Rowland’s Avery Duffus: Best running back in the Tribune area? Could be …

Aram’s take: I guess this is my bad. Probably not enough is said about Duffus, but he’s legit. Very legit. So legit that entering the season he might deserve honors as being the best running back in the Tribune area. And when you consider that Rowland has a fantastic offensive line this season, Duffus looks ready to build on his 1,400-yard season of last year.

  • Valley Athletics

    Could be best running back if Scoby doesn’t play .

  • TruTH

    He certainly is one of the best returning back in the area. He is fast, quick, strong and will get Rowland some wins. Not sure how far Rowland can go with simply Duffus running the ball what Rowland had for them a year ago was a good quarterback in Campos.

  • TruTH

    Scooby, Duffus, Tyler Brown, Marcos, Best, some of the top returning backs

  • AramT


    Remember, I said Tribune area. Scoby plays in the Star-News zone.

    Top four RBs in the area in the Hacienda?

    Bryan, DR
    Marcos, LA
    Duffus, RR
    Brown, DB

    • Valley Athletics

      You’re correct . Best in tribune area for sure .

    • TruTH

      Josh Best, WC?

      • AramT

        Best has shown glimpses. Talent-wise, he’s there. He just needs to put together a full season … lotsa guys on the WC roster like that for whatever reason. That’s why I said before that WC is relying on A LOT of guys who thus far haven’t proven to be reliable for whatever the reason. If they pan out, watch out.

        • Confused…

          Remeber also Best broke his foot last year. So alot of the season was a miss for him.

  • BigCat

    Aram, you can’t tell exactly where Scoby plays, until the ‘Cats finish playing for the CIF championship.

  • reality

    Is or is not Scoby cleared to play? It’s getting pretty late in the day if not. Thanks for centering on who is playing.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      TBD…I know that thread is going to be fire either way!

  • Local

    The Hacienda League was pretty random last year, in terms of upsets. It looks like its going to be the most competitive league from top-to-bottom that we’ve seen in the SGV in a while in 2013.

    • TruTH

      Hacienda Predictions
      1. Diamond Ranch
      2. Los Altos
      3. Diamond Bar
      4. West Covina
      5. Bonita
      6. Rowland
      7. Walnut

  • Brahma Bias

    I’ll take Brown in this argument, kid has the most breakaway speed of those listed and is better receiver out of the back field than all the others.

  • GP AKA Green Machine


    has a great vision, patience and change of direction. All of the characteristics of a great running back. To play RB you need to be quick and have good speed, not great speed. He has that. However, I did not see tape on how he did against West co or Los Altos. All these clips are against Arroyo, Walnut a little Bonita,

    I can not rank nor boast about Kurt until he is cleared. He is not on the radar until then.

    We have plenty of great backs this year and they are all Warrick Dunn type backs.. going to be hard choosing all area

  • Bonita Star

    Bonita, Rowland, and Diamond Bar will be competitive in the Hacienda.
    West Covina and Diamond Ranch still good but has a lot to prove
    Not to sure where to put Los Altos…
    Aram, what makes Los Altos different this year other than the returners? Is it enough to top the Hacienda?

  • james kush

    will bryan and daniel garcia are going to take the hacienda league by storm.. dont sleep on them the senior and junior both had outstanding years last year. and this year are hungry and are waiting to prove they are the best

  • james kush

    DR Kammy Delp NUFF SAID

  • james kush