Angel Verdugo leaves Bonita, expected to transfer to Damien

Angel Verdugo, who played running back at Bonita last season, has left the school and is expected to transfer to Damien.

Verdugo ran for 309 yards and two scores as a sophomore. He also had 217 yards receiving and a touchdown. Upon his arrival at Bonita, many area pundits projected a successful varsity career for the prospect.

New Damien coach Mark Paredes was unsure on Tuesday as to whether Verdugo was now at Damien. The Spartans don’t begin practice until Aug. 12 and the first day of school is Friday.

“If any kid comes in, I’m going to coach him to the best of my ability,” Paredes said. “If he’s eligible, fine. If he’s not eligible, fine.”

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Bonita…and San Dimas are both going to cripple for the Smudge pot.

    • Youknowwhoyouare

      You’re a moron LOL

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Thank you

    • disqus_wD2qThRkJd


    • Saints Fan

      Ah man Greenie, Cripple, really… hahaha. Actually, I think in this current scenario, this makes the game all that more interesting. Those 8 returning BoHi D starters were not going to stop Jake, as of today, we don’t have Jake. 4 of those BoHi returners led the D last year, but we return most of the remainder of the Offense (including maybe a new wrinkle or two), so it appears it is strength vs strength. Now BoHi is going to have to be lead by a SR QB who won’t be able to just hand it off to a returning top notch back. I personally know they have some athletes on the outside who might have a big game. A reminder of last year, SD was blowing them out, then BoHi made some good adjustments and went after last years weekness on D the outside and completed several long Pass play’s which got them back in the game. Then of course “Reggie” got going. SD this year will have a lot of new faces on D, and so will BoHi’s offense. ???? Prediction – another shoot out !

      • Aaron

        Always a tough game.

    • Don

      Predictions, punditry, and prognostication aside, the loss of a player or three or ten won’t cripple the Smudge Pot game. Too much history, too much interest, too many fans on all three sides for anything short of a major natural disaster (think Richter Scale 6.7 or greater) to really cripple it.

      The interest in football in the area always benefits from the passion rivalry’s like the Smudge produce. The Bulldog – Husky game and C O – Glendora bring similar energy on this side of the 605 and the west has a couple as well. The Smudge Pot though, will be a story every year.

      Best thing about playing it Week 0 (for me) is that there is less chance for the injury bug to beat up the cats going in.

  • Middy

    Bonita has 8 starters returning on D, and returning QB. I think they will be just fine.

  • reality

    I saw Angel last year and he is one of those players that has unlimited potential. I’am surprised he is leaving Bonita as they do not usually lose any players to other programs. I hope this does not turn into another transfer fiasco and wish him well at Damien. And to Green Machine, some programs require more responsibility from their players than others. I know San Dimas and Bonita are those type of programs. They are not crippled at all by the loss of a player that does not want to be there. Sometimes it is not just about winning, be it Smudgepot or any other game. Last years Smudge was crazy good. To bad Fox did’nt televise that one, no disrespect to WC vs Covina.

  • TruTH

    Big blow do Bonita that already lost their top offensive weapons to graduation. But did I read somewhere Verdugo and other players were kicked off the team for disciplinary reasons? any truth to that Aram??

  • Aaron

    So how will this not be challenged…heck why would they want him?

    • AramT

      It was not challenged.

      • Aaron

        Would this be considered the high road?

        • AramT

          It could be considered many things: high road, good riddance, program policy. Who knows?

          Verdugo will still face hurdles being eligible at Damien, or anywhere else he attends.

        • AMAT 73

          High road,low road , the young man made his decision and by the court of public opinion ( the blog ) let the young man go . I’m sure there are players in line waiting to make a name for themselves and can carry the rock . The team moves on which is better for all .We just went thru all this WC bs now another one. Personally I don’t think Bonita will challenge . It is what it is and I’m sure you’re for players to be able to think they can brighten their future by a transfer , so wish them luck and let them leave , now if he was lured by a friend of the program or coaching staff , different story .

      • Highlander

        It wasn’t challenged because he was kicked off the team. Everyone associated with either SD/Bonita football knows this as fact.

    • Saints Fan

      Because they “removed” him from the team ! That’s why. He will probably have the mandatory sit out until Oct 1, then he will absolutely help Damien as they need someone to tote the rock. That is, if he buy’s into “The Damien Way”. Meant in a good way, there is definitely a new attitude at D Hi.

      • Aaron

        I’m tracking the situation pretty well friend.

