Bishop Amat wins Bonita Air Assault … beats Upland in championship game …


Bishop Amat continued its impressive showing on the passing circuit by winning the Bonita Air Assault on Saturday.

The Lancers beat Upland in the championship game. The Air Assault was Amat’s second strong showing of the passing circuit. The Lancers were runners-up to Santa Margarita in the Claremont Tournament last month.

Aram’s take: As I’ve said many times this offseason, this Amat team has juice. Obviously, the Super Sophs are gonna be a dynamic class. But the Lancers also have the best QB in these parts in Koa Haynes. A major force in Anthony Camargo. An up-and-comer in Isaac Archer. Yes, “it’s only passing league”. But when a team like Amat, which typically struggles during the passing circuit, wins a major tournament like Bonita to go along with a runner-up finish at Claremont, then you have to take notice.

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  • rene deleon

    Aram, this team is no joke. People will try to knock them but these boys will keep on grinding. Granted its just passing league but with amats history they are in the right place at the right time. There team will come together and surprise a lot of people. Would like to see more of where the battles are won, in the trenches. Hopefully there O and D line are as strong as there skilled players

  • AmatDad

    I am the first to admit that these passing leagues don’t necessarily show a complete picture of what a team really has. In the past when Amat struggled in these passing leagues, I always said, “Just wait til the pads come on”. Amat is a blue collar, hard hitting team. We pride ourselves on going helmet to helmet with the best of them. So when I see our skill positions show this much potential this early, Wow, this team can really do big things. Hagerty is a very good coach, and he will not let this victory go to their heads. They will continue working hard, and look out SGV and Serra league, because this Amat team is gonna be bad ass this season.

  • 12th man

    I wouldn’t take notice just yet! I would actually wait until July 13, that’s when they play in a passing tournament with the real “big dogs” (Long Beach Poly,JSerra,Edison,Mater Dei,Westlake,Narbonne,Saint John Bosco,Corona Centennial,Sherman Oaks Notre Dame,Mission Hills,Santa Margarita & that’s just too name a few..This line up makes the Bonita air assault look like pop-warner..Win this or even runner up,I just might be sold,but then you have the whole playing with pads debate which is a different beast in itself~

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      You saved yourself in that post by acknowledging that when the pads come on its a different game. Lol

      Passing tournaments are great theater and people use a team’s success in it as a tool to gauge how a team will do in the fall. It’s fools gold. Many a team has been impressive in PT’s only to be horrible in the season. Very few are consistent in both. Those that are are easily identifiable.

      As for the PT you outlined above, those are absolutely some heavy hitters.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Passing league is about organization. No team in the area is more organized, and has a complete coaching staff like BA. They are so far ahead of teams in the area at this point in the year and it shows. Once you put on the pads you can exploit athletic match ups more than in passing league due to the contact and tackling.Also a QB may have more time or less time to pass in the game. You also have to look at the QB’s who are a running threat, which adds a different dimension to the game. That is such a difference, that it changes how you cover, how you read, and how pass plays open up. On flip side teams that have great dlines know that with a rush, QBs will not be sitting back there all day surveying the field. What I look for is how teams compete, and how spirited they are. I also look to see if they are communicating well or arguing, and pointing fingers all day. Congrats to BA…and as of know Haynes is the Top QB in the Area as advertised.

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          You’ll get no argument from me. Amat was impressive both days. When I saw them they were machine-like. That’s a carry over from their program.

          However, other schools that do well in PT’s, don’t carry that over for the season. We both know that’s from a variety of reasons, from O/DLine play, to injuries, to the level of competition. AND we both know some schools run PL friendly routes that would by no means work in game day scenarios.

          As for PT’s depending on the schools I’m watching, I’ll focus on the QBs mechanics, or the WRs fundamentals and a DBs technique. That usually tells me a lot about the player and the level of coaching they’ve got.

          Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the PT’s as much as anyone. But I take them for what they are for for evaluating talent and potential. That said, I saw some QB play that confirmed what I already know vs a few QBs that I’m not sold on. That goes the same for some WRs and DBs.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I will agree 100%. I am entertained by PL, But I don’t think it’s important to the level others do. Some teams pass to set up the run and others run to set up the pass. A lot of teams run the Shotgun zone read, and throw off that… if that’s the case, and your opponent knows their is no fly sweep or QB keeper, well the eyes of the defense won’t be all all over the place, and that 1/2 second delay is what opens up the route. Some teams may also be poor tacklers, Etc. Most importantly how does your QB Throw after being hit… we also know about the famous alligator arms, or stiff arm to the free safety for serious YAC yards. The only way to judge teams is when all possibilities are in play. Some teams are just better in passing league, some teams are good in pad and some are good either way.

        • AramT

          I think you need to contextualize it to the team. Bishop Amat RARELY fares well during summer. Passing games just aren’t their thing. So when a team that historically does not fare well in summer wins a major tourney and finishes second in another, it’s probably smart to take notice. It might be a sign of what happens when a program is overflowing with athletes. I spoke to several coaches about this weekend’s tournament and they were all saying that depth was key because their kids were getting exhausted quickly. Amat obviously has depth and was able to hang in better than most. That’s how it should be when you’re a Pac-5 team. The past 4-5 years have been cute, but this program is going to a place that it hasn’t been in a while. Hear me now, believe me later.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Glad you mentioned depth being an issue. I overheard one coach say the same thing and another mentioned his kids were gassed midway thru the second day. I left before the day was done. Did they post a final standings?

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Amat also has that big DE in Development, which should make their defense better very formidable. Lets just play this by ear for now. I would be almost sold, but last year West Covina won a passing league tourney and they did not fair better than the year before. Traditionally they throw around ten times a game. I would contextualize this as Haynes being better than last year and gearing up for a big senior year. When you have the best QB in any given passing league tourney, your gonna beat teams. You must also admit the BA defense has always been sound. It’s the amount of time they spend on the field which allows them to get worn down in Pac 5 play. By the 2nd half they get wore down. This year, I am sure the plan is for Haynes to put together long drives to keep that defense fresh. They surely want to get out in front of teams too. This is a great start. The team should be excited. Bishop always does well when they have size. If this group is big and athletic as reported, and play at the same level in league, then strike up the band. So Basically, I will ask what are you saying this team is going to be? 5-0 in preseason,1st or 2nd place in league and 1st or 2nd round in the playoffs, or is it too early to tell, falling into the category of proverbial Hype? Does BA have a legitimate backup?

          • Rene77

            from what I hear is that this super soph DE is an all around great athlete, very solid! it would be a shame if this kid gets little or no playing time. I have seen some of there workouts and there 1 on 1 competition against damian,by fare he is the better athlete of the ends. thee other two super sophs that will contribute to this team is trey Sidney and tyler Vaughn both kids are phenomenal athletes that wil play both ways.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Trey is a good kid from a good family….I watched him for years at DHawks…The question is how will BA handle the mix or a young skillz with super QB. Next year they will have experienced skillz with a new QB. Who is the Back up QB and starting RB?

          • AramT

            Camargo was the QB of the frosh team for his class. He could be in the mix, but I hear he doesn’t project as a varsity QB as much as he does a LB, where he’s going to be incredible. As a QB, he just ran people over. What a great athlete. Amazing student, too. The QB of last year’s frosh team is very good, too. And then of course, you wonder about transfers. Someone may come in and want that job because he will be throwing to freaks with two years left of eligibility.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            That’s really what BA has been missing…Their last two QB’s were baseball guys…Haynes is the best QB in the Area, but ranks somewhere around 7-8 best QB in his division. BA needs to start recruiting/Developing Tall Athletic QB’s, that too should help them get over the hump in Pac 5… So they need size up front, which looks like that is coming together…they need a good back…and they need a superstar QB…They have their work cut out for them still.

