Charter Oak’s Aaren Vaughns electrifies Hall of Fame Game as East beats West, 42-18 … Matty Ice Simko, Jake Holguin have huge games as well …

Aaren Vaughns scored three times in the East’s win over the West.


East 42, West 18 — Close to 4,000 fans showed up and Charter Oak’s Aaren Vaughns electrified the crowd with long touchdowns, two on offense and one on defense. Chino Hills’ Matty Ice Simko threw for two scores and ran for another. The East’s defense laid lick after lick, but did catch some breaks in that the West had some drives in East territory stopped on downs. Of course, the East defense had a lot to do with it. Rio Hondo Prep’s Jake Holguin hauled in three touchdowns to lead the West. Don’t anybody give me crap when I rank Rio Hondo Prep high in the SGV(N) Top 25s. I didn’t have my eyes opened to the Kares until this year, but I can tell you they would have done just fine in the Mid-Valley Division or Southeast. Holguin was just one of several all-stars they could have had. The East now leads the series 22-10-2 and has won six straight. Gladstone coach Albert Sanchez goes out a winner and South El Monte’s Pablo Ocegueda provides the feel-good moment by playing despite losing four fingers in a fluke tug-a-war accident earlier this year.


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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Yeah you also forget about Brandon Cox from PHS, who was hurt this year. If they had the Mtown Guys, the Muir Guys and Cox…The west would have action at an upset…Monrovia and Muir always come up big in that game. The east got off easy this year…

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Even if this is a game that Matt “Matty Ice” Simko can throw crazy in,
    it’s still a game that I’d coach to win. It’s a pick your poison
    all-star game and that will limit my choices. So, I’d double Bobo, bump
    him off the line, re route anything he does underneath; basically remove
    him from Simko’s sight line. Why? I love Simko’s arm strength and I’ve
    sung his praises as being a damn good QB on the high school level. The
    problem with Simko is him getting tunnel vision on a receiver and Bobo
    is the type Simko will have hard time taking his eyes off of. Of course
    there are a bunch of other weapons at his disposal other than Bobo, and
    if I was coaching against him, he’d have to use them.

    Then after the game I’d apologize to Bobo for not allowing him to do much. And
    there is no bigger complement in an all-star game than shutting at least one guy down.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      They need to balance out the schools…..the east has much larger schools from Higher Divisions. The West, has to count on Monrovia and Pasadena Kids to make the game competitive. Last year it was the same thing. The East Has Schools ranging from Div 1-11 and the WEST has schools ranging from Div 7-11 maybe 1 kid from St pual or St Francis, and the east still barely wins. In the late 90’s and Early 2000’s when Monrovia Duarte, Muir-Phs were all doing well, the east lost. Look at these rosters….come on tribune news group!

      • AMAT 73

        Change it to North – South and draw a slanted line for the divide .

    • Brahma fan

      Simko looked great. He wasn’t focused in on just Bobo. He threw to Savage (Damien) and ended a nice drive with a TD to Sherwood (Damien). THAT little guy was FAST!

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        That’s good to hear. I’m glad to hear he moved the ball around. Been watching some bootleg film of him from last season. That man crush on Austin was strong. lol

  • Not so fast my friend2

    Yes, I agree ! if you are going to recruit 40 miles away, then forget Muir and Monrovia-shoot bring Dorsey, Crenshaw, Loyola and see what happens…It’s not matched evenly. BTW not impressed with Simko at all…That little guy from Gladstone did better…

    • Brahma fan

      Amezquita looked good, but his decision making and slow reads had him running for his life most of the night. Simko looked AWESOME. He threw quick bullets and had the West defense guessing. Looked like he only threw 3 bad passes all night. 1 was behind on a slant, 1 was high on a hitch he had to throw over a DE, and the last was a straight up interception. other than that his receivers needed to hang on to the ball. Bobo dropped a sure TD and Reggie Turner dropped one while turning upfield. He needs to work on his kicking though, coach brought him in for a quib kick and it didn’t go too far. Hey Aram, how about a little noise for Jacob Hughes, DE (Whittier Christian). He had a gang of tackles for loss and at least 1 sack. And the kids from Charter Oak were all OUTSTANDING!

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Since it appears I’m responding to my alter ego, from what I was told, Simko’s arm strength and accuracy was on full display. The kid is a good QB (even having a man crush on Jack Austin last season) which makes me wonder why more Pac 12, WAC, MAC, or even the remaining 100+ Division 1 schools passed on him.

  • Valley Athletics

    Why is Vaughn’s not wearing a charter oak helmet .

  • av

    “Charter Oak’s Aaren Vaughns electrified the crowd with long touchdowns, two on offense and one on defense.” I LOVE IT

  • Dave Petteruto

    For Hall of Fame Game Highlights go here: