Strong La Mirada tradition video … wow, this program doesn’t mess around …

Aram’s take: I gotta admit, I’m pretty sick of hearing about La Mirada. But that just shows what a great job Coach Moschetti does with the media getting out every little tidbit about his program. Wish more programs were like this.

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    There is a lot of pressure on coach Moschetti this season…They are so loaded , so talented, so hyped, that something has to give. Can they take down Downey or La Serna…they sure as heck can’t lose to DBar or WestCo. I have seen them play twice…and they do tend fall asleep in the 3rd qtr, and their Big lineman and Lb’s are gassed at that point in the game. I am sure conditioning and mental focus for the entire game will be the focal point of camp this year. I will go see the Matadores at least once this season…


    Good to see AZUSA out there practicing in the spring. Coach Scherf??? Looks like you lost a lot of weight and looking good! Must say AZUSA has a good size squad out there and hoping for a better season then last years Coach! Heard good things about AZUSA and they should be back to form again. AZUSA let’s get that Montview banner back! Gladstone, LP and Duarte here come the AZTECS AGAIN! Get’em ready Coach Scherf!

  • Lupe

    Great video, inspirational. But SHOOT, what would an Amat or Los Altos video look like?

    • big daddy

      Shoot, what would a La Habra video look like? 4 straight CIF CHAMPIONSHIPS, 6 total. what is the overall La Habra vs La Mirada
      win loss vs each other?? Both teams will be stacked this year, 1 will win.


    Anybody watching the Notre Dame vs Michigan football replay game? Wow that’s all I’m going to say on that! Classic!

    • AMAT 73

      How’s it going bro . Longtime no post but as we get closer to the season I am sure we will see you more ofter. Thought about you when I heard the sad news about Deacon . Big loss to the RAM community. Don’t know if you have seen the 30 for 30 on the Fearsome 4some but if you get a chance watch it . Good luck to both the Crusaders and Aztecs this coming season . How is you r boy doing and how does it look for him this coming season .


        Good to hear from you also AMAT 73. When FRED when to that new Disqus format, well our computer system here at work isn’t compatible with the Tribunes new system, so that keeps me from posting so often and have to wait until I get home but my wife hates it when I’m blogging on Fred’s or Aram’s website. LOL… Yes it was pretty sad to hear about Deacon Jones and Merlin Olsen, and when I was kid growing up that’s all you heard about in LA. Yes the program 30/30 is awesome and will have to check that out about the fearsome 4some. ~ALWAYS A RAMS FAN~. My sons football season is on, since last year he redshirted and they just got done playing spring football. He did really well in their scrimmage games, so the Coach offer him another full scholarship and has him starting at the Linebacker position. I got to watch his spring games on and it’s a pretty cool website. I read it hear, that a kid from North view got a scholarship from Benedictine University, and actually Evangel University played them last year and was a shootout. Got to start saving my nickels & dimes so I can fly out there to Springfield Missouri and catch some games. Talk to you later AMAT 73 and ~HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all~ AZTEC PRIDE.

  • WCDan

    Nice video, La Mirada has good tradition. They should have won the division last year with that team, but you don’t win divisions by your reputation, or because you have a bunch of D1 prospects, you win only if you bring it every Friday, all it takes is one off night, combined with a scrappy, fired up team like Santa Fe, and there goes your season.

    • disqus_EwzMXwPVzM

      Hey buddy…Friday night lights is on any given Friday. SF took league on 2011 and in 2012 CIF Simi Finals….The team is young and keeps on improving. We respect your two championships!
      Good luck to all on this up coming sesson…. let’s have fun!!!! Go Chiefs! !

  • AramT

    The thing that blows me away about La Mirada is the amount of talent in the district. I had no idea it’s so fruitful. And what’s amazing is I hear all the time about how not all of it stays home. With the program that Moschetti has built, how could you not want to play for the guy?

