UPDATED: MUST SEE: Trailer for soon-to-be-released documentary on Rio Hondo Prep football …


Aram’s take: Although you don’t see me in this trailer, I was interviewed for this documentary and will probably end up being in the finished product. Robert J. Morales looks like he really knows what he’s doing and I cannot wait to watch this.

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  • Fatligian

    You’re pathetic. Oh look at me yada yada yada. What could you possible have to say about a small school you pay little, to no attention to. Oh I know what it is…your ego wouldn’t let you miss out on the opportunity to paste your ugly grill on someone’s screen. Puuuuulease!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Prep is ranked on the trib list…that’s respect…After the Arcadia win…I think everyone respects the prep…

  • reality

    Again with the self-promotion docs. These things only serve to widen the gap between wealthier programs and schools without. These things will always turn the heads of young vunerable boys and are nothing more than recruitment ads. To bad equal time is not the order of the day. That is why I really don’t grasp the private school lawsuit. But again if you got the dough anything is possible..

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Yes they are recruitment ads, but they also establish a sense of tradition with and in the program. Standby because I’m sure more schools are going to start doing these.

    • Aaron

      Honestly though, don’t you wish a documentary was done on our boys in 2010 and then in 2011 when they tried to replace so many from the previous season?

  • anonymous

    SGV’s best kept secret…

  • The truth and nothing but…

    Aram, when and where will this be aired?

  • 12th man

    Humping their leg won’t put them on the map,at the same time it’s kinda hard not rooting for the underdog..nuff said,time for some caffeine (yawning) zzzzzzz!

  • Anonymously

    At 12man-it”s obvious that you would not even be on the field.
    At Reality
    Vulnerable Kids??
    The kids have played growing up. Against the so called best and have held their own. Even with life challenges. It’s not about money!!! It’s about accomplishment. Not everyone has a silver spoon.
    Fatuare- your pathetic to sit there and judge and comment while being blind. Please get up and exercise.

  • Seriously

    Aww yes the little cult that could. They play a depleted Arcadia program and line up St, Lucy’s, Mark Keppel, and Ramona Convent and all of a sudden they want respect. Come on…line up a Monrovia, Amat, or someone from the Baseline. Then and only then will your CIF titles mean anything period! Until then your just the little cult on the cul de sac in Arcadia. Yawn!!!!!!

    • Lupe

      I’ve never even heard of them until last yr. I just ASSumed they were somewhere near the R.H. JC. ( naive I know )When they were from the Whittier area I thought , ” well OK good for them I guess? ” Now I find out they’re from Arcadia…YAWN indeed!

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    That’s a nice video. Well done.

  • Aaron

    When I first found out about Rio Hondo Prep I did some digging because I’d never heard of them. I’d never heard of the Kare League and what they did.

    The more I dug, the more I liked. I asked them a few questions that were promptly responded to, what I don’t know is if they’ve established a special education class for folks that would want to send their kids there. Although my sister had graduated from Bonita, I honestly thought that the environment that Rio Hondo has established would be a place for kids with special needs to thrive.

    Can’t wait for this, also the Friday Night Lights score has to be the most used composition for sports in the last ten years.

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    Looks to me like they do the best that they can with what they’ve got. What’s wrong with that? I guess we could say the same thing about Monrovia right? Line up against some big boys like Ayala, Damien, South Hills, wait… Those are not big boys and look what happened there. Just sayin’.

    You can’t hold up Monrovia and not hold up RHP it’s disingenuous and intellectually dishonest. Give them their due respect like you would want if you were in their shoes.

    • Aaron

      For a School with <200 kids total between grades 6-12, not too shabby.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Rio Hondo preps first game against a upper division playoff team was Arcadia…and they won. Monrovia beat the same team by 40 + points. However, they are very small school. Even if the do recruit, what they do is amazing. I honestly think they could beat 3 teams in the RHL, 4 teams in VVL, 2-3 Teams in the Almont, MVL and Alpha. The best Skill guy to play for the west in the All Star game was from RHP. If they were in the midvalley they may not beat Monrovia, San Dimas, Paraclete, or Sierra Canyon, but after that….They would be in the game.

      • AramT

        The Mission Prep team they beat to win CIF looked as good as any Mid-Valley team I saw outside of Monrovia and just as good as several Southeast teams I saw.

        If you don’t believe RHP is legit, then go right down the line with their players and ask if they’d be starting for YOUR team/school.