          • Lancerito

            Tyler and Trey are earning their reps and doing well. I’m sure the DE is getting his opportunity to compete for playing time too. (Obviously not at a passing tournament though.) It’s all a matter of what he does with his opportunities. He looks solid though he may have a shot. A few years ago, Gener was a little undersized at DE but he started and did a great job! The youngster will get his shot too.
            One thing about Coach Hagerty and staff is that they ALWAYS have the best 11 players on the field. If he is one of the best 11 on any given day, he will be on the field.
            Early in the summer, the upperclassmen get first crack, but if they are not solid then the underclassmen get their opportunities. All players get developed every day at Amat though.
            Anyone….If you want the best coaching and competition, then send your son to Amat for football. If you’re son does not want to work very hard and compete everyday, then Amat is not the right place.

  • rene deleon

    What I’ve noticed regardless how good bishop Amat does, they will never get credit where credit is due. If bishop Amat would have lost people would come out and bash on this blog. I’m. On nutral ground here, I love sgv football but bishop is known for doing poorly in passing but I can say that this is a good start for them

  • SoCal_Football

    I took a drive from the OC yesterday to see the 2 linebackers for Amat that are on everyones radar (Camargo and Wiley). Let me say that they are bigger and better than advertised. They look bigger than 6-2 and they can move.

    I didn’t see any other teams linebackers with this combination of size and speed. These guys are the real deal.

    Amat’s other linebacker is also big and quick. Their safety has good size and they have some good DBs too. Some nice plays by the DBs yesterday. Amat looks very good early and has some real size and speed on defense.

    Their offense looks good too. Not a lot of size at the skill positions, but a lot of speed, execution, and good reads.

    I’ll see the again in the OC at the tourney, but Amat looks strong early

    • MonkeyWrench

      You have 2B be one of da Daddy’s because day aint that good to be getting all da hype. Especially Wiley cause he be flat out clumzy and got straight trucked a few times. Camargo good athelete when he learn how to play he will be solid. Amat strength clearly be dare secondary not LBs. Maybe the DBs daddys need to be bloggin more

      • Lancerito

        Sounds like you be one of da DB’s Daddy’s (maybe 3rd or 4th string) cause I was at the tourney and all of the boys had a great weekend! There were a few guys getting trucked, but it was our LB’s doing the trucking.
        Don’t be sad if other guys are getting some attention. There is enough to go around.
        I know both Camargo and Wiley had some real good film starting on Varsity their sophomore years in the Pac-5. Not many kids at any school do that. I’m sure we will see your sons film soon and we can all appreciate it then too.
        Go All of the Lancers!!!

      • SoCal_Football

        No…I don’t have any kids in High School. I first saw these 2 play on FoxSports in the playoffs against LB Poly last year and saw some great plays and heard what the announcers were saying about them and their futures. When I found out that they were both 6’2″” sophomores starting in the Pac5 it peaked my interest.

        If you don’t think they are on a lot of college coaches radars, you can keep telling yourself that. If you are that size with 2 more years to develop and good sophomore stats and film, believe me there are a lot of coaches taking notice and watching. Time will tell, but based on what I saw I think they both have bright futures ahead of them. Good luck to you and your son though too.

        • MonkeyWrench

          Come on Papa Wiley. U dont be expecting peps to believe u watched da game on TV, decided to cruise up to a SGV tourny, watch a SGV team, found a SGV paper, started bloggin about average SGV kids, concerned about dare recruiting, reply to my post and you just some dude from da OC. Hahaha man u on crack if u dink peps dont see threw dat bs. I be bloggin to long to. Just leave your boy alone he be OK dont embarress him on da blog. If he going to get a schollie it wont be because your Glendora look at me tactics.

          • SoCal_Football

            Boy, Amat has some jealous parents over there. Here is the link to the game on


            Watch it for yourself and listen to the commentators.

            Now I guess you will say the announcers what are their Daddy’s.

