ATHLETICALLY MOTIVATED? Should Coltin Gerhart be INELIGIBLE wherever he winds up?

By now, all of you have heard the news that Todd Gerhart was let go as the head coach at Norco after a long and successful run. His son Coltin was the team’s QB. His son is now looking to transfer.

While reading the article in the Press-Enterprise, one line I came across struck me as interesting. “TOO MANY” … you read the paragraph for yourself and see what it was in reference to.

Todd said that they have not decided where Coltin will transfer to and have not filed any paperwork for a transfer yet. When asked what high schools they were looking at for Coltin to transfer to, Todd replied “too many.”

Does this smell of athletic motivation to you? I mean, if all you OLD SCHOOL, LETTER OF THE LAW, MORAL HIGH GROUND, DO GOODERS want to get your panties in a bunch AGAIN, then why not this?

Shouldn’t the kid be FORCED to say at Norco? I mean, the season is less than two months away. Transferring now kinda looks worse than transferring in, say, January or February or March … or even right after the school year ends.

The only I reason bring this up is because IT’S ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS that Antonio “Noodles” Hull’s eligibility hangs in the balance while we’ve seen MULTIPLE AND COUNTLESS transfers out of local schools in this tiny little plot called the SGV. And from the best anyone can tell, those kids are going to be eligible this fall.

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  • Aaron

    The situation is completely different.

  • Mike Robledo

    Aram.. doesn’t Norco have to petition CIF to block Gerhart’s transfer as “athletically motivated”? Seems Norco has no issue with Gerhart leaving

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      I’m sure the quasi new staff privately wants him gone, but in public will say all the right things.

  • reality

    There are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes justice is served often it is not. This case with the son’s dad being fired looks like one of those exceptions. My gut feeling about the many transfers, are that public schools like Rosemead, Arroyo, San Dimas may in time be like minor league teams feeding their Jr. and SR. stars to the more notable football schools. It just feels wrong.I respect Arams viewpoint but there are many sides to this debate and CIF is in very much a catch 22 no win situation these days.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      CIF put themselves in that situation with the rule being broad and encompassing.

  • AramT

    Hahahahahaha “DIFFERENT” Hahahahaha ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT the bottom line remains ATHLETICALLY MOTIVATED.

    And if the BOTTOM LINE is athletic motivation, then it really DOESN’T MATTER how we got there, right?

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Aram, If his dad is hired at another school as the “QB Coach”… Say Vista Murrieta….would he be able to follow him to that new school without penalty? Crutchfield was allowed to play right away at BP while the Canada’s were forced to sit…

      • AramT

        As I understand it, following your dad as a coach is fine. Canadas were forced to sit, but they also didn’t follow Crutch.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          But I do agree, the CIF has lost control on this transfer stuff..Every week there is a transfers and after looking at all the scoops you dropped…i think noodles is getting a raw deal…and West Co is looking worse…If Rosemead didn’t challege Henderson especially when two guys left to Cathedral ..the no one should… No one needed players more than them..and they took in on the chin and said” We will be fine”. I am starting to have a clear opinion on how unfair this rule is… I don’t agree with players choosing to just pack and leave, especially when they are the heart and soul of a program, but they should be allowed to leave, and schools are going to take them… Period.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            GP, exactly! Some programs put an emphasis on their athletic programs because it has several benefits. One being student involvement in on-campus activities, enrollment, and community support to name a few. Other schools do not have that same interest or desire to support their athletic programs. It is what it is.

            The question becomes an athletically talented kid being forced to participate at a school that does not have an interest in athletics, just because his parents live in the area.

            If a parent has the ability to search out and enroll their child in the best academic environment that meets their childs needs, why is the same process not allowed for athletes? I’ve heard the argument that the best programs will load up on the best talent. Yes, they probably will, but other kids will see that and opt not to go to that school. It’s a see-saw that ultimately balances itself out.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            That is very true. It’s a very tough scenario because the transferring party still has to take the responsibility in knowing the the ruling may not go their way. You can not make you decision based on how the rule should be, but on the how the rule is and currently being enforced. It’s a shame, but it is a reality. Until the rule is revised or changed, which it should be…You have to be prepared. The remedy for now is to research schools in the 8th grade and try to attend the school that offers what you are looking for. Parents should also get involved with the program early. Get to know the coaches etc..this way in the you can make a move going into the 10th grade year and still have the jr and sr years left. Some times programs can take a bad turn. If you need to jump ship…just keep it quiet, don’t send emails, and only deal with CIF and head coach…not other parents, players, Alumni and boosters. As soon as you decide to leave realistically people associated with the program may not be so friendly anymore, including the coach. If not you could find yourself in a CIF appeals process which is the worst place to be. Big organizations will rarely come back and say “we were wrong”, and reverse their ruling. You see this in most hearings.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Best advice on the subject written.

