A couple of interesting transfers that have flown under the radar … until now

Coaches, you can only keep things a secret for so long. Once the passing circuit begins, everything is out in the open. So on that note, here are two transfers that have flown under the radar until now but have the chance to be impactful this fall.

Elijah Jones leaves Damien for Upland — Jones has major upside and I know the previous Damien coaching staff was very excited about the junior-to-be RB/DB. Well, he didn’t stick around La Verne for the Mark Paredes Era at Damien and is now at Damien Upland and looking good if this springs’ results mean anything. So now Damien has lost its returning QB and best offensive threat. Yowza!

Alex Powell leaves Charter Oak for South Hills — You see? Charter Oak does lose players! Powell looked good at times last year as a WR/DB and he gives South Hills the kind of outside speed the Huskies could really use. Powell, who is the younger brother of former Charter Oak standout AJ Powell, is a senior-to-be. He would have had a larger for CO this fall, but maybe he felt South Hills was a better place to be. CO has an abundance of skill players, so I don’t think they’ll be in big trouble over this. Good get for the Huskies.

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  • Valley Athletics

    Saw Elijah jones his freshman year. Very big kid as a freshman . Damien also lost a big wide receiver to Amat from the same class . Isaac archer who is 6’3″ and transfered at the end of freshman year . Isaac was on jv this year and varsity for baseball . Not a good start for Damien . Instead of getting players from the baseline area they Are losing there players to them . There is still some good junior to be players at Damien

    • Kurt Stone

      The problem with Damien is that they need to be much better than they have been, and they can not afford to lose players. This will be the last year they participate in the Sierra, before they join the new Parochial league where they will have to face not only Amat, but also Loyola, Serra, and Notre Dame. I see Damien being in really big hurt for years to come.

      • Valley Athletics

        Didn’t damien freshmen team go undefeated in league 2 yrs ago? I think they even beat charter oak badly .

        • Just Saying

          Really you’re actually talking freshman wins!!! Get a life.

          • Valley Athletics

            I am talking about the talent they have in the junior to be class . It’s just a question , I don’t know how they did

          • I guarantee that I can give you WAY WAY WAY MORE examples of good frosh teams that went on to be good varsity teams than good frosh teams that disappointed at the varsity level. WAY MORE. It matters.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Good Freshman teams help the varsity team more than JV teams. If your freshman team is loaded, more than likely those guys are going to get moved up to varsity. The more of those freshman guys you can get on Varsity as sophomores the more chances you have winning in the future. That means your Frosh team must be good and winning.

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          Class of 2013 at Ayala went Undefeated as well. An undefeated freshman season translates to absolutely nothing.

          • WCDan

            I would not say absolutly nothing. It at least gives you a clue of the talent that you have. Although I’ll give you that if a freshman team goes 10 and 0 or 9 and 1 it does not mean a league title when they become seniors. Transfers or kids dropping out or other teams progressing can affect change in the future.

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            Or head coaching change.

          • Valley Athletics

            It means something if you have good coaching in the varsity level . Maybe Ayala had players transfer out from that freshman class , while other schools had players transfer in.

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            No transfers that I heard of.

        • Jimmy the Greek

          I believe the South Hills Class of 2014 went undefeated as Freshmen. That class will be Seniors this year. It will be interesting to see how they do their last year in the Sierra.

          • observantcat

            That South Hills team lost to Damien, Los Osos and Monrovia

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            They did beat us twice..we need to tie it up this year…

          • WCDan

            I seem to remember that 2010 South Hills freshman team was very good, I know they did not lose to Damien, because I saw that game, and I don’t think they lost to Monrovia that year either, what you probably saw on Max preps was the freshman “B” team results which shows a loss to Damien, look at the game date and times, if it says it’s a morning game then it was a “B” team score. Pretty sure the freshman “A” squads only loss that year was to Los Osos. They even beat Tesoro’s freshman squad that year along with a very good Charter Oak squad.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Did anyone transfer from this group?

          • WCDan

            They had a loss to Los Osos.

        • WCDan

          They beat Charter Oak frosh by 1 or 2 points, but Charter Oak was good that year too, they also beat Tesoro.

          • Valley Athletics

            It says on maxppreps it was 43-0 on a Thursday 3:15 game .

          • WCDan

            VA, I think we are talking about two different teams, the team I’m talking about is the South Hills 2010 freshman team. Those boys will be seniors this coming season. I believe they only had 1 loss. that year.

          • Valley Athletics

            Yeah , I was talking about 2011 Damien freshman team that will be juniors . Seniors when they get moved to PAC 5 .

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Damien Also has tuition cost. They would have improve and win to build up their reputation to entice kids to stay or come over. Plus…when you are losing I don’t know if I would want to attend a all boys school.

  • D-Mo

    Aram, there’s more to the story on Powell. It wasn’t as simple as just a choice he made. Sad too. I was looking forward to seeing him play this season.

    Jones is now at UPLAND. I know that’s what you meant to write. Dang, the rich get richer. I hope there’s a DII team out there that can knock off CC or VM. Maybe it’s Upland.

  • H,S Football

    Damien will do just fine. Jones and Archer were big losses, but will relay on physical football and great coaching.Saw one of Jr to be Sanchez wrestle this past season that kid is monster.

  • The truth and nothing but…

    Aram, an impact player is about to transfer to a Southeast powerhouse team to make them even stronger because his family has move to the area.

    • Vague

      • Just Saying

        The only school that comes to mind that was anywhere near consistant was Temple City back in the day.

    • Football Fan

      Enlighten us please!

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      This post means NOTHING without a name.

    • Football Dad

      Truth….lets wait till he actually shows up……

  • so I heard

    Jake Payton San Dimas, apoearantly moving out of the State to Az. Chandler Maybe? Either way San Dimas lost a good one. Heard it from my niece who attends SD.

    • Highlander

      Out of state no but to Upland maybe.

  • salter

    Payton can’t play at Upland and be eligible with us. We wish we could have him though. He should stay with the Saints and enjoy his senior year. The Arizona thing is stupid.