          • SoCal_Football

            Boy, Bishop Amat has some jealous parents. Here is the link at Fox Sports West.


            Watch the game for yourself and listen to the commentators. By the way, these commentators cover the top high school games every week so they know talent when they see it.

            I’m sure you’ll come back now and say the commentators are their daddy.

            Good luck to you. I don’t have any more time to address jealous Parents.

          • SoCal_Football

            I tried to post the link and a message a few times but it is in moderation.

            Boy are there some jealous Amat parents.

            Search the Internet for “Long Beach Poly 40, Bishop Amat 25 (11/9/12)”

            Watch the game and listen to the commentators for yourself.

            I know, I know, the commentators are their Daddy’s too.

            I don’t have any more time for jealous parents, but good luck to you and your son.

          • Lancer_Land

            That is not an Amat Parent. We support all of our boys at Amat. These 2 boys are legit and did a great job as sophomores. We look forward to them and the rest of the boys having a great 2013 season.
            Thanks for coming down to see them and I’m sure Amat will be on FoxSports again this season. We have a great schedule in front of us.

          • MonkeyWrench

            Otay Mr. Random OC guy AKA Daddy.

  • rene deleon

    Well said Aram. We all know they have made a splash in passing tournaments but have you herd anything about how there O and D line look like?

  • Saints Fan

    This is great for getting things started for the year. BA has some phenomenal Athletes right now. Koa is the best QB in the area and a great athlete. But really, the QB position in the valley is pretty weak right now wouldn’t everyone agree? Maybe I am missing something, which is entirely possible, but QB is not the strength in the area right now. You have a lot of New Pups at a lot of the local schools. There are no returning Travis Santiago’s (where is he now Aram??) so Koa who is a phenomenal player, will step ahead even further. BA Defense will be very good and they do have some athletes in the back 7. But who is their running back going to be ??? Will they run the ball effectively to be able to use the pass as a weapon as they usually are not a spread, throw first, or deep down the field team. Maybe they will change based on the athletes. These passing leagues are great for getting some things worked out, but there is nothing like being able to throw when there are bodies flying all around, lineman moving backwards, etc. Heck San Dimas even looks pretty good in these things (NOT to the level of BA or some of the other teams) and we all know what happens there when the pads come on.

    • AramT

      Last I heard, Travis Santiago is not in school/playing anywhere and works for UPS.

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        That’s where sub 6′ QB’s get put out to pasture. SHould have played another position and he’d probably still be playing.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          yeah…true. He was an exceptional athlete, and should have worked on developing into a WR or DB…Haynes is swimming around 5’11…which makes it hard to see over those Trees. Colleges will take a developing 6’3 guy over a stud 5’11. There is not many Drew Bress out there. However, he should get a D2 / NAIA look.

          • AramT

            Travis got to APU on a scholly, so it’s not like he didn’t have a shot. Maybe college just isn’t for him. Nothing can take away his amazing senior season and career. He’s the best QB I’ve seen around here. That’s for sure.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I think B Cox was the best QB around these parts during the same era…He had absolutely nothing to work with at PHS and still earned a pac 12 scholly. He was also the highest ranked QB in the area by all publications. I know Santiago look great Throwing to NFL Guys in Easy ups and work outs, and he looked great all throughout sierra league play, but…His collegiate upside was not very promising. If you are going to short, you have to be crafty and very smart. From what I heard…he was not either. Santiago was blessed with Tremendous talent around him. Bobo, Gilchrest, Vaughs, Scoby…and more…He just had to get the ball out his hands, those guys were open…CO would have given Upland problems with an athletic guy like Cox and may have had enough Offense to go to the Semis… Since CO’s line is not as good as Rancho nor Upland, having a mobile guy is a must…and Santiago, and Kory Brown are not….so that’s why that offense is going to struggle come 1st or 2nd round in Inland play…Just saying.

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            Too many of these kids you guys hype are in GREAT situations (not of their own making either). There’s some GOOD kids in less than ideal situations and you never even breathe their names. Too busy pressing the lips on the posteriors of the over-hyped to even notice.