    • AMAT 73

      Since when does one having morals or being law abiding have to be viewed as old school ? Is that your take on someone of that character ? Besides no transfer papers have been submitted so how do you know it will not be challenged by Norco . Odds are they will sign off on it just as they signed off the coach and be done with the mess . If I am not mistaken there must be a challenge of the transfer ( as was WC’s case with Noodles ) by Norco for CIF to step in. Too many different variables here , such as , since he was the head coaches son would he get a fair shot by the new regime , maybe by school time Gerhart may be coaching at a different school ( not a bad deal for a school to take ,good QB and a good coach ) or could possibly have to move to take a new job. So I think you might want to unwad your “new school ” chonies and let this play out a bit further .

      • AramT

        The problem is that your morals and other people’s morals might be different. And if you get to make the law using your morals, people with different morals may not like it.

        As for old school, it’s often synonymous with outdated, which is what this kind of belief that kids should play for the neighborhood school NO MATTER WHAT and they’re locked into that school NO MATTER WHAT.

        Hey, I hope the kid is eligible. Just like I hope every transfer anywhere is eligible.

        But if Noodles is sitting out nearly an entire season while this kid and others who transfer for athletically motivated reasons are playing, then we’ve got a problem.

        You old school peeps might refer to it as hypocrisy.

        • AMAT 73


          I too hope the kid gets to play , but that is not the point . The point is was there a rule infraction . Just as I sometimes I put the pedal to floor , I just don’t do it when a CHP is behind me or in a known radar area . In my opinion most all transfers by athletes are motivated by one reason or another , I mean let’s be honest here . The point is move on, say thanks but no thanks and not throw ammo at the ones you leave . Is it ticky tack what WC is doing , somewhat , but a rule was violated and they chose to pursue their options. My feeling is they just might be sending a message to the next transfer to keep it to themselves and just move on . Now me being an old school AMAT guy , do you really think I would say a kid has to play at his home school no matter what ?????? But one thing you are correct on is that some of these rulings are hypocritical to say the least and that is one good thing you can say about us old school fools that most of us would agree on that point , at least I hope we would !

  • Valley Athletics

    He should need to go to the school he lives by .the fact that they are visiting many schools sounds Athetically motivated .He is searching for a school he would become a starter at . Corona centenial is near but he wouldn’t get Any playing time there . Kid should go to Damien .

  • Just me

    Is Dad moving? If the son is moving doesnt that make a difference? If they do not move then I would want to know the outcome of the hearing for Hull but it absolutly seems they should be the same outcomes!!!

  • 12th man

    Vista Murrieta would be the front of now they have no QB..& what better place to finish your HS career than with an Inland power house too complete the puzzle~

  • 12th man

    Sophomore running back Sammy Duarte, the younger brother of UCLA tight end Thomas Duarte, has transferred from Santa Ana Mater Dei to Anaheim Servite.

    Thomas Duarte was The Times’ player of the year last season as a senior. Sammy was a key player for Mater Dei’s outstanding freshman team.

    • Valley Athletics

      Looks like servite will be a force again . 2 d1 Qbs in Neil pau and Travis Waller . D1 junior 6″4″ receiver prospect along with a talented group of receivers . Linebacker jack savage . They did get eliminated by south hills but looked good . Loaded at running back also .

  • 12th man

    Tim Kaub, who was the offensive coordinator at City Section Division I champion Harbor City Narbonne last season and called the plays, has taken a similar position at Santa Monica College. Coach Manuel Douglas will take over calling plays this season.

    Kaub will still help out at Narbonne but with a reduced role. Former Taft Coach Chris Rizzo also could be joining the Gauchos’ staff as a defensive assistant.

  • pirate7

    Douglas calling the plays LOL !


    Norco will decide if this kid plays.