    • The truth and nothing but…

      Aram, you are right about the talent in the area. The Southeast is head and shoulder above the Mid-Valley. Downey, Santa Fe, Norwalk, La Serna, and La Habra are all strong teams in the area.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        It’s a huge area…compared to SGV…

    • big daddy

      It would be easy to NOT play for him. You suppose have all this Talent
      year in and out and LOSE to the likes of Santa Fe??, Etc..
      Go to a PROGRAM who is a known CHAMPION, that has kids in the college ranks and NFL.

      • He Hate Me

        Here’s where LA MIRADA gets respect though in the WDN area – they do it with their own talent. Going forward “brah”, lets refer to your Highlanders as Rent-A-Player High. As of right now, you guys have more one-year players over there than any school in the entire Tribune coverage area. Am I lying? Do us a favor – count them out for me…
        I guess that’s what coach M needs to do after taking a whooping by a program with its worst record in decades and still putting a beating on the (soft) Freeway League Chumps, I mean Champs. LA MIRADA will put another beating this year on Rent-A-Player high, even with all those transfers. I guess now that the Sunset league is in your division, the division isn’t so WEAK anymore.
        …4 consecutive CIF titles… and CAN’T beat any of the big boys in the PAC-5. Heck, even La Serna was able to pull off an upset of a PAC-5 team in recent memory – just last year…

        • AramT

          La Mirada won CIF in 2009. I admit they’ve been a disappointment at times in the postseason. They are the favorites this year in the Southeast, so the pressure’s on. If they don’t win it this year, my goodness the heat they’re gonna take.

          • He Hate Me

            LA MIRADA is definitely setting themselves up for humiliation with all the off-season propaganda. But my point to Brah above is that LA MIRADA does it with all their own kids, not one-year transfers. And they want to say Rent-A-Player high is “Back to La Habra levels”? Give me a break. Ya, thanks to the transfers, not because they’ve developed their talent from within like LA MIRADA does year in and year out.
            And thanks for reminding others who didn’t know LA MIRADA’s last Championship was in 2009 – back when they were in division 9. They haven’t won yet in their current division (7), but they’re well on their way.

          • big daddy

            That’s right, Woodhouse and your Mayfair transfers etc.. are all home grown? Don’t get mad because all these kids KNOW where to go, and have the best opportunity to win. Did I mention your 5th year senior program.
            I guess we will see how all your D-1 talent stacks up vs a down Tesoro and Servite team?? Good luck BRAH!!

  • reality

    By La Mirada setting the bar so high with its self promotion, it can only give the more modest programs of the Southeast the fuel they need to clobber them which they often do. Come game time you still have to suit up and hit.

    • AramT

      Solid point. I guess they do put a target on their back … but so be it. I’d rather self promote than be quiet. That’s a how media guy feels anyway.

  • New York

    It is great to see a public school program with so much pride such that alumni from 20 years ago get interviewed for a video. Sure, La Mirada has not lived up to their own expectations since joining the Southeast, but give the overall program a lot of credit for staying strong and competitive for the past few decades. I’d enjoy watching a similar video about Charter Oak football as well.
    The Rio Hondo League was in Division 8 alongside La Mirada in the 1990’s. La Mirada was certainly the gold standard until Bloomington burst onto the scene. However, La Mirada was always contending, even with those growing Orange County Schools that cycled through Division 8 and went up to Division I.

  • Valley Athletics

    Very professional produced videos they have been releasing . Saw the heart,pride ,trust video . Also saw the other video when they where practicing at 5am . These videos are odviously done by a professional company . good PR to get players to stay and some families to move to la mirada for football .

    • Aaron

      Why would it need to be professional? I had fellow classmates that were this good at video editing on their own without being in Bonita’s media class (Cat Tracks!!!). Basically I’m saying video editing talent is everywhere, especially at the high school level.

      • Valley Athletics

        It’s not just the video editing . Production quality is very good . I work for a production company as a sound mixer , so I know alot about production .

  • The truth and nothing but…

    Downey had their Spring game today and those guys looked impressive even without Huff. Scary!!!