            In the few minutes it took me to walk out of Bonita I saw a player from Walnut. Don’t even know his name, all I know is he was pulling away from everyone. The free safety from the opposing teak took a great angle on him, that’s the ONLY reason he didn’t score that play. Freak fast is all I can say. Maybe you ought to go do some investigating Aram find out who this kid is. Or maybe because Walnut isn’t much to talk about, you’ll ignore him. That’s your tip for the day. You can thank me later.

          • AramT

            “GOOD kids in less than ideal situations”??? HAHAHAA/. You mean like Brandon Martinez (El Monte) and Steven Rivera (Arroyo)? Those the kinds of kids you’re talking about? They’re the last two players of the year, so I guess your theory just went right out the window.

            Please don’t come at me with that weak crap. Know who you’re talking to and show some respect for the office.

            Try, try again …

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            How would those two do at say Bassett? They would not be your Players of the Year that’s for sure. You know it, I know it.

          • AramT

            Really? What’s the difference between Bassett and El Monte?

            Forget it, don’t even answer. Next time you come at somebody like me, try and throw fastballs instead of wiffle balls.

          • Rene77

            Aram, this guy is really out of his mind. Do what you do best, You are fair and are on neutral ground when speaking about the talent that the SGV has to offer. You are a reporter and that’s exactly what you are doing.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Just curious, who would be your top 5 or 10 QBs you’ve seen.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Well I think is collegiate upside was not promising. I think B Cox from PHS was the best QB hands down. He was a pac 12 signee with a huge upside. He was also graded the top QB in the area. He did it all for a team lacking talent. Do you think Santiago would have taken PHS to playoffs? Probably not. Santiago had so many D1 Weapons bobo, Gilchrest Vaughns ETC, that he just had to get the ball out. Now imagine is CO went into those playoff games with a guy like Cox, his mobility alone would have given Upland, and Rancho Problems, and along with those skillz, they could have been playing in the Inland Semis or better…Just saying…

          • AMAT 73

            With Koa I would say he probably is not looking towards a career in the NFL and with his abilities in the classroom and on the field he is probably headed to an Ivy league school or similar where he is suited to use both. He does not and will not need an athletic scholly to further his schooling but it wouldn’t hurt . Also you never know about the pros as there have been a few undersized QBs who have gone on to great careers in the pros even with that disadvantage .

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            That’s True, but the one thing that Haynes has going, is that he is smart. That is a highly valued characteristic when colleges pick a kid up. That fact that he may get an academic ride, would make it very easy for a D1A coach to secure a roster spot for him. He may not be done growing either…Kids can grow up to 3 inches between this summer and next summer going into fall. However, even the Ivy league schools have tall smart kids. Height is Ideal, that’s just what they look for. He would really have to add some serious scramble ability unless he is a Drew Brees type talent in the pocket at that height. They can’t roll him in college unless he can get away.

        • Not Since 1995

          Wow…that comes out of your mind?
          I hear that RIO #9 licks the stamps onto the packages and passes them on to Travis…!
          Its only passing league, little boys…! Wait til they put on the pads. When the 5′ 9′ left tackle lines up againt 6′ 4″ D-ends from the OC.
          Not In 2013 either…
          heh…heh! heh…heh! heh…heh…!

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      There’s a few good QB’s out there, the guys running the blogs are just to busy kissing the posteriors of the likes of Scoby and Noodles to see them.

      Koa is good because of who he has around him. You put him at say Ayala where those kids drop more passes than they catch and you don’t even know his name.

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Lol. They can’t be that bad are they?

  • rene deleon

    Can’t wait for week 0

  • Aaron

    In regards to Monrovia’s showing, I’m not saying it doesn’t mean much but historically they haven’t blown the socks off folks. I remember the summer of Bueno’s senior year they faced off with Azusa at the SGV shootout. Azusa in the championship matchup and they had a tough go of it. I may be wrong but I even think Azusa won.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Monrovia is ok in passing league… Just ok.