  • Coach MBR01

    Treat it like NCAA transfer rules!!! Make them sit out a year because when they go to the next level its not that simple to up and leave. You have to pay some type of consequences. I understand that it can hamper alot of their futures, but they should make a wise decision before going to High School. By letting them transfer at will we aren’t teaching them ish. They have waaaay too much entitlement without having any responsibility. Oh and i’m 30 yrs old & i coach in the SGV. I think alot of these kids get gased up by these coaches & all think they are gonna go D1 & thats far from the truth. I know many NCAA D1 scouts & they dont care where you play bcuz they base your ability from these national camps & how you perform there. Also your size & intangibles. The team you play for has no bearing on you getting offers anymore. Sorry to burst yall bubbles.

    • 12th man

      Disagree~ The team you play for & the division(pac5,Inland,marmonte etc.) will attract more high profile recruiters.Why? It’s the closest thing you have too college football (speed & size,wise) Too say the team you play for has no a hard pill to digest, in that case you wouldn’t be seeing any athletically motivated transfers.(If you were a college recruiter & you had too choose in a blind draft without seeing the actual player perform..Who would you choose, the 4 year starter from Keppel or the 4 year starter from Mater Dei?) Certain schools can & will attract more offers~

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Really …college recruiters will go where the talent is. They use these camps to evaluate then continue the recruiting process. Although the level of competition is higher at pac 5/ inland schools, they understand that some extremely talented kids are going to their local high school. They are not going to miss out on a really big kid who moves well, or a really fast kid just because they are in the midvalley or lower. When Feb comes around you see kids who you swore were going to get a offer, not get offered. Some due to grads, some due to being a scheme kid, who does not grade out when you measure size, speed, and upside. This is why they have those camps. There are many more small lower level football programs than Big time D1 programs…Rashaan Salaam is a perfect example…he played at La Jolla Country Day in San Diego…That’s a lower the Rio Hondo prep is…It’s 8man. He was recruited before the internet, Maxpreps etc…he went to a camp, Tested through the roof, and earned a ride…Should they have drove past his little 8man game to Oceanside or Helix and missed out on a future Heisman? Talent comes from Pac5 Down to 8man…

        • Coach MBR01


        • Coach MBR01

          The PAC5 & Inland are powerhouse divisions bcuz of their huge lines & depth. Many of those kids play one way!!!!!

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Yeah, but not all of the kids get offers. You still have not proven anything. Did i saw that they were not power houses? I still say There are more lower level schools, and a lot of college players come from those schools. LM in D7 has just as many prospects as any Pac 5 School.

          • AMAT 73


            If you read what 12th wrote he did say in a blind draft ( which I admit is quite a stretch but I get his point ) who would you chose a 4 year starter at MD or one from Keppel . Even you must admit without seeing them you pick the kid from MD . Why , level of competition because you know MD faces far better talent then Keppel would ever see . What would be interesting is of all those players who get offers ,which HS divisions where the players come from have the most success at the college level and how many move on to the pros . Your story of Salaam is more the exception then the rule .

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Well 7 Tre…Keppel has to be the worst program….Let’s talk Bishop Amat/Monrovia talk… Monrovia had two linebackers which went D1 last season. How do explain those guys gettting offers but Sal Valesquez did not…I am not speaking negatively of him because he was a great LB. According to your theory this should happen. BA clearly plays a better comp. Please explain, as far as going on to the pro’s you would have to do the research on that one. I do not know how all that would break down on a national level or California level. Monrovia has had a few guys play 1-4 years…but when you are talking pro..i would pay more attention to the development in college. As far as SGV standands. Those los Altos boys are still playing and they have never been D1 or 2

          • AMAT 73

            Sal V was offered and signed so there goes your theory on that subject . Bad example on your part by the way . I am beginning to think reading somprehension is not being taught at Monrovia . If you want to discuss why some lower level players get offers (Monrovia) and some higher level players (AMAT ) don’t we can cover that at another time The question was “sight unseen” if you had 2 players who were 4 year starters and you can insert AMAT since you want to talk Monrovia / AMAT talk , which player would you choose , AGAIN SIGHT UNSEEN . You got to think the top divison player would be used to playing against top level competition as opposed to a lower division player and based on that since that would be your only variable you choose the higher level player .I am not speaking negatively of Ellis but as an example I have seen a lot of Barr (Loyola ) and Price ( AMAT ) both PAC-5, D-1 products on the field for the Bruins ,but not much of Ellis ( Monrovia ) Mid Valley , D-11 . I believe that was the point 12th man was trying to make , not lower division players getting offers and higher division players not getting offers. Now I threw in the pros for the hell of it but since you want to make this a talk Monrovia / AMAT talk , 26 of our many D-1 scholarship players have gone on to the pros , which tells me they adapted to playing D-1 college ball pretty damn good and were very successful because they then made the jump to the pros . Now what are your numbers for Monrovia’s players who have had success at the college level that have received D-1 schollies ? Forget the pros as I don’t think anyone of MTown’s finest have made that jump as of yet . I will await your reply . Let’s see if you can stay on the subject matter , SIGHT UNSEEN CHOICE .

