Scoby to focus on academics, won’t join Wildcats until summer …

Monrovia running back Kurt Scoby won’t participate in team activities until summer in order to focus on academics, according to Wildcats head coach Ryan Maddox.

Many of you were wondering why Scoby was a spectator last Saturday as Monrovia competed in the Charter Oak Tournament. The senior-to-be has decided to shun football for the classroom until later this summer.

Scoby’s decision is not expected to impact his chances of being the Wildcats’ feature back. Monrovia is loaded at running back with the return of Darion Jones and two up-and-coming prospects in Cameron Johnson and Anthony Marquez, who will both be sophomores.

“He’s in the process of getting everything squared away grades-wise,” Maddox said. “He’s in good standing. He wanted to focus on his education and focus on getting into a Division I college.

“He’ll join us in the summer. Kurt will make the adjustments and know what he’s doing. He’ll be just fine.”

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  • MonkeyWrench

    I said it once I said it A gain. Scobby will not be at Monrovia. He be going to Da U. He is not partcipating in any varsity activties just as did not at Cathdreal or Almaney. Which helps with hie elijability. Makes da tranfering much cleanaa. Watch and see.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      I guess…I am sure what he needs is another Transfer mid summer. If so, so be it.

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        Why stop at Upland, Corona Centennial is just another 15 min. away and they’ll spank Upland every day and twice on Fridays.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          CC is better than Upland.

  • Lupe

    It’s actually smart coaching, if he’s around, eligible and ready to go after summer… throw him in. If not, you didn’t have the distractions and wasted reps.

  • Saints Fan

    I really admire Coach Maddox, and will interpret this more indepth (hey, slow day).

    This is implying what everyone already knows, as of today, Scoby is NOT Academically eligible to play football. Maddox is a class act, so he is NOT going to go to battle for Athletic Eligibility for Mr. Scoby on every other front, including the Athletic Motivation card thrown around in other cases, if he is just going to get booted for Academic eligibility anyway. Now, this can drag out entirely through Summer school and any online courses being taken as well (yaaah, we all know the tricks).

    Bummer part is you have Jones (whom I really like) and the young pups working their tails off right now, earning reps, earning the right for PT, all to have it sucked away come Aug when and if Scoby get’s his academic affairs in order. Come on GP and my boy KB, you know your not “feeling” it on that one (ah except for getting to hoist another banner and wearing a ring). You guy’s rep and support the Mean Green and I respect that immensely.

    I have personally watched the Scoby machine wreak havoc on the football field all the way back to his Duarte Hawks days through CO…. really hope he get’s things in order for his sake. There is a reason all the other rated backs ahead of him in Calif (5 of them) have anywhere from 4 to 19 Scholarship offers vs Oregon State, Miami and South Dakota State (where did that one come from… hahaha). All the college guy’s are waiting to see if he is going to get through the Clearninghouse. He is a beast and a hell of a running back, but if this doesn’t get taken care of, we will have to watch him at Mt Sac.

  • New York

    Maddox is cool, “He’ll be just fine.” Short and sweet with no opening for drama.