All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Spring Practice …

“Don’t worry Darione, you’re still gonna go for over 1,000 yards even with Scoby here.”

NOTE: The first Top 25 came out in January. This is the second. There will be another AFTER the spring/summer passing circuit and then a final preseason one leading up to the season in August. This is merely a guideline and estimation of where these teams are NOW. Things will undoubtedly change.

1. Bishop Amat — Got the QB to build around, but questions do abound elsewhere.
2. Charter Oak — Keep an eye on how many sophs get long looks this spring/summer.
3. La Mirada — The darling of college recruiters, Mats look loaded once again.
4. La Habra — Highlanders, led by their D, should be back to championship form.
5. Chino Hills — New head coach, but offense should produce plenty of fireworks.
6. La Serna — Two of top 3 WRs are back for QB Palmer. Hoping LS opens it up.
7. Monrovia — If Scoby plays, this could be the best ground game around.
8. San Dimas — Passing circuit isn’t their thing, but will be nice to see talent level.
9. Diamond Bar — Noodles makes team very scary at skill spots. Line and D are ?s.
10. South Hills — Heard rumblings that QB Goss will be moved to RB. Thoughts?
11. West Covina — Will rely on players who haven’t proven to be reliable in past.
12. Los Altos — Program has momentum and plenty of returning skill players.
13. La Salle — Got some impact transfers in skill spots, but line is still a worry.
14. Muir — Program fights an uphill battle, but HC Hardy has momentum.
15. Diamond Ranch — Hard to gauge where Panthers fit in Hacienda as of now.
16. Claremont — Could be this year’s Ayala with all that returning skill.
17. Bonita — Losing RB Turner really hurts, but some good skill is back.
18. Rio Hondo Prep — Fantastic senior class departs, but workhorse RB is back.
19. Montebello — Hearing good things about overall talent level on hand.
20. Arroyo — Things figure to get back to normal in MVL with Knights on top.
21. Rowland — Snyder resignation stings, but there’s players to work with.
22. Duarte — Should be fastest team by far in the Montview.
23. Azusa — Experience in key spots, but defense must get better.
24. Ayala — QB Meyette is back but all other key skill guys are gone.
25. St. Francis — Have to think this is another rebuilding year.

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  • Football Fan

    Nice spot for Los Altos. Definitely a team to watch out for

    • Valley Athletics

      Saw Los altos freshman play 2 years ago . Very big line and good running back . That class are juniors to be .

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I’ve been hearing whispers that there may be some QB movement at a few schools this summer. Nothing concrete.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I’ve been hearing some whispers that there may be some movement at QB this summer at a few schools. Nothing concrete yet.

  • C town

    Covina should definitely be on this list returning starters in every position off a solid 7-4 season.

    • Colt74

      Covina does not need to be on any list other than MOST IMPROVED each week.

  • Eric johnson

    Charter oak has great talent on both sides of the ball. Remember that freshman team 2010? Eric Prevost ( DE) Todd Greene (RB) Donovin Washington (WR/DB) Alex Powell (WR/DB) Kory Brown (QB) Candy Nava (DB/WR) Jose Bonilla (LB) Watch out!!!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Watch out for what?

      • EJ

        These group of CO kids will step up and make plays for Big Lou this year keep an eye on them Aram.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          yeah, but when and where…are talking about a serious inland run?

    • D-Mo

      Don’t forget Brooks and Haston.

      • EJ

        K.Brooks and A. Haston will be the leaders on that line this year

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    1- Bishop…Haynes, program, and reputation give the Lancers the top spot….However, It’s going to be rough year. Talent is down even, for a down year at BA. If they can make it through Preseason with 5 wins, I expect this team to win one league game and miss the playoffs.

    2. Charter Oak-They lost a lot of starters. Brown should be ready to lead his SR campaign, but who’s going to help…They still will be in a good place to win the Sierra, but it is going to be tough, luckily no one else stands out in that league.

    3. La Mirada- Has all of the talent in the world, more talent than alot Pac 5 teams. Why are a losing in a division where they have the most talent by far? Coach Moshcetti can answer that. I would have them rankeed # 1 in South East along with Downey # 2 and La Serna #3. I’ve seen them play and I think the coaches have a lot to do with the last two seasons.

    4. La Habra is ranked too high. They do have tradition. However, I saw them play last season, and their talent is down compared to the usual pool. I guess Aram know’s or sees something I don’t. I’d ranked them around #10.