          • AMAT 73


            Sal was offered and accepted so that shoots a hole in your theory .I am beginning to think the teaching of reading comprehension is lacking at Monrovia high . The point was on 12th man’s post if you had two 4 years starters , one at Keppel and one at MD , which one would you pick SIGHT UNSEEN . Since you want to talk Monrovia / AMAT talk insert them and the answer would be the same , you would pick the AMAT player based on the variable you do know . Faces better competition at AMAT due to PAC-5 , D-1 opponents as opposed to Mid Valley , D-11 competition , now remember we are chosing SIGHT UNSEEN without camps or combines . I know it’s a far stretch but based on that even you would chose the AMAT 4 year starter . I threw in the pros for the heck of it but it would be interesting to see which players have more success at the college level based on the level of competition they faced in HS . For example and I am not speaking negatively about Eliis but I did see quite a bit of Barr ( Loyola- PAC-5 ) also projected as a high round draft pick after next season and Price ( AMAT- PAC-5 ) on the field for the Bruins but not much of Ellis (Monrovia – Mid Valley ) , could that be because of the level of competition they faced in HS ???? It’s one thing to get offered based on hs ball where you could be a man among children at the lower levels ,but it’s another to have success in college when you face competition above the level you are used to seeing . The D-1 , D-2 , high school player will have faced better competition throughout hs then a lower division player and that plays into success at the college level . Now since you want to talk Monrovia / AMAT talk , out of our D-1 schollys many have gone on to be stars at the college level and 26 of them have made the jump to pro ball which is the ultimate goal of all these palyers , how many have done it at Monrovia . Do you think playing D-1 high school ball at the highest level had a direct impact on that outcome ?? You can talk Monrovia / AMAT talk , now let’s if you can walk the Monrovia / AMAT walk ?????

          • New York

            No need to take pot-shots at MHS academics…

          • AMAT 73

            New York,
            You know I have much respect for you and your postings as you are pretty much spot on with what you have to say other than a recent post when someone called you out as it not being in the New York style . Sorry if my line offended you but truthfully no harm was meant towards Monrovia as it is a fine school just GP .What I should have done was blamed his college as he has said he attended one or that he ditched that class in HS .Monrovia is a fine school and no harm was meant . You know as well as I do that when GP is faced with some pointed questions he drifts off into some other tangent and dodges the point of the question or just avoids them altogether .

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            hahah.. I never run…I get specific come on…

          • New York

            I too would like to see everyone involved within the Monrovia program believe in themselves more and set the bar higher of their own performances.

          • AMAT 73


            Great post and the reason I have never asked you why you get so crazy is I know it’s the passion you have for Monrovia football. Not to many of those types on the blog and if it was just people of that type , it might be a little dull on here . Monrovia has had a solid program for quite a while in my opinion . Like you stated most of the shots at them was for losing in the finals , but they were there which many SGV teams can’t say including my beloved AMAT . You do keep Monrovia in the mix by posting your many points of view . I guess part of ” having arrived ” is that many take shots at your team . If they didn’t , then you realize they don’t mean much to the SGV . I know sometimes we joust and that is mainly when you make comments on players and their abilities or not having them . To me these kids bust their ass for the love of the game and if you can’t say anything good about them you shouldn’t say anything at all . That is probably the only issue we don’t see eye to eye on . Other than that I enjoy talking football with you which is why i posed the question in the post above on players from divisions preparedness and your thoughts on that . I guess you can say you truely arrived when the old knucklehead ( aka village idiot, Quasimodo came after you ) ha ha ha ha . The banter is great and as you say you can’t take it too seriously as this is just a place for us to post our point of view on the sport we all love and the great football that’s played in the SGV . What I like about you and many of the other regulars NY, WC DAN , BONITA DON , SGV FOOTBALL, JOE AMAT , and many others , is that we are here for the long run and most of the haters are just pot shot artists , hit and run . Now what you really need to push is to get M’Town out of the Mid Valley and into the Southeast where they belong !!!!!!!

