contingent on whether he gets caught up. However, I sure CIF knows the ins and outs of his situation. It’s case by case situation.

  • Valley Athletics

    so is scoby enrolled At Monrovia . Never saw a report actually saying he was enrolled and attending classes .

  • Observantcat

    Believe me, He’s at Monrovia!!! and will be suited up in August to play at Monrovia and nowhere else. His next stop Div. 1 College… If you want you can go to Monrovia High school and watch him work out in the classroom.

    • Aaron

      You mean Division one JUCO…

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        He probably will be at a Juco. But that has nothing to do with the high school season.

  • Valley Athletics

    Off the subject . heard from a diamond bar parent that noodles had a good performance at Arroyo high school.

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