The Miramonte League is back!!!

Lost in the shuffle of everybody flipping out over the naming of the Palomares League for the 2014-18 cycle is the fact that the Miramonte League is back.

When the Mt. SAC Area did its re-leaguing in May, you’ll recall that a new league was created that features Edgewood, Bassett, Ganesha, Garey, La Puente and Pomona. That new league will be called the Miramonte League.

Those of you with half a memory will recall that the Miramonte League folded at the outset of the last re-leaguing cycle with some of its teams going to the then-new Hacienda League and others going to the Sierra League or Valle Vista League.

The Miramonte League used to be Charter Oak, Los Altos, Diamond Ranch, Wilson and Bonita. Obviously, the revived version of the Miramonte League will be quite different. ENJOY!!!