          • New York

            I’m still embarrassed by that negative comment I made.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Great Post, Sal signed which I did not read anywhere….I thought he was good enough as a I said. However it’s based upon Size, speed, and upside and level of competition is also considered. now days being unseen is not reality because everyone is seen. Everyone has a tape….The Majority of players do go to combines so the old sign him because he plays pac 5 is not the case any more. College coaches get a good look at all the players they are signing. The verdict is not out on Ellis because he has not played yet…I think Ellis was ranked higher than Bar his whole career, and that came from dominating at combines where the best players were…

          • Joe Amat

            The offers that the (Monrovia) players have is attributed to their talent, and size/speed combo, not the fact that they are at (MHS)… They would get offers regardless of where they played. … An undersized kid may get a shot, if he plays at a high level in a tough division. Or if he plays at a winning program in tough division. If you play lower division win or Lose you have to measure up in size and have the speed, and dominate or no offer for you

      • Saints Fan

        First and foremost, I can guarantee you that at the DI level, there is absolutely NO BLIND DRAFT. Not a single kid get’s offered that has not been fully evaluated as to will they perform at the next level. While Division and performance against the competition in that Division is a GREAT tool for them to look at to evaluate next level performance, it is not the only barometer. Much of this for skill guy’s is why this 7 on 7 crap has taken on such a life of its’ own. This is where a lower division kid can show his stuff against the big boy’s when he will never get a chance on Friday Nights because of where he goes to school. However, a D1 recruiter is STILL going to look at what the kid does in pads, in game situations on Friday Night. The game is played in Pads, the game is played with 22 bodies flying all over the yard. Now again, I am also not saying that performing against a Mid Valley Offensive lineman who averages 210 lbs is comparable at all to a Pac 5 275 lb beast, but just because you play against the beast doesn’t mean you are gonna be a D1 guy. There are thousands of Pac 5 & Inland kids who are done after HS. Again, I have always held, a D1 scholly guy is gonna get his whether he is playing in the Pac5, Southwest or the Mid Valley. If he is a D1 guy, he is a D1 guy !

  • Bulldogs have bite

    I’m looking for the part of the story where the Gerhart’s provided Norco and CIF the ample amount of concrete evidence to screw themselves with. My guess is that they are going to leave quietly to a school that is not recruiting the rest of Norco’s roster….. No moral high ground here. If you’re going to play the game, don’t do your best to ruin your own chances.

    • AramT

      So athletic motivation is only athletic motivation if the school can prove it? That’s great! You’re a real stand-up guy.

      • Bulldogs have bite

        No athletic motivation is only athletic motivation when the party that transfers declares it as such in an email or hand written letter! If they said they want to transfer for the superior Home economics classes then they would not make anybody complicit in their violation. If you want to leave a program, just leave. Don’t do something stupid like announce your reasons and intentions and act surprised when your stupidity comes back to bite you! There are so many other great stories about local athletes, yet you continue to waste ink on a kid who cried foul when things did not go their way! Who’s the stand up guy again?

        • AramT

          I’m the stand-up guy! And you’re certainly not.

          You should change your name to “Bulldogs Have Spite” … in fact, that’s what I’m going to call you from now on …

          It’s just pure genius to sit here and say that it’s athletic motivation because you have the goods when EVERYBODY, including yourself, knows that all these other transfers are athletically motivated also. Difference is, those schools either chose not to challenge the transfer or didn’t have the smoking gun that West Covina did in Noodles’ case.

          But the bottom line remains the same … we’ve obviously got tons of idiots running around in denial about all these other transfers being athletically motivated.

          I love how West Covina peeps keep bringing up “he tried to recruit the roster away to D-Bar” … and yet NOBODY left. Way to drag a kid threw the dirt.

          I’ve got a LONG MEMORY, Bulldogs Have Spite. I remember how you West Covina folks felt about Justin Hornsby’s situation. And now all of a sudden you guys are a buncha do-gooders. OK, sounds good and convenient.

          By the way, don’t tell me how to do my job. It’s July. One of our best local players is having his eligibility threatened because one of our top programs decided to challenge his transfer. It’s got everything a good story SHOULD have — hypocrisy, drama, victim, perpetrator, controversy. What else could you ask for? You want one on Little Jimmy, who stayed home and led his neighborhood school to a 4-6 record last year?

          • Bulldogs have bite

            Aram, I’m disappointed in you. I would never resort to mocking your name, and yet I’m not the stand-up guy. No matter how much I disagree with you, I would respect your opinion and you.