    5. Chino Hills- I think with new coach there will be some challenges getting everyone to buy in to the new system. However they should be #4 ahead of La habra.

    6. La Serna – With Palmer Returning, they should be in the top 5. However, Defense will be the concern. They will score, but can they hold teams to get the ball back in Palmer’s hands…

    7. This is a great place for the Cats to start. After losing so many players which were 3 year starters, they will have to rely on new guys to get experience.However that is balanced out by the transfer of super back Scoby, who will push Jones to compete and make him better.These two will make life easy on the Offense cord this season run and run some mo’. Whenever Aram ranks Mtown # 1-5, they blow it in weeks 1-5…I saw him in disgust at the South Hills game. They should be good this year. If they can beat Ayala, South Hills by larger margins than Charter Oak and Chino Hills, and St Francis, by more than La Mirada then that should be good enough to rank them higher later on.

    8. San Dimas- SD should love this spot, however, I am not sure if rankings are based on how they will do in passing league or tackle football. If it’s passing league, then they shouldn’t be here. However With Monrovia Los Al, Bonita, and DB or the schedule they could be the, Rio hondo, Hacienda and Valle vista league champion…

    9. Diamond Bar- let the hype begin…This team is so hyped they need their own reality show…I expect DB to win the Hacienda, however how they use noodles and how his chemistry with team goes will determine how far they go…if he is the full time starter DB does not win league nor go deep in playoffs. If they use him as a true utility guy instead of full time qb…DB could be in the SE Semifinals…that’s if they find some O/D lineman and LB’s on D.

    10. South Hills -They should be in the top ten. This team plays hard, not flashy, nothing stands out, but they always have a big athletic line and they always have skills. They just lose A lot of talent to the surrounding schools. I expect them to hold their own in league, and maybe finish #2 after an upset.

    #13 La Salle is ranked too High…a few skills

    guys is not going to get it done…there are better teams ranked below them.

    14. Muir still has some talent, however I am concerned about the QB. If you can distribute the ball…who cares how much speed you have…I would seriously think about some sort of option read offense….start early to perfect timing.

    18. RHP- They are much similar to Monrovia in being that they are small, Lower division, but still very good. Good enough to beat teams in high divisions. However, they should be ranked about #20.

    25. St Francis is rebuilding but I think they still should be ranked #18. I think they still beat everyone below that this year.

    their preseason and league is so tough, that they really don’t have any growing room. However they made the top 25 in which they should…

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Nice breakdown. As for Chino Hills, I don’t think the buy-in will be difficult. They were running Bechtel’s offense last year. So they should be already familiar with the terminology. The biggest challenge is two part. One finding a replacement for Matt Simko and getting that defense better. I understand they bought in a new defensive coordinator and that should be a plus.

      Although 7 on 7 doesn’t mean anything, I think everyone will have a better feel for what they’re working with afterwards. Everyone except Monrovia that is. lol. We already know. It’ll be a heavy dose of Scoby left, Scoby right and Scoby up the middle. šŸ™‚

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Yeah I know Bectchel was the O cord, but it’s a whole different beast. A Head coach is responsible for the entire program, instead of just the offense…Simko was good, but Thropay is there right?

        • footballfan13

          Bechtel is more than qualified for the challenge. Haven’t seen Thropay in the QB lineup. Bechtel’s transfer bailed out Thropay several times last year when team was down and brought them back for the win. Don’t see Thropay as the Simko replacement.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I think so too. I pick Chills to win the sierra this year

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            That must be the Osos kid.

        • The truth and nothing but…

          Why so far, Monrovia should try to schedule La Mirada and Downey. But the way those two teams schedules are shaping up they may not be interested in playing a team like Monrovia.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Well I don’t See why not…I would say Monrovia is better than Mayfair the 2nd game on Downey’s schedule….and Monrovia beat St Francis, so there are some possibilities…it’s Monrovia who needs to step up and make some phone calls….I still think the teams we’ve lost to were winnable games. We need games where we may get beat by 30 or 40, if we play like we did against ayala and south hills with 4-5 turnovers in the red zone…just disgusting.

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          Bechtel has head coaching experience so that shouldn’t be a problem. And from what I was told and what was posted yesterday, he’s hired an excellent defensive coordinator. In fact, it’s the same DC that worked with Bechtel at Colony. Those are all thumbs up for that program.

