• Aaron

    Only one of the schools listed in the NY Metro Area…is in New York State, the rest are in NJ, so maybe we should start calling it the Newark area eh.

    • AramT

      That’s the area that bankrolls Penn St. and Notre Dame with talent, right? At least traditionally?

      • Aaron



    What no Florida?

    • AramT

      I think the “metro” thing excluded them.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    It’s no surprise LA is #1. The LA Metro Area is some what a state in it’s own right. There are two sections within the same area. Socal is unlike any area in the country. So Many Good Schools and so much talent. There so much talent in the LA Metro Area, that it fuels the best State JC system in the country. There are so many talented players who get caught up in the masses of good players in this area and are overlooked. less to two hours away you have another huge area in San Diego. Then you have the rest of the state.

  • TruTH

    Los Altos starts off their season tonight at midnight with a full pad practice

    • AMAT 73

      Did they do this last season .I seem to remember a team doing it last year . Not sure who it was .

      • alumni2

        Los Altos does it every year.its a tradition coach ziola and coach Burke started 2 years ago.

    • Saints Fan

      Fun way to get going. I thought you had to have so many practices of “conditioning” before you could put the pads on??