            There are three sides to every story. What side “A” says what happened, what side “B” says what happened, and what actually happened. We may never get all the facts straight. But you also seem to not grasp a key aspect in all of this. We can all say that this transfer is obviously an athletically motivated and that one is obviously athletically motivated etc. etc. and they probably are. But all those situations give a head coach signing off on the transfer a clear conscience when doing so because of the minute possibility that the transfer is based on other motivations, such as financial or academic or career path etc. But when you take away that possibility by informing the coach that your transfer is based on athletic reasons, you put that coach in a spot where he clearly has to choose between his morals or go against them. Say hypothetically if Noodles transfer caused jealousy with another player or his parents at Diamond Bar. All of a sudden coach Maggiore could be held accountable for signing off on the transfer when he had evidence it was athletically motivated. These personal emails are not personal. All interactions with faculty and parents are made visible to the school administration. If an ordeal blew up enough for a court to sepena this email, then West Covina and coach Maggiore would be in big trouble by CIF for not following the rules. It’s a big “if” of such a situation actually happening. But the possibility of that happening looming over your career, your reputation, your dignity. Would you really let that happen when you have a family to support of your own? With that I cannot fault Maggiore for this. The fault lies with the Hull’s, they did not have to feel the need to express exactly how they felt about WC and Maggiore in that email no matter how good it felt to do it.

            Since I feel like my input is no longer valued here. This will be my final post. I enjoyed the many years having an avenue to express my passion for High School athletics in the SGV. Thank you for providing that. Peace.

          • WCDan

            Aram, your blog is looking more like a tabloid with these kind of half stories that you run with, suprised to see you getting so personal with the name calling.
            Your quotes,
            ” You should change your name to “Bulldogs Have Spite” … in fact, that’s what I’m going to call you from now on …”

            Why the disrespect and name calling?

            “Difference is, those schools either chose not to challenge the transfer or didn’t have the smoking gun that West Covina did in Noodles’ case.”

            The smoking gun, forces West Covina’s hand in this. It has been pointed out on here serveral times that the form specifically ask if there is any knowledge of athletic motivation or undue influence, there was not only knowledge but hard evidence, so the possibility that West Co becomes accountable if something was ever to come up with this becomes real. Yet you guys ignore this small detail.

            “I’ve got a LONG MEMORY, Bulldogs Have Spite. I remember how you West Covina folks felt about Justin Hornsby’s situation. And now all of a sudden you guys are a buncha do-gooders.”

            Yes disappointed about Hornsby situation, by the way he moved in to the area from Rancho Verde, is there a chance there could have been a different reason besides athletic motivation? By the way where was yours and Freds crusade against South HIlls when they denied his transfer? Don’t you remember that Hornsby was cleared by Covina Valley school district to transfer but was denied by SH, Why no crusade on Justins behalf? Anyways Justin accepted CIF’s decision, kept a great attitude and continued to work hard and played JV his junior year, He worked hard in rehab after his senior year injury, even competed in track, I just saw him this week and despite all the unfortunates that has happened to him, he has a scholaship and left yesterday to University of Western Mew Mexico to play football and to earn a free education.

            “I love how West Covina peeps keep bringing up “he tried to recruit the roster away to D-Bar” … and yet NOBODY left. Way to drag a kid threw the dirt.”

            If a man hits on someones wife and she tells him to get lost, does it mean that he never tried to hit on her? If a guy shoots a person but the person lives does that mean he did not try to kill him?
            If a person who just argued with you tries to run you down with their car but you jump out of the way at the last second would you think he never ment to harm you just because he missed you? You’re smarter than that Aram, but it seems your willing to turn on a coach and program just to get blog hits, reminds me of some tabloids I see at the checkout stand.

            “One of our best local players is having his eligibility threatened because one of our top programs decided to challenge his transfer.”
            Not so much that they went out and challenged his transfer, CIF sent them the paper work with the questions, they replied in a truthful way.

