• GP AKA Green Machine

    We need to clean up a few things. QB needs work. I like the aggressive play.

  • Aaron

    Size wise for skills I’m more confident than I had been. Nice to see Halabrin back on the squad…took some bad advice last year.

    • AramT

      I thought that Bonita looked decent out there on Sat., FWIW. Looked to have the right frames in the right spots. Not spectacular at all, but solid all around.

    • Tom Cobham

      Aaron and AKA Green Machine,

      It looks like Bonita is going to have an even tougher year this season. Bonita’s QB (as you say sunshine) continues to stare down receivers and seems to have already found a new favorite receiver #8. To replace last years favorite #27. Just like last year this will get him into trouble, as other teams will double cover this kid, then sunshine will continue to stare him down, while in double coverage, then when the play over develops and he will take a huge sack or throw a pick as he did so many times last year. This video also shows Bonita continues not to be able to throw deep down field but only to the back coming out of the back field or to a receiver on a 5-8 yard out route in the flats. If teams are smart like Santa Fe was last year they will watch film and start jumping these out routes and getting picks. As you said he also holds the ball way to long, obvious they were very generous with the time, because when he gets nervous he gets happy feet and starts hoping towards the LOS, but in a real game this will surely result in numerous sacks. If this video contained all the game, then in the last series it appears that Bonita needed a score to win or tie and again sunshine was unable to get it done. This has been his trademark since he played varsity. He can never bring the team back, and especially in the last drive or the last minutes of a game, ever. The last three All passes looked to be to a fence that obviously behind the field of play. From what I can remember from last year the offensive line were all senors and have graduated, so with a whole new underclassman line stand by for even more negative yards while running away from an advancing defensive lineman. Also Bonita looks to have found a decent corner in #1, but #12 was beaten in almost ever route from that video. When a real athlete lined up in front of him, he was smoked within the first 10-15 yards. Monrovia should have thrown on his side all day till he could have stopped them, or it would have forced Bonita to provide safety help which would have left the middle of the field wide open. Looks like #22 is back from that horrific broken leg from last year, but he still plays way to close to the LOS (10 yards) playing that close gives him he no chance against a team running 3 or 4 deep vertical routes, he is in to close to figure out who needs help and then to get to that part of the field. So will will continue to watch and see how it develops but I think this will be an even worse year.

      • Aaron

        Sounds like you have an axe to grind…no idea why.

        • Tom Cobham

          No, not at all just what it looks like.

          • Aaron

            All I saw was a massive wall of text that just went hard in the paint on something you could have written more coherently. Boys still have a lot of time ahead of them, and we’ll see how Sunshine does this year, hope the line isn’t as small as I’m hearing.

      • 12th man

        I have a solution to your problems! Don’t attend any Bonita games this year~

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        A lot of what you say is true..That’s what happen at the Dbar game last year. He locked up towards the end. Our Qb Last year did that in the State Regional… Smart teams will pick up on that, and blitz you while doubling your favorite target. I got a Chance to See Kory Brown and 1 Koa Haynes play… They go through progressions and look guys off. QB coaches are so important.

      • Jfed

        I have an idea, why don’t you go coach at San Dimas! All you ever do is sit on here and rip Bonita, especially Diebold! You obviously have a problem with his dad, so why don’t you just confront his dad and quit taking it out on the kid. Your not an ESPN commentator, so please quit with your annoying quotes that you steal from Trey Wingo and Trent Dilfer. Its a passing league game, or a glorified practice! The purpose of passing league is to work out timing issues, alignment issues and reads. If you are a Bonita fan, then join the team! If you are not, than draw you line in the sand, and state your true intentions! I wish the best of luck to Bonita this season! Play football and have fun guys!

      • Lower La Verne

        I agree with aaron. It’s obvious you havean axe to grind. It’s clearfor anyone who has ever spoken to you at practice e to tell who you are. You’ve beensaying the same things for almost a year now.face it, Tanner is a good qb. Many people see that except you because you needto take off those blinders

      • Bonita Fan

        Hey Dad, aka TC! Since you know so much, enlighten us on your choice for QB and why? Your act is tired and transparent, all BHS fans know who you are. Let it go. Move on… like your wife’s neighbor’s cat’s mom’s family’s kid’s who you said would be graduating last year so you would never go to another game.

        Then there is the fact you always mention Diebold by name but every other kid by number? Oh yeah, that’s right you only have been to a few games and don’t know the kids. I know, you’re just trying to coach the kid up on his poor athletic skills. Thanks but no thanks Dad, aka TC. I also bet you have been to more like, all the games cuz you’re not who you say you are!!! Yep, doesn’t sound personal to me. Go hate somewhere else!

        Go Bohi!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Mtown’s QB is a 1st year guy…and being looked at as a DB. He needs a crash course in QB Mechanics…time is the only remedy, but boy he can run it.

      • Aaron

        Heyworth in the last five years was the only pure QB you guys had and he needed work…55% don’t get it done. Bueno was an athlete and a gamer, Frazier well it seems that Heyworth was better but I don’t know how much.

        You guys have the horses, and good luck. Don’t know why MTown fans would root against another green and white squad playing the Saints though.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Very True,

          Monrovia has been a running school for some time. It’s been a long time since we had a pure throwing QB. Potts will be able to hit the passes he needs to. Remember the running game will open up those passing lanes. I think if we had a QB who was a pure passer, then we could compete against the top tier teams. However, those types of schools need to be kept off balance. They would be able to stop the run, if that’s all we did. In our close losses to ayala and south hills, that was the difference. We turned the ball over trying to throw. Our running game was working, but that’s not good enough, in the Inland or Pac 5. BA, CO Etc… have excellent passers every year to go along with great running backs. That balance is what makes them elite. That’s where we need to be. Mtown needs to work on developing QB’s. That’s the next step.

  • New York

    Go ‘Cats!