        QB Rivera
        RB Tayco
        WR Holguin
        TE Wiley (also a hoops All-Star)

        The answer for most of you would/should be yes.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          I totally agree…People don’t understand that Divisions 7-12 have similar talent…except for the teams at the very top… and those teams at the top is what separates the divisions. Being that RHP is at the top of their Division, Like La mirada, West Co, Downey…Monrovia etc… they are as good as anyone… Honestly, what chance would Walnut or Pasadena or blair or Gabrielino have against the Kares? None, they would beat those teams easily. Really If RHP was in the Pacific, they would have been a playoff team in the southeast…just think about that.

          • AramT

            And we’re just talking talent. What about when you bring precision into the mix? That team KNOWS what it’s doing and they do it right.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Right….and they execute among the greats in the area like BA. You give that staff that kind of talent watch out. That’s why a lot of teams in the area don’t schedule them. They would rather get blown out by a big name rather than play lil ol RHP and lose by a TD or FG. Schools like Monrovia don’t need to play them…but schools like San Gabriel, PHS,Montview league teams should call them…instead of playing Alemany and Muir…schools they can’t beat on their best day.

          • New York

            Actually, Aram, I am not talking about talent when I praise RHP. I am looking at their game film and see that their offense always has a hat on a hat blocking. I see their d-line with flat backs coming off the ball. Those are basic fundamentals that lead to victories. As far as talent up and down the roster, I don’t think RHP is there. HOWEVER, as a football TEAM doing what it takes, I think they are pretty darn good and tough to beat.

        • The truth and nothing but…

          Mission Prep beat Salesian by 30+ and they have 6 or 7 D1 guys.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            RHP and Mission should be in the Midvalley…get rid of blair and Mountain View

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          Everybody but the QB would most likely start at Ayala. Plenty of other places for Rivera though. So I guess they’d all be starters then.

    • Son Of Clone

      Outta Your Mind……Beat teams like Monrovia then come in here and pound your chest. Until then buy your little documentary on DVD,stay home with the buttered popcorn and bon bons and watch it by yourself. Nobodys care about little Rio Hondo Prep except Rio Hondo Prep and this little self absorbed short film reminds us all of that.

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        They (RHP) remind me a little of Boise St.; the team many like to make fun of but few actually want to play.

        “Beat teams ‘like’ Monrovia…”, you mean beat teams in their respective Division? Is that what you mean? Or play and beat the occasional team in a higher Division?

    • New York

      NOPE! Those embarrassing losses to Ayala and South Hills are case in point that Monrovia is not yet doing the best we can with what we’ve got, but we take steps toward that every year.

  • AramT

    IMPORTANT: I posted Reg Miller’s highlight package of last year’s CIF championship between RHP and Mission Prep. Take a look at the talent on both teams and compare it to your own team. Remember, it pissed down rain that day and cleared right before the game, so the field was slow.

    Listen to Rico Perez in postgame interviews and you can hear some of what makes RHP a cut above.

  • prep league alum

    hey Aram,

    I agree that rio hondo football has not gotten its fair share of respect or publicity over the years, but looking back on the two years that the prep league was in the east valley division I have come to the conclusion that rio draws athletes from the kare youth league that fit exactly what they need to do to win at the northeast division level or against higher division teams of a lower tier. During the 06-07 and 07-08 years rio hondo was handed back to back first round losses in the east valley. As a team Rio executes exceptionally well, utilizes the guys with outstanding athletic ability exactly how they should be utilized, and most importantly plays like a family. They are built for success in the division 13 level, but sustained success would not be achieved in a hurry if they were to move up to say the mid valley or southeast division.


    AZUSA vs Arcadia this upcoming preseason and what a great morale boost for the City of AZUSA if we got the W…

  • New York

    I’m very impressed by the depth and insight that the RHP players showed during their pretty articulate interviews. These guys are well prepared!


    This seems like it will be a great documentary; I am excited to see the finished product. The kids involved will always have this to show to their kids in the future! I know some athletes that attended the Kare Youth League as 3rd or 4th graders. That’s a lot of football before you get to high school.

    As for some of the comments on this thread, it sounds like some of you seem to think that RHP is the second coming of De La Salle. RHP is great for the SGV but that is were it stops.

    Let’s not forget Mission Prep played 13 games last year out of those 13 teams only three teams had positive ratings on calpreps.

    The Arcadia win was great for RHP; I would love to see a rematch. Mysteriously they are not playing each other this year….

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      If SoCal had a team that could compete with DLS we could stop getting embarrassed every single December. Man that would be awesome. But alas, most everyone is deluded into thinking size is what wins the Open Championship. Till they figure it out, we (CIF-SS) will continue to be the laughingstock of California Football.