      • Saints Fan

        I would think a huge piece of the Athletically Motivated “analysis” and documentation is done with the PRE-ENROLLMENT CONTACT AFFIDAVIT CIF FORM 510 . This is the form that is signed by EVERYONE from the parents, the player, old school, new school. Everyone here has to “attest” to the fact that there was not previous “athletic” discussions, coercion, motivation, etc. related to the students move. The old school also has to attest to the fact as well that they do not have any “credible” evidence that such occurred. Unfortunately, this is where I am sure that CIF “practice” is , if the old school says OK, heck we don’t have time to police everything so we are going to stamp it Approved. My bet also is that this is where Noodles got jacked. I am sure WestCo signed of on Box #3 saying they were unable to certify… and gave a copy of the “purported” e-mail. Aram I agree 100% that this is all the same thing. You are not incorrect. However, if what has been claimed is true and an e-mail exists, the Hull family handed CIF on a Silver Platter the Denial…. had CIF approved when specific items existed that are printed in the Blue Book as specific examples of what signify athletically motivated transfer, they would have been lambasted 10x more than they are now.

  • Gimmy the Greek

    Aram, you need to go back and read the CIFSS press release from a year ago when the new transfer rule had just been voted in. In that press release CIFSS commented on the “athletically Motivated” rule – They said that the rule will remain but will only be enforced if there is tangible evidence (written evidence) that the parent/player is transferring due to problem with the coach or coaching staff. I guarantee, the people up at CIF wish that they had never seen that email from Hull’s father, but once they saw the email they had no choice but to enforce the rule. What Gerhart is quoted as saying in no way provided evidence of a rule violation. No where did he say that “we are transferring because we don’t like the coaching staff at Norco”. You are clearly comparing apples and oranges.

    • AramT

      The circumstances might be apples and oranges, but the BOTTOM LINE is the SAME: athletic motivation.

      It’s such a phenomenal rule (term). No wonder there was a motion to stricken it from the blue book altogether last year and it barely lost. It’s not CIF’s fault, per se. They have to deal with the rules that the member schools want in place.

      • pbah1

        Aram, I agree with you that the term athletic motivation should be dropped and cif should enforce the term undue influence. That would lessen the confusion. Also, you need to stop bad-mouthing people you don’t agree with. And finally, hull is not eligible under current cif guidelines. Maybe these guidelines and rules need to change. However, for now they are what they are.

        • AramT

          Who am I bad mouthing? If there’s any bad mouthing going on here, it’s from people like Bulldogs Have Spite, who along with certain other West Covina fans continually tries to bad mouth Noodles with these accusations about him trying to take half the roster with him when the fact is NOBODY ELSE LEFT TO D-BAR!

          I get it, they’re trying to justify the actions of the program by making Noodles out to be a monster and making this ridiculous ineligibility sound like something he deserves.

          • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

            Besides that there has been no ruling yet on Noodles!

      • Jerry

        Don’t forget about Jake Payton. Still not cleared at Upland.

        • Saints Fan

          According to CIF website, paperwork has been submitted and is Pending. Will be interesting for sure.

          • AramT

            I believe Coach Z said they were not going to challenge it. Doesn’t mean it goes right thru, but it is worth noting.

            I guess that’s the choice ALL coaches/ADs make. They can say “If you don’t wanna be here, then jet. Good luck!” or … they can challenge it. Keep in mind that in both cases, athletic motivation, whether there’s an email from a parent or not, is at the root of it.

          • New York

            One more reason to cheer for Coach Z…when he is not coaching against Monrovia, of course.

          • Saints Fan

            I will tell you this, having been at another HS to start, Coach Z honestly CARES about his Kids. He is a tough coach and has high expectations, but the Man from what I have seen is straight up !!! EVERYONE in the SD family was devastated, but do truly believe he wants what is best for the players.

          • New York

            I believe it.

        • In the know in the IE

          Not many know that JP’s parents were in foreclosure in home and have to move– that is real nice all you bubble heads for crucifing the child.

          • Saints Fan

            In the know… seriously, you want to start this mumbo jumbo. No comment was aimed at crucifying the child. First when was last time JP was living with parents ? Been with “foster parents” entire time of SD and earlier ?? Or are you saying the foster parents are in foreclosure ?? I’m sure whomever you are referring to is real happy about you “outing” that info… nice of you to crucify them. Move to Upland had NOTHING to do with “living” situation and those “in the know” know it…. hell the kid even talked about it openly in his training sessions with outside trainer, soooo, do you know “in the know”…

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    The more interesting part of this piece was “… OLD SCHOOL, LETTER OF THE LAW, MORAL HIGH GROUND, DO GOODERS want to get your panties in a bunch AGAIN, then why not this?” HAHA! I expect they will.