      • Not Since 1995

        Oh…so now you suck in passing league and you’re not “geared toward passing league.” Yet your dumb-ass still thinks that you could compete with teams like Chino Hills, AmNOT, and Charter Oak?
        How in the hell would the MildCATs compete with these teams if you can’t effectively pass? You couldn’t even beat Rosemead or Arcadia with all of your D1 schollys…!
        You woulld get your asses handed to you by these teams…! I say an average final score is: 48 – 6 with the MildCATS licking their wounds all the way home, everytime…!
        Even the SouthCentral Covina Donkes would kick you ass…!

    • Ana Kin

      During that particular summer, Monrovia was in the championship game of the SGV shootout. They also won the consolation bracket of the Bonita tournament. Bueno was very under appreciated as a passer.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        That is also true, but Monrovia is a running team first passing team second. Monrovia depends on YAC yards and WR also get carries, so the focus is really about defense. Monrovia should win or be in the finals of the SGV Shootout. The field is not as strong as the Bonita air assault. Monrovia gave up way too much this weekend, but a lot of starters were not playing.

        • Aaron

          Run based spread…Rich Rod

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            That’s where we are headed this year..

  • Valley Athletics

    Didn’t get to see alot if games . amat was about to play Rancho when I left saw Amat play Ayala and there was a couple occasions where the same corner blew his coverage . trey sidney got up and had some key interceptions . Don’t know who that white kid is , but he is looking good at receiver . Was impressed with south hills . Saw a little of them also . One of the little receivers was very quick and shifty . upland was good . New Qb was good and stood about 6’4″ . Peyton is going to be a force . Kid was picking up big yards on passes to the outside. Very fast kid . Damien has no Qb or skill position players . They where alternating a senior and last years freshman Qb . Charter oak looked Ok against Walnut . Who is that big line backer they have ? Big kid . Also heard that uplands other Qb transfered to chino hills, anyone know if its true ? I thought he looked better than Helsinki at Claremont tourney . At that tourney someone had mentioned he was leaving because he lost his starting position because of transfer .

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      While watching Chino Hills, several parents in the stands were discussing the Upland transfer. I could hear one say that the reps he was getting during the tournament were the most he’s gotten in several weeks. And another added that thy dye was cast for him when Helinski transferred to Upland.

      Basically, there’s a lot of talk and you just have to make your way thru the mud to get to the real answer because it’s somewhere in the middle. I think it was probably a little bit of both. Salter already had his mind made up when Helinski transferred in and no matter how well the other kid played, the job was Helinski’s.

  • mr power

    here we go again with the passing league BS. this what aram wrote last year at this time. Watch out Amat lovers you may be in for a long season.

    “Aram’s take: I said in a previous All-Encompassing
    SGV(N) Top 25 that Damien could wind up being the No. 1 team in the
    SGV(N) by the time summer was said and done. Saturday’s showing, albeit against not the strongest overall field in the world, is a step in that direction. I’m hearing from all places about how loaded Damien is this season.”

    • AramT

      yes, but did they start No. 1? Or even No. 2?

      • mr power

        they went 0 for league play and the coach got fired. should I even bring up Diamond Bar, St. Paul, or Amat when “9” was there?

        how did lb poly do in passing league last year?

        how bout downey?

        you are like charlie brown kicking a football and lucy pulls it away every time. year after you get hot and bothered over passing league and year after year you come up way short.

        but this year will be different… this year you will kick that ball!

        good luck chuck!

        • AramT

          “0 for league play” = WRONG, they beat South Hills.

          “coach got fired” = WRONG, he resigned.

          “Diamond Bar” = WRONG, wasn’t last year, it was the year before they had a good passing circuit showing.

          I guess I will have to tell you what I told Outta Your Mind Trib: Please don’t come at me with the weak crap. When you step to the Fat Man, at least have your facts straight.

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