Arroyo beats Diamond Bar to win SGV Shootout — South Hills wins Santa Fe Tournament of Champions — Bishop Amat falls to St. John Bosco in quarters of Edison Tourney …



Host Arroyo beat Diamond Bar, 42-24, to win the SGV Shootout.

The Knights were led by quarterback Nathan Coto, who is a returning starter and has looked very solid this offseason after some growing pains in 2012.

“It means that we have a really good team on July 13,” Arroyo coach Jim Singiser said of the win. “That’s all it means. We can throw the ball better than we could last year. The biggest thing I took away from this is that I think our guys are in really good shape. Talent-wise, I don’t think we’re a final-four team. But we just didn’t drop off. We just kept making plays and were able to dig in.”

In addition to Coto, Singiser cited the strong play of receivers Nico Lozano, Jose Valdivia and David Cotero. He also liked what he saw from linebacker Jesus Calvillo.

Arroyo averaged 35 points per game on offense on Saturday, according to Singiser. The Knights beat Crescenta Valley in the semifinals. Diamond Bar beat Monrovia in the other semifinal.

“This is great for the kids and the parents, but for me and our staff it’s way more about putting on the tournament than coaching the tournament,” Singiser said. “It’s not so much about coaching, but making sure the other 23 teams got what they paid for.”

Diamond Bar was playing without star receiver/safety Cordell Broadus, who was away due to a death in his family. Antonio “Noodles” Hull was in action for the Brahmas, however.

Aram’s take: Arroyo looked like a solid favorite to win the Mission Valley League and today only reinforces that.



South Hills beat West Torrance to win the Santa Fe Tournament of Champions on Saturday afternoon.

The Huskies were primarily a ground and pound team last season, but have looked very strong passing the ball this summer. The Tournament of Champions had a field of 30 teams.

“You’re in your underwear and everyone looks good,” South Hills coach Albert Rodriguez said. “But the way we look at it is that we’re starting to get some athletes back in. Our skill guys are matching up. That’s what I really notice.”

Rodriguez cited the strong play of junior quarterback Garrett Fonseca on Saturday along with good performances out of skill players Adam Goss, Alex Powell and D’Angelo Ross. Fonseca is expected to see plenty of time under center despite the fact that last year’s QB, Goss, returns. Goss is likely to play heavy minutes at running back.

But does Fonseca’s play mean the Huskies are going to be a passing team?

“Hopefully not,” Rodriguez said. “Hopefully we can run the ball. I never want to throw more than 20 times. I think our passing game will be better, but trust me, we’re not trying to hang our hat on throwing the football.

“It’s a great way to end our summer. We want to win football games in the fall. We want to win the Sierra League. This is good for morale. The kids feel good.”

Aram’s take: It will be a pretty nice dynamic to the Huskies’ offense if they can pass. Last year they really couldn’t, but were still solid. This definitely will open some eyes and certainly bolsters South Hills in my book. The skill players have improved and Fonseca looks like he might be a force in the passing game.


Bishop Amat lost to eventual Edison Tournament champion St. John Bosco in the quarterfinals on Saturday.

The tournament was a who’s who of SoCal powers … the final eight teams were Amat, St. John Bosco, Mater Dei, LB Poly, Westlake, Edison, Santa Margarita and Notre Dame.

Aram’s take: Amat was in its own element today and lost to what many consider to be the heavy favorites to win the Pac-5. Still a solid showing by the Lancers, who are historically not known for passing tournament success.

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  • Football Fan

    Was a very good tournament. Coto looked on point for Arroyo until the last couple of possessions. I thought the best player on the field, though, was DB’s Kanya Bell. Until he got taken out of the last game (looked like he was hurt) he was making amazing plays all over the place. And I think we can officially say that Noodles, if he’s cleared, will be a WR, not QB

  • Football Fan

    Congratulations to Los Altos for making it to the quarter finals of the El Rancho tournament. They lost to a tough Palmdale by the score of 20-17. They beat out Santa Clarita Christian, Esperanza, as well as LB Jordan in pool play. Then beat El Rancho high school in the first round. Great performance go LA!

  • Jefe


    • Kurt Stone


      I have to give props to Bosco. They looked pretty awesome. But I think you will agree that the Pac 5 is loaded, and on any given Friday anything can happen. Good luck bro, I hope we meet again in the Playoffs.

