A whopping 20 league realignment proposals on the docket for Monday’s Mt. SAC Area re-leaguing meeting …

Here is a link to the 20 proposals that will be voted on at Monday’s Mt. SAC Area re-leaguing meeting.

Individual schools are allowed to put forth their own proposals in addition to the ad hoc committee’s proposals.

Here some individual school proposals that stood out to me as INTERESTING (for lack of a better term) …

WALNUT PROPOSAL: Put Charter Oak in a league with Etiwanda, Los Osos, Upland, Chino Hills and Rancho Cucamonga.

LOS ALTOS PROPOSAL: A league that consists of Charter Oak, Glendora, Ayala, Chino, Chino Hills and Diamond Bar.

UPLAND PROPOSAL: A league that puts itself in with Glendora, Chino Hills, Chino, Ayala and Don Lugo.

This should be QUITE interesting …

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  • Jimmy the Greek

    Wow, some of these proposals are not only throwing certain schools under the bus but backing up the bus 2 or 3 times and rolling over those schools time and time again. What the heck did Diamond Bar do to Los Altos to upset them so much? DBar hasn’t made the playoffs in over decade and LA decides that they should be thrown to the wolves. Whats up with Upland? When did Salters start channeling Lou Farrar trying to get out of a tough league that they dominate in order to step it down a notch or two??? What ever happened to coaches that like to challenge themselves against top competition? I’m mean really, Glendora, Chino, Ayala, and Sisters of the poor errr Don Lugo???? I do like Walnut’s proposal, that would be a real heavy weight D2 League, but it probably makes toooo much since and I don’t think anyone here could stomach listening to Big Lou crying for 4 straight years.

    • AMAT 73

      Jimmy the Greek,
      That seems to be the battle cry of more than just a few SGV teams . If you can’t win , move down and get a title where the road is easy or don’t move up and just keep winning . Don’t know if you’ve seen the threads but many want AMAT to move down just for the sake of winning titles ?????? What is the point of beating the Sisters of the Poor and then popping out your chest as if your world beaters . If CO does wind up back in the Southeast and wins the title first year back ( which I am on record as that will happen ) , what joy is there in that ???? I agree , the Walnut proposal would be one heck of a league .

      • Well the joy would be in CO being where it belongs. You could have asked the same thing when Amat moved down in baseball and won CIF. Are those titles worth less?

        CO is a Southeast school all the way. And the Southeast is a solid division now with the SGV League in there and La Mirada loaded with top talent. I’m not so sure CO wins that thing right away.

        • AMAT 73


          How about a bet . 1 Manuel’s Special for you and I’ll take a Hollenbeck as the Special is just a bit too much for me .. You take LM and I got CO . The team that goes farthest wins the bet . CO does not belong in the SE . D-3 or 4 would be good other than the travel , but what’s left to prove in the SE . If they are D-7 . Come on LM has had talent and do a great job of moving them on as you have noted but not to good of using them on the field where it counts . You people have a knack of translating D-1 prospects (top talent ) into justifying that a team will be at the top or take the title , It does not always pan out that way . .

          • So that’s for the 2014 season? OK, I’ll do that.

          • AMAT 73

            Yes that will be for the 2014 season . It’s a bet

          • I’ll even provide a bottle of Gas X for both of you! Your gonna need it! LMAO

        • Jimmy the Greek

          Rule of thumb is that for every team in the MTSAC that moves down there needs to be a team in the MTSAC that moves up. Who in the MTSAC is better then CO that needs to be moved up into their vacated spot? Maybe we should move Ganisha up into CO’s spot. Ganisha is already getting their butts kicked week in and week out, what’s the difference if they lose every game by 70 pts instead of 40 points as long as CO gets to kick the snot out of a majority of the Southeast and dance around as the kings of the sandbox. If CO wasn’t such high profile “recruit school” then yes, they would be a Southeast school but we all know that’s not the case when it comes to CO Football. The truth is that CO is no different then Amat when it comes to football. They are a high profile football program that brings kids in from all over the valley, kids that are there primarily for the Football program. As long a CO chooses to play the recruit game in football they need to be treated in a different manner then that of your average mid sized high school in the SGV.

          • Valley Athletics

            You mAke a lot of sense . I also like walnuts proposal . I don’t see why charter needs to move down . They have been a top 8 school in the inland. Lets face it centenial and vista will always be the top 2 teams . Rancho , Upland and some times Rev . Are the semi final teams . Maybe charter oak playing them in league prepares them for CIf . Playing them twice a year gives you a better chance .

    • I thought i was only one who caught that!! Be careful of who you go after though, cause you never know who is looking out after the one your going after! I predict LA will get served for such a BS proposal!!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I just looked threw all 20 proposals, for my money prop. C looks to be the one proposal that makes the most sense from a competitive football stance.

  • Aaron

    CO is a D5 team in football but for some odd reason the powers that be made a solid D5 league into a chump D2 league.

    And of course we’re going to get the hose again, the difference being the next once in a decade team will be ridiculous and may still lose in the 1st round. Really Bonita playing Upland/Rancho/Osos/Etiwanda, that’s much more outlandish than Glendora moving over there. Also hospital bill can be forwarded to which school.

    When Knott chalks up a DII baseball title it will be sick!

  • WCDan

    Rumor has it that Noodles eligibility is denied.

  • Brahma fan

    Such BS proposals! Walnut gets screwed in almost EVERY proposal. So does Alta Loma. Schools that really need relief getting absolutely no help whatsoever. The idea of moving Charter Oak out of the Sierra to any other league is also BS. Moving Diamond Bar back to the Sierra is a bad move. We got moved out to the Hacienda for relief and are still the only school that hasn’t made the playoffs since. Yet they propose to move us BACK! And send Diamond Ranch out to the Mt. Baldy or an all Pomona league is just as stupid. Move West Covina and Bonita up to the Sierra. Send South Hills, Chino, and Claremont to the Hacienda. And move Walnut to the Mt. Baldy.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Whose Upland trying to kid? They’ve proposed putting themselves in a
    league with Glendora, Ayala and Don Lugo? I don’t think with the recent
    coaching change at CH, Salter believes he’s going to be running thru CH annually.
    That’s not going to happen. Salter, I would imagine, wants an easier
    route in league, while he bulks up his non-league schedule. I guess
    since the HC at Los Osos is gone and they’ve got a new one whose
    actually doing some coaching, he wants to bail. Figures.