          I don’t know if Thropay is still there or not. I asked my nephew (my source) and he wasn’t sure. Last he heard Thropay was going to move to linebacker. Weather permitting I’ll be in the area this afternoon, so I may stop by and watch practice. Just FYI, I saw Thropay play a JV game last year and I have to say, the transfer from Los Osos, Herber(?) is a lot better QB.

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            Thropay changed positions. Reciever now. NEVER been a real
            factor/consideration at the varsity level in Chino Hills. Poor mechanics, slow release, so-so footwork. I never saw what any of you saw in
            him as a QB. There’s WAY better guys
            than him that never get so much as a breath spoken about them.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            I’ve never thought of him as quality QB. When I saw him last year, if I was still scouting, I would have graded him a low D for pretty much the same reasons you listed.

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          You want to play Summit and Kaiser you can’t even handle South Hills and Ayala???


          • GP AKA Green Machine

            First go look at both their schedules.. then go look at both of their rankings…Actually if you put South Hills in the Central they would have action at going deep and that division…..I normally research before I blog something…. You should try it… If South Hills played in a lower division they would very dangers on that level… Duh…

      • The truth and nothing but…

        Quite honestly, if you are Monrovia, there is no need to do anything else. Give Scoby the ball and watch him run for close to 3,000 yards this season.

        • Not So Fast My Friend


        • GP AKA Green Machine

          News flash Scoby is not the best back to come to monrovia….I don’t know why you are sleeping on other backs we have…

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Greenie, that would be the smart move.

          • The truth and nothing but…

            You are the only blogger and person in SoCal I know that thinks Jones is on the same level as Scoby. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            say what you want…but we at know how good jones is at Monrovia…. That is why he will not be benched….and will get prime time carries….he missed a entire season of varsity football due to off the field issues….everyone knows how much that hurts a developing kid… He is just as fast, just as many moves not as strong but he will be motivated….You will see… Why you think Aram has him headlined chump… lol I and will be there to tell you I told you so…

    • La Habra — Transfers. One of the top defensive recruits in SoCal in Gaines.

      Damien — I’m amazed they don’t make it either, but lotsa production is gone from last year and they weren’t very good … throw in the starting QB transferring to Rancho and I don’t see how they’ll be better.

      St. Francis — Many felt they were a one-man show last year and that one man is gone.. Lotsa questions.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        OK Good Answers…

        • They didn’t just have one transfer. From what I hear, there’s a few. Good news: We will see them and quite a few more on this list in two weeks at CO’s passing tourney.

          • The truth and nothing but…

            They also picked up Carter and Cloy from St. Paul, both are seniors and should help.

          • Valley Athletics

            Darell cloy from St. Paul is a good pick up . He is selected for next years army all American game .

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I guess that’s why you are the reporter and I’m the blogger…I am curious to see how the sgv teams look. There were just so many 3 year starters lost last year

    • The truth and nothing but…

      You are right. There is no questioning La Mirada’s talent. In fact, they are not done with adding bonafide athletes to the current crop of talents.

    • Valley Athletics

      Who is Salgado from Amat ..

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        oops Velasquez…Sal…my bad


    Aram, I see you got La Habra ranked but Downey is nowhere on your list. Don’t forget La Serna lost to Downey last year in the finals and probably returns with more depth than La Serna this year. QB check, 1000 yards + rusher, RB check, 2300 yards + rusher. O-Line has to replace two Sr’s and 3 of the sack leaders on defense are all returing. WIth many more underclassmen returing this year. I think you missed Downey on your list.

    • We don’t cover Downey, so they’re not eligible for the rankings. I’ll assume you’re right as to where they fit on the list.

  • footballfan13

    @ Not so fast….You SEEM to be in the know. Buy-in has already happened at CH. Bechtel brought in THE BEST defense coordinator already. It’s not only a plus, it’s going to blow you away. Replacing Simko not as difficult as you think. There’s A kid right in front of you. A proven leader who knows the terminology and is a Bechtel protege.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      That’s even better then!

      I’m already on record saying they needed to upgrade their defense and bringing in a new coach should solidify that unit. And if they have a QB, that’s great! That should move them to the team to watch category and further up Aram’s and Greenies list.

  • Eastern Ave.

    Always fun having some bubble gum for the eyes!

    Nice list all solid teams but then again we shall see…

    Muir is better than where they are listed. They always have talent.

    La Salle is ranked too high. 25 is about right for them.
    Nice too see Rio Hondo Prep ranked, system continuity, discipline and execution is a healthy recipe for sound fundamental football.
    No San Marino?