  • Lupe

    Can’t be that big of a surprise to anyone that’s around the program.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    So far this is in stark contrast to several other high profile transfers that were challenged. Bonita doesn’t with a promising RB in their program is an example of not crying about a player leaving.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, the other coaches believed wrong doing was occurring and said something. I got that. These are the same coaches that have a open handed welcoming in transfers, but a closed fist on the other when one wants to leave.

    • Aaron

      Honestly…Paredes just needs to have a look at the kid’s twitter account if he is even eligible to play this year. Which what Aram leads me to believe is on very microscopic possibility.

    • Saints Fan

      You are completely and so far off base in your analysis. This one is ABSOLUTELY NOT the same as any other xfer you are trying to compare. Word on the Street, he was kicked off Bonita’s team. There is your analysis cut and dry.

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Hey Saints fan, did you read the article above???? Did it SAY ANYWHERE that he was kicked off the team based on your word on the street, sidewalk soapbox reporting? The article used the word “Transfer.” in the future, stay in your own lane and find your own corner to do your “Only the shadow knows” reporting. This sidewalk is reserved for those that read the article. However, I understand SGV Tribune is looking for sports reporters. Perhaps you and your Dan Rather school of journalism should apply. You obviously are more well connected to the scoop than anyone else here.

        • Aaron

          Like I said, look at his Twitter and judge for yourself.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            What’s his Twitter handle?

        • Highlander

          Bonita Unified is a small district and everyone involved in the SD/Bonita football programs knows eachother and talks to each other. This kid got kick off the team and his only recourse is to “transfer” to another school. Damien is the easiest because its in the city he lives in. When it comes to issues regarding SD/Bonita, trust a person whose handle has something to with those school. Odds are they really are in the know

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            I don’t have a problem “trusting” anything someone says on a blog. Especially if they’ve proven to be reliable or accurate. What I took exception to was Saint’s Fan running to home base without stopping by first and tapping on second while enroute. The article talks about “transferring.” It doesn’t mention anything about him getting kicked off the team, etc. As a result, I wrote in broad strokes about the “transfer” subject and not the young man being talked about. This transfer issue has been a hot button issue all summer.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    If he was indeed kicked off the football team at Bonita it would be a long shot that he would be eligible to play anywhere else. CIF has a rule that you can’t transfer to avoid disciplinary action at another school.

  • Valley Athletics

    Talking about transfers . I heard Amat got a couple . Running back Kiman Benson from Ayala is one . Don’t know anything about him or how much varsity experience he had.Amat and charter oak already have there rosters on maxppreps .D ranch has a partial roster.

    • Aaron

      Holy moly…since when has Haggerty ever carried 80 players on Varsity? Wow. That may mean something. Charter Oak only listing 43…which is interesting.

  • athleteparent

    Do you parents really have nothing better to do than get involved with high school football drama? I’ve seen the kid play and he has tremendous talent. It would be such a shame to let it go to waste. I am willing to bet that none of the people commenting on this blog know first hand what is going on in his life. His transfer could be something bigger than the football programs. Do us all a favor and keep your mouth shut about the “word on the street” and let the administrations deal with it. The kid shouldn’t have to suffer due to all the rumors you all are creating.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Maybe Saint’s Fan does. They’re certainly acting like they do.

    • Really?

      Lighten up Francis
      In case you didn’t realize it, you’re on a blog complaining about a blog.

    • AMAT 73

      It’s evident you are closer to the situation than most . How do you know the kid is suffering and thruthfully , I wouldn’t put much faith in what you read on the blog as fact . With the word on Damien at the skill positions it looks like like his talent will not go to waste as you say, as Damien is thin at the RB position so this looks like a smart transfer for all parties concerned .I hope it works out for him and his parents . But really isn’t nice you have this blog to come on and bash the bloggers who contribute or cause drama as you write . Imagine if you had to keep all that festered in your head with no outlet .

      • Aaron

        After reading his twitter…which has since gone away, he’s a child that needs his mouth washed out with soap along with an education in with how inflammatory the use of racial slurs are.

        Bad apple, especially when 4 of your last 6 tweets use the N word…

        • AMAT 73

          Since I do not follow twitter nor care to along with Facebook and other communications of that type , based on that, if it is fact , I am sure Paredes and Damien will not put up with that kind of attitude from any player no matter how much he will help the program .

    • coachbilly

      The students and players of the team know the story….

  • danny sanchez

    ok so new to this all I care about is how is Damien going to do this year and please be honest thanks!