  • 12th man

    Seems like Amat loses to the pac5 champion every year,weather they’re in pads or not~ On a different note, Bishop Amat unveiled members off 10-0 freshman team. Soph receiver Tyler Vaughns impressive. Caught TD vs. Los Al.

  • Valley Athletics

    There is a little footage of Edison tournament on times page .

  • Kurt Stone

    I went to the Edison tourney and came out very impressed with the talent I saw. There is such a huge difference in the talent level between D1 and everyone else. I was impressed with almost every team, as they all had great athletes. I’m not huge on the passing leagues, but it was interesting to see these teams go at it. Bosco is definitely the team to beat this upcoming season, they are loaded and looked great. Mater Dei looked great also. I have to say that Amat definitely held their own and belongs with these other schools. I predict Amat will be fighting for the Serra league title against Notre Dame, who is also loaded. Koa is a very sharp athlete and I think he is going to have a huge season. Amat’s receivers were fast and had great hands, especially Vaughns. I think the Pac 5 will be awesome to follow this season, and I see Amat beating all their non league opponents and really battling once league and playoffs hit. Yes, they will beat Rancho, Charter Oak, Chino Hills. They will battle Santa Margarita, and that game can go either way, but at Keifer, Amat should win. As far as St Paul and Culver City, Amat will roll both those two teams.

    • Not Since 1995

      The annual HUGE problem for Bishop NoMas continues in 2013…!

      Muy Chiquitos…!

      18 Years and Not In 2013 either…

      • Kurt Stone

        Amat might not win it all in the Pac 5, but I actually think they have a chance. The truth is, the Pac 5 is just loaded with talent and many teams have a real chance to take it. Bosco is the only team I think that can be looked at as the favorite, but look what happened to them last year when they met up with LP Poly. The deal in the Pac 5 is that there are many talented teams, and it takes a team to gel at the right time to make the run. Amat has as good a chance as any of these teams, because they are really loaded with talent this year.

        As for you my friend ” Not since 1995 “, you just come across as a bitter whiner. Obviously you lived a disappointing part of your life where maybe you were cut at Amat and had to go elsewhere, or maybe they cut your son, who knows what the situation was. But you really come across as an adolescent cry baby…..Just saying man.

  • MonkeyWrench

    Amat is def lookin better at the skill spots. Not sure day got the hogs to make the noise people would like ta see. I be rootin fo dem tho


    Good to see South Hills taking home a trophy. I Just wish they would have beefed up their schedule a bit during the preseason this year. They still have to compete in the Sierra and playing Bonita, Covina, Diamond Bar and Monrovia will not help them week 1 against Chino Hills.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Some would say the same about your league schedule…which will not help you in week 11-12 verses Upland or Rancho…

      • Not Since 1995

        Come on…You have to agree with SGV Football…! Unless you’re a freaken MildCat Balls Washer…!

        The MildCats are a division 11.5 team…! That is a whole 9.5 CIF divisions below the Huskies…!

        What are the Huskies doing toying wtih this junior all-american team? The Huskies have the winning tradition, the history of great teams and players…! Huskies need to step up next year and get rid of teams that lose to teams like Rosemead and Arcadia. Rosemead…? Really…?

        Come on Huskies…Step Up your game…!

    • WCDan

      South Hills should be pretty good this year if they have kept that freshman class from three years ago together, with that said, their schedule could be tougher than it looks depending on how a few of these teams developed in the years since these seniors were freshmen.
      Bonita has one of those groups that were very good as freshmen, they should be a good prep for the Sierra league depending on how this group of seniors progressed from their freshman year, and if they kept most of their key players from that team. As freshmen, I think their seniors were 9 & 1 or close to that.
      Monrovia, now with Scoby and the other athletes they have, could be a Sierra level team. It depends on how good their line play will be. Diamond Bar should have an offense as good as any of the Sierra teams, the question is always the defense, this year they have a new DC, I believe Tom Inglima the former Ayala head coach. If he can develope a good defense over there then DB should be a force this year. Lets also not forget that WC is on South Hills schedule, lots of question marks at WC, but for the first time since 2010 they return a big veteran O and D line, if a couple of key returners can keep their eligibility, and it looks like they are working hard at it, they could have a very good run game, QB’s also are new, but traditionally all WC needs is a good game manager who makes the occasional throw.