Bishop Amat puts forth proposal for football-only leagues of the Catholic Athletic Association …

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There will be several proposals voted on and Bishop Amat has one of them. Here it is:

Bishop Alemany
Bishop Amat

St. Bonaventure
Notre Dame
Oaks Christian

St. Francis
St. Paul

Bishop Montgomery
Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary
La Salle
St. Bernard
Verbum Dei

Don Bosco Tech
Mary Star of the Sea
St. Anthony
St. Genevieve
St. Monica

Rationale based on geography

*League A would cross with league B for two games (1 home, 1 away with yearly

Aram’s take: I really like the League C proposal. I think it works well for Damien, St. Francis and St. Paul.

  • Valley Athletics

    c league looks good . A and B looks good also , but crossing gAmes between them could benefit a team or put a team in a disadvantage depending on what 2 teams you play . If you are fighting for a playoff spot and you interleague and get the 2 best teams And another team gets the 2 worst teams that can change everything . I would play all the league games and play just one more game against a team from other league depending on where you finish . First place team against first place team , second against second and so on .

    • NadeForLife

      If this is the way they choose to go Chaminade will be a div champ running away for 4 years. last years scores between Chaminade and the rest of “C” with JV and a few freshmen kids playing the majority of the second halves of every one of these games.

      St. Paul )Won, 63-13

      Harvard-Westlake Won, 78-34

      St. Francis Won, 42-14

      Cathedral Won 62-26

      Cathedral Won, 45-7

      Damien would have been blown out in similar fashion.
      my guess is 62-13

      Chaminade also split 2 games with Serra a state top 10 team outscoring them in total points. and won their first 3 playoff games by a total score of 170-25.

      Add that sh it up people.

      Everyone in the Valley knows that Chaminade is better than ND, and Crespi.

      Is this BA way of avoiding Chaminade who they know would spank that BA AZZ.

      • Valley Athletics

        Agree chaminade belongs in either group A or B . Depending on where they are closer 2 . Don’t think Amat is running from Chaminade when they proposed Serra to be in league with them . The proposals that where made by cif in its meeting a couple weeks ago had chaminade , Serra , St. Paul and Damien all in this new league . Serra , chaminade , oaks christian , st Bonnie’s , St. Paul and Damien voted against . Serra ,Chaminade , St. Paul and Damien do not want to be in PAC 5 . Oaks and Bonnie’s want to stay in same leagues . They couldn’t pass it last meeting . What Amats proposal does . Makes it easier to pass .everyone in league c,d and e would most likely vote yes . That would make it majority And easier to pass . In league a and b , st Bonnie’s , oaks and Serra would vote against it .

      • The truth and nothing but…

        I agree!

  • Fatligian

    Damien to A….the Nade to B and La Salle to C.

  • The truth and nothing but…

    Only way St. Paul will be competitive if it was in league D.

  • Fatligian

    I was pretty close…a little more juggling but it got passed.

    League 1: Alemany, St. Bonaventure, Chaminade, Crespi, Oaks Christian.

    League 2: Bishop Amat, Damien, Loyola, Notre Dame, Serra.

    League 3: Cathedral, Harvard-Westlake, St. Francis, St. Paul.

    League 4: Bishop Montgomery, Cantwell-Sacred Heart, La Salle, Salesian, St. Bernard, Verbum Dei.

    League 5: Bell-Jeff, Bosco Tech, Mary Star, St. Anthony, St. Genevieve, St. Monica.