Upland beats La Habra in OT shootout to win Charter Oak Tournament …


Upland beat La Habra in an OT thriller to win the Charter Oak Tournament.

Glendora finished third and La Serna fourth.

Aram’s take: Go figure, Upland is loaded again. La Habra proved something, though, because the talk around Highlander Land is that they’re back to “La Habra levels”. We all know the defense will be there, so if the offense is good to go, watch out. Now, WHAT ABOUT GLENDORA? A freshman QB who looks like he’s gonna be special. That’s scary. Word is the Tartans really turned heads and remember, they’ll be out of this ridiculous league/division in another year. Also good to see Frankie Palmer and La Serna look good throwing. The Lancers should have the capability to open it up this year and that could mean another title run.

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  • EJ

    How did charter oaks secondary look today? Who’s going to be charter oak running back this year?

    • D-Mo

      They looked OK IMHO. RB should be Washington, no?
      CO got beat by Glendora, I believe.
      Came back for the final. Upland and La Habra both looked tough, big, and athletic.

  • soft

    Love how Upland plays in Charter Oak tournament with weak competition….They didn’t want to compete in Rancho Tourney or where probably out recruiting Scoby!

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      You raise a valid point. You look at the competition level in that tournament and you have to wonder.

  • AyeYaYay

    Who is the GHS QB? The younger Fink? He was an absolute stud in Youth Ball!

    • Tart

      And his mechanics look like he was a stud at youth ball very raw. Almost too raw.I say he is two years away from being anywhere near the stud at the V level. The other older QB was either having a bad day or just La Habra was that good the game I saw. They had some huge kids. Their first game against Rosemead the senior kid wasn’t missing. They are going to have a battle for that spot. By the time the freshman kids grows into his body and gets somebody to work with him I agree he could be good. But he is two years from being pretty decent he sure is hungry.
      The problem I’m seeing and hearing is the kids just don’t respect their head coach. Thats what I like about passing leagues you can get right next to action and sidelines and hear what’s going on. When you can hear that on the sideline that’s never a good sign.

      • Tart Alumn

        Why do you think Maloney defected? I bet he saw the writing on the wall. Something tells me Rohrer gets a few more years in under his belt they find a teaching position for him and eventually take over. Jerry will roam the sidelines back at Pompei.

        • Respectfully Disagree

          The last two comments are completely absurd. A young, thin team that went 4-2 on Saturday and fought until the very end, only losing the Upland by four, doesn’t respect their head coach? I’m sorry, but I completely disagree with Tart and Tart Alum’s assessment of Saturday. GHS looked promising, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

          • Just Saying

            RD while I don’t necessarily completely agree with either Tart or Alum I can certainly see their point of view. Now your comment that WE are a thin team is factually true here are a couple of observations.

            Our numbers just aren’t there anymore. Is it because the interest in football at GHS is waning, because of the lack of consistency in a coaching staff. Are the kids just tired of the constant change. The only constant in staff year in and year was when
            Pasquarella was here. Q could have been the right guy but it was the wrong time. Jerry, well if the kids don’t respect him then your numbers are going to fall off. I present to you an earlier post from back in April 9, 2011 when the search for a new coach began and posted by a Staying Positive:

            What most outsiders dont know is Glendora as a city has some characteristics that do not lend it self to reach its full potential athletically. Glendora is a great place to raise your kids if they are not playing team sports.
            Glendora is a white collar community that has parents that care about their kids and will go to any length possible to make them successful. This includes the best private training/coaching, the best equipment, and an ultra competitive attitude. However the parents are so competitive they wont train or work as a team because they are all looking for an individual edge. Competition is healthy on the field but off the field it drives bad behaviors that impact the success of the team
            Many families are second and third generations making a tight nit safe community. However the lack of turn over in families limits change. You need change to evolve and I dont think GHS has done that effectively. You hear on this blog all the time you need to get outside the fish bowl to see what the world of sports truly has to offer.
            The Lewellens are a nice family. However they will be sure to take care of their friends and try to try to make it as fair as possible. Will they confront problems head on and manage in way to benefit the team and program, Their track record doesnt indicate that. This job is even more difficult for an outsider. These issues are deep routed and difficult to see. Insiders wont openly acknowledge them there for wont help an outsider fix them
            Just ask Coach P as trying to manage this complex maze wore him down and are the cause of him losing his fire and desire to coach.
            My kid has graduated and moved on so I have no ax to grind and I tried to keep the post positive while still addressing the real issue which simply put is GHS is an all about me sports program. This is not going to get better anytime so because the community doesnt really want it to get better.
            However after writing all this I think an insider like the Lewellens are a good transitional choice until GHS can figure out the right long term formal. After all GHS isnt really ready for the type of coach that will make them a winner and drive change.
            Good Luck to Lewellens and GHS

            I totally agree with this……The Alumn is right Coach Rohrer makes sense in many ways he has been away from GHS and has distance from the black hole the program has become and can bring in new ideas with a fresh start. Just saying!!

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Soft made a valid point about Upland and them being in the Charter Oak Tournament. Interesting. On Saturday, I had a choice to stop in on CO’s tournament or go to Rancho’s. I ended up going to Rancho because on paper, the Rancho tournament looked more appealing and the talent level, not insulting anyone else at any school was a lot richer. It would have been nice to have seen Upland there.

    So we’ll step out of the SGV for a minute.

    Rancho Santa Margarita looks like they haven’t missed a beat. They looked almost surgical.

    Chino Hills will miss Simko. More because of his accuracy. In one game it seemed like the QBs were throwing interception after interception. One QB appeared to be focused on throwing to one receiver by forcing several passes into coverage. Turned out that was the QBs brother. That has problem written all over it.

    Rancho Cucamonga is again loaded with talent.

    Diamond Bar has some players on their team that are very fast. They appear to be loaded with playmakers.

    Los Osos is in rebuilding mode and QB is the first start. He looked good, but needs work on his reads. But they do have athletes.

  • Jack Johnson

    How did LS do?