  • objective fan

    To son of clone Its ridiculous to ask a small school like RHP to beat the likes of Monrovia or Amat before giving them any respect. This is the smallest school in the entire state that plays 11 man ball and they are very good at what they do, like it or not. For a school with less than 100 kids, they deserve just as much respect as anyone. Your popcorn and bon bon statement only serve as a horrible commentary on yourself and your obvious sour grapes. Let these kids enjoy their success without negative comments from EXPERTS like you.

    • Son Of Clone

      Like I said enjoy your Popcorn and Bon Bons!

      • Soon They Forget

        So Objective….in your excitement you seem to have forgotten your little small school played very big school Arcadia High, beats them and you come in here asking us to cut you some slack. Seriously? Come on dude!!!
        You want to soar with the eagles be prepared to take some heat in the blogs!!! If you can play Arcadia come on let’s see you line up a Monrovia, or even your neighbor Arroyo and beat them if you really want respect. Until then your a “school with less than 100 kids” who thinks they “deserve just as much respect as anyone.” which is totally laughable. The only respect your going to get is from your small school past opponents.
        Sorry too be so harsh but if you can’t handle negative comments I suggest you stick to the schools newspaper and not the Tribune’s blog.

        • AMAT 73


          You are asking RHP to play a Monrovia or Arroyo to gain respect . I believe they should garner just as much respect as Monrovia or Arroyo in that they are one of the tops in their respective division just as Monrovia is . Now they did beat Arcadia which is or was considered a good program . Now considering ( and I will probably get blasted by GP and others ) that when Monrovia tried to soar with semi eagles they got shot down ( SH and Ayala ) . They did beat St Francis granted but RHP beat Arcadia . So yes maybe RHP needs to play more upper division teams and win to get your respect but they are from being able to call them laughable in saying they deserve as much respect as anyone . They kind of remide me of CDLS only a smaller version in their execution and discipline on the field . They have most of these kids from 6th grade and by the time they get to Varsity they have 3-4 years of experience in the system which you can see clearly on the field . Now just for kicks who do you rep to get a feel for where you are coming from .

  • Joe Amat

    No one has mentioned that RHP also won a CIF Championship in basketball this year, and the Head Coach was none other than…Ken Drain! Impressive.

  • Eastern Ave.

    Nice promo.

    I don’t get the sense that football is the end all be all of their existence at RIO. They have had a nice 10 year run. 100 students, their success is wonderful for their community and the SGV. Notoriety is always fleeting.

    As for the nay-Sayers It appears that football is important at RHP but that is not the entire picture. Producing good citizens I think is their goal.

    Football is just a means to an end…

    It’s fun to watch discipline and execution, old school football, line up right, stay home, hold your blocks… fun.

    Last year was great, this year who knows?

    They are still just like every other high school in America, just kids playing a game.

  • objective fan

    To soon they forget Thank you for your observations. They are points well taken.I can assure you that nobody from RHP is asking for any slack on the field or on the blogs. Please correct me if i am wrong as I am trying to understand your reasoning. Are you saying that RHP deserves no respect until they beat a team like Monrovia or Amat? thats like saying Monrovia deserves no respect until they beat a team like Servite or Mater Dei. Monrovia deserves all the respect and recognition they get because they are a quality program which dominated their respective division. RHP did the same in their respective division so why shouldnt they get a little respect as well. In no way am I comparing RHP to a large public school like Monrovia or any other school in the area. When Arcadia appeared on our schedule, nobody thought we would beat them due to the huge difference in student population alone. On paper, they should have taken us to the woodshed. To sum things up, nobody from RHP is pounding their chest demanding respect or anything else for that matter. Have you seen or heard of any parades or parties for RHP? Any football program would be blessed to have a documentary made about them, we just happen to have a talented film maker doing just that. Football is just a means to an end at RHP. Producing quality young people who will be an asset to society is their primary goal. Eastern Ave. said it right ”They are still just like every other high school in America, just kids playing a game””

    • AMAT 73

      O Fan,
      I think what is bothering most on here is that a school of such a small student body can roar up and beat a school with 10 times the amount of students. It goes back to the we can’t compete with the IE schools because they have upwards of 3000 students and the playing field is not equal. If your a blog regular you know that is the battle cry of many on here . RHP sort of puts a dent in that theory by beating Arcadia . I am not saying that everytime you face a large school you notch a win but it can and does happen and that is because of the way the program is run and how it is projected to the players .

  • Football 1

    Salesian is a Crap school that let’s anybody in regardless of grades. They can’t even beat Rio hondo prep or Mission Prep in D13. They want to move up I would think twice about that.