Something tells me La Habra’s gonna be ALL RIGHT … fyi, mark your calendars: La Habra vs. La Mirada, Sept. 6 …

Toa and Greg. Goodnight now.

I had spoken to Big Lou Farrar on Wednesday morning and he told me his Chargers threw against La Habra on Tuesday and how impressed he was with the Highlanders … then La Habra linemen Toa Lobendahn (USC) and Greg Gaines (Boise St.) came in the office. Wow. Outside of D-Ranch’s Kammy Delp, who is Toa’s cousin, these are two of the biggest HS players I’ve ever seen. Kammy might be the biggest.

Everybody really needs to take notice of this La Habra team. They are all the way back … talent level is outstanding and they have serious size. I smell another CIF title. Get ready for that LA HABRA vs. LA MIRADA game. That might be the best local game this season.

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  • New York

    Well what are their height and weights? I assume La Habra will beat La Mirada, but that is simply based on reversion to the mean and nothing else.

    • Waldo Truth

      I think Toa is 6’4″ 295 and Gaines is 6’2″ 295

      • New York

        They look pretty lean for 295 pounds in high school.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    I was the at the game last year, and La Habra played them well. They were slightly out manned in that game, but they moved the ball. They also struggled in the running game, but their WR still made plays. They needed some help at DB because Austin was too much to handle. However, If La Habra has more size, a RB and improvement at the DB position, they can win this one. It will be close, but they can win.

  • LM resident

    slightly outmanned? your crazy. the game should not have been close.
    final was 45-27 and the game wasn’t even THAT close. The zebras called
    penalties against LM by 165 yards to 30 against la habra. If you saw the
    game, you know that LM scored 4 TD’s in the first 6 touches. Did u see
    that? Or were you buying hotdogs and coke.Yes, La Habra will be a force this year, back to their old tough hardnose football. LM will have their hands full on this one. But last year, well LM manhandled LH. it wasn’t really close.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      I was there and I did see that… The Refs called them, so what. You tend have penalties early in the year LM played through them….towards the end of the game, LH was moving the ball in the passing game, but struggled in the running game… I did not say the game was close….I did not say that LM should not have won the game… What are you talking about? However when you watched the game LM had a wonderful first quarter and jump out to 28 to 13 lead, a TD in the 2nd quarter. However in the 2nd half it LM scored 17 and LH scored 14. So really LH was dominated early and fought back. If they did have a running game like they have had in the past..that would have slowed down the LM first quarter onslaught,, and the game would have been much closer. This year it will be closer, because they have the horses to play with LM. what are you pissed about?

    • WCDan

      I agree, game wasn’t close, I was suprised to see La Habra get handled so easily by a mid level division team. I’ve been following Highschool football for over a decade and I can’t remember La Habra being dominated by a non Pac 5 or upper division team.
      With that said I don’t think the game will be so onesided this year, La Habra looks to be back in old form.

    • Waldo Truth

      LH was young with many first time starters and didn’t seal the ends worth a damn. Coverage was a problem most of the year. As far as penalties LM manhandled (holding etc.) and deserved them and they were called.

      This year will be different. LM displayed really great sportsmanship singing the goodbye song when they are 1-3 against LH!

      Run game? They didn’t run Gaines and the heavy package until league play. 900lbs of fun coming your way!

      The boys can settle it on the field!

  • MonkeyWrench

    LM is overrated. over hyped and under performing team. As for recruiting day got it down. But expect them to fall short of expectation because coaches spending to much time tweetin, making viedos and brown nosing college coaches when he should be coachin. LH on da other hand all buiznez and last decade shows da difference.

  • Southeast follower

    One thing for sure is that LM does a great job of getting
    their players recruited.
    Steps One: Get a low ranked school to offer your players
    such as New Mexico, New Mexico State or Colorado because you have connections.
    An offer is never guaranteed. Remember the “ offers breed offers”.
    Step Two: Give credit to the teachers and administrator so that they can give the Student the extra attention they need to turn that B into an A or B into a C. Make sure you Facebook it and with plenty of pictures. Make sure to spread the love around to the other programs so that parents don’t complain.
    Step Three: Set up early morning works out so that you can see how hard the team works out and is committed to the program. And then invite the college coaches and recruiting services to get up in the morning and see the
    workout and feel part of the movement. It makes the recruiters look like they are really evaluating the players in the AM and evaluating talent in the area.

    LM works hard and smart in this area. All Coaches can do this for their players. And the Videos and uniform are for the players and students. I would give LM staff an A for all of their efforts.

    But lets see how they perform on the field this year. There will be stronger teams in the playoffs than Santa Fe. Like Downey and Norwalk.