    It does smell like it’s athletically motivated based on CIF’s narrow lane of gibberish. But I do not believe a kid should be forced to go to or stay at any school. If a parent wants to transfer their child for academic reasons, no one cries about that. But if a parent wants to transfer their kid to a school with a better athletic program, people are enraged. That’s the hypocrisy the rule invites.

    I’m sure there are many of schools that have reached out to the Gerhart’s concerning their son. Equally, I’m sure a decision will be made quickly and naturally that Coltin will be the starter wherever that is. Athletically motivated? Perhaps, but is forcing the kid to stay there the proper response? I don’t think so.

  • New York

    Will he be the latest Gerhart to go to Stanford or some other notable college? The CIF would show how foolish they really are by not letting this kid’s parents decide where he goes to school and participates in the select extra curricular activities that school offers.
    I thought California was a big pro-choice state, no?

  • Don

    There has been an anti-Gerhart movement at Norco (and in the surrounding area) for years . . . he has moved on, they are happy, the school’s football program is weaker.

    Gerhart is now an assistant at Vista Murrieta.

    Son Coltin will follow him.

    Coltin will have to earn the starting QB job at VM. They have two other kids, both very good athletes, who were reserves on the D2 championship team of last year. The Senior from last year’s team is at Colorado State now.

    When moving an athlete from one school to another, parents ALWAYS consider athletics. ALWAYS.

    They don’t always make the right choice, but the ALWAYS consider how a school’s athletic programs and coaches (and other athletes) will factor in what they view as a move in their child’s best interest. Sometimes parent’s desire to see their kid excel at a particular position will trump loyalty to the old program, the kid’s desire to continue playing with his friends, and yes, even common sense. The wish of most of these parent’s is to see their child be a prominent part of a successful program.

    Sometimes this works out.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      well said.

      When Gerhart was let go (or removed) I don’t think anyone thought he’d be out of coaching for long. And VM did the smart thing in bringing him on board. That situation at Norco had gotten ugly.

    • AMAT 73

      Great post by the wise Old Bear of Bonita .

  • Valley Athletics

    No word on noodles yet . It’s been over 7-10 days .

  • MonkeyWrench

    Dis aint athletically modivate it be family modivated. If you think a kid from Norco with 6 offers is leaving for an upgrade you be missin da point on dis one. Da fam is sticking together so bravo to dem.

  • Saints Fan

    I think this is another no win situation for CIF. Clearly, forcing the kid to stay in a program after his dad has been fired as the coach is not a good situation. Although, didn’t Morrison’s kid do it at Damien a few years ago. Should they give a “free pass” on a very direct and cut and dry rule in the Bluebook indicating you CAN NOT follow your prior coach, just because it is your father….hmmm I dunno. Clearly this situation is Athletically Motivated, and doesn’t do Gerhart any good to have been quoted about “Too Many” (ego talking here I’m sure cuz he was P^$$#d at situation). I’m sure there had to be some “prior discussions” during the hiring process about his kid. Interesting he lands at VM which is arguably one of the top 2-3 programs in the entire Area, and they need a QB….hmmm wouldn’t Corona Centenial be a closer school to Norco ?? Oh, but they return Webber who only passed for 3900 yards as a JR… nope he wasn’t going there. My bet is the “Too Many” quote is a veiled attempt to disguise a potential pre-packaged deal for a coach & player trying to indicate a great number of alternatives were looked at. It doesn’t matter anyway, they are gonna move to closer to Vista Murrietta anyway, thus use the almighty ACE that can’t be argued.

    • Aaron

      Actually if it is your parent you can follow.

  • Schumm

    Gerhart is a coaches kid and as such is elgible for a hardship case. (Hagerty had a son play for Citrus Hill and was ruled ok using the hardship). It would be completely unfair to make a kid stay at a school after his father was let go. Especially with all the local press it generated. On the message boards immature Norco people are calling the dad and kid all kinds of names, that alone is proof that Norco is an unhealthy environment for Coltin.

    On a side note I’m sure some poor kid put his time waiting his turn only to have not one but two quality Qb’s transfer in as seniors.

  • New York

    How many other people on this board are tired of the CIF turning the term “athletically motivated” into the equivalent of a four-letter word?
    Furthermore, when a school has a great athletics program, it is often indicative of a community that is actively involved with its school. Very often schools with strong athletic programs are also strong in other extra curricular activities as well. A community/school district can set a tone for achieving excellence and that permeates throughout. Why would anyone stop a kid from seeking out that type of situation?

  • Just me

    no word on Hull yet?

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