  • Mojahed Abuhadba

    If you guys are gonna include the suburban league than might as well add the San Gabriel Valley Leage to the SGV football rankings.

    • we don’t cover the suburban league, but la mirada is in our distribution area for the whittier daily news, so we cover them.



  • Some Guy

    What happen to the teams that fell off from the rankings in January. Santa Fe, Montebello, Damien ? Santa Fe was at #9

  • Not Since 1995

    The South Central Covina Colts get no love…? Heh…heh!

    When is Division 11.5 going to grow some pubic hair and step up to the elite East SGV competition…? Are these MildCATS, Muir, Pasadena, Arcadia, and Alta Dena ever going to play anybody other than Rosemead and Arroyo…?

    C’mon man…! Rio Hondo is laughing at you, little boys…!

    Bishop Nomas…Not in 2013

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      lol….how’s your vintage GI joe collection coming along?

    • Eastern Ave.


      It’s always entertaining to read the point of view of the myopic

      on this blog!
      Comedy, pure comedy…Oh Magoo!

      “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” – Bill Shankly

      Be Happy!

  • WCDan

    Positives for West Covina I think will be a solid defense to go along with what I think will be one of the better O and D lines in the area,I also think we will be solid at linebacker this year. Question marks will be the backfield, there are a couple of boys who can have big senior seasons RB, but they have had eligibility problems in the past, don’t know how they are doing gradewise this year but I’m hopeing they will dedicate themselves to both their future and their teammates and do what has to be done to bring up their gpa’s and get on the field this year. Even without them the RB situation could be good to go with guys like David Ford and Isaiah Love. I am glad Sydney Jones kept loyal to his school and teammates, the coaches will figure ways to get the ball in his hands, and he will be rewarded with a big senior season. A couple of freshman turning sophomores that I think can help this next season are Isaiah Love, Hunter Rey, and Jacob Acosta, there may be a couple more but I can’t remember the names. All in all I think West Covina can be successful if our QB’s can develope and the forementioned runningbacks can stay eligible, this would give WC the double threat of Sydney Jones and Jesus Wong on the outside to go with a good run game.

    • Valley Athletics

      Sophmore to be linebacker was good on freshman team .good size and fast .

      • WCDan

        Yes, actually there were two good linebackers on the freshman team that I think will be good enough to help on varsity, talent wise, last seasons freshman class is one of the stronger classes in a while at West Covina, they were 9 & 1 losing only to Loyola, and if I remember they playing Loyola tough and were moving the ball well but were killed by turnovers.

  • reality

    Smudgepot should be a good game to Start 2013. With many first rate starters returning the Saints seem to have a 10 point edge. For the Cats much hinges on the play of the QB position. They will have a very small line compared to San Dimas line so must rely on finesse to have any hope. While I dont see the Saints having to move up in divisions because of a very small enrollment, Bonita’s fate is doomed to D2 football for 2014-2018 seasons.These rivalry type games is what makes high school football great and these two teams always put on a great show.

  • Valley Athletics

    Just saw the US Army all American selections . kurt scoby was selected but it says he is from cathedral . Also dallis Todd and Tyler luatua from la mirada . Also noticed 2 linebackers and a DB from Salesian . Little Salesian has 3 all Americans . Darnell cloy from St. Paul which someone posted he transfered to La Habra is also selected .

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Well it’s going to say He’s from Monrovia, once tv time starts…wow 2 All americans in 4 years…not bad!

      • Valley Athletics

        Wouldn’t give Monrovia the credit for this one . He was chosen before he actually played for Monrovia . Monrovia didn’t do anything to get him where he is at .

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          I agree, but that’s not what it’s going to say when the broadcaster announces things…

          • Valley Athletics

            I wonder if he will get to announce what college he chooses on tv , like Ellis did .

        • Observantcat

          To Valley Athletics, why be so bothered by where credit is given or is not given? Who would you credit on his success? He is just a gifted athlete amongst other gifted athletes, you might as well get used to seeing gifted athletes coming out of the Monrovia Duarte area because their coming in force. I know a few of the 7th and 8th graders that will be leaving their mark on CIF in a few years and yes they will be attending Monrovia or Duarte High school….. I would give you names but I will wait until the appropriate time. Just remember once again, you heard it hear first!

    • Reading Comprehension

      They were nominated, not selected.

      • Valley Athletics

        My bad , my nephew showed me the list . Saw Arams report Later . Still a big accomplishment .