• Valley Athletics

    Kid is good .

  • pbah1

    look out hacienda league. los altos also has a nice sized offensive line. this kid will be explosive this year.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    We know all about him at West Covina! The combination of their tough defense and his lightning quickness took us down last year. He would just pop out from behind a lineman, see a crease, and was gone! Him and Dufus over at Rowland are very similar, tiny, quick, and explosive! I look forward to seeing him play, and see if our defense can contain him!

  • 12th man

    Great breakaway speed..this kid finds an opening & he’s gone..


    The Hacienda really needs to lookout for Rowland even though their QB Campos graduated they have an excellent run game with Duffus and that excellent Offensive line

  • Unknown

    Had the pleasure of blocking for him this past year! Don’t underestimate his size very elusive so quick and is like a buttered up pig! Very hard to take down. Just look at the Salesian game towards the end of the game they didn’t want to kick off to him.