Big Lou likes his FRONT FOUR and you can see why Charter Oak means business up front

From left: Eric Prevost #47, David Apodaca #56, Brandon Larry #33 and DE Khylan Brooks

When the Charter Oak High School football team practiced in pads for the first time on Wednesday, veteran head coach Lou Farrar was more concerned with recognizing who everyone was rather than sweating Xs and Os.

It’s going to take time for that to happen, which is expected when a team loses 28 seniors to graduation. But as another season approaches, Farrar likes what he sees in terms of talent, but remains cautious on just how much experience will be needed to let all the new faces shine.

“It’s kind of really hard to replace guys who are suiting up at Colorado or Wake Forest with a sophomore replacement,” Farrar said. “There’s a big dropoff between a Division 1 recruit and a sophomore. It’s about depth of guys who have played under the lights on Friday nights and we don’t have a whole lot of game experience that will be stepping on the field.

“A lot of young faces. Good athletes, good players, but just not a lot of Friday night game experience.”

Nowhere did the Chargers feel the sting of graduation more than on defense, where one of the best stop units in school history has to replace nine starters. Most of the back seven needs to be replaced. Charter Oak allowed just 11.5 points per game and held several opponents to season lows in points en route to going 10-2 and sweeping the Sierra League for a second consecutive season.

“Right now, I like our front four,” Farrar said. “We have a little bit of concern in our linebacker situation because we graduated all four of our all-league linebackers. And in our secondary, one of our corners is back. Our perimeter is definitely suspect right now, so we’ll have to get a a good pass rush going.”

Charter Oak’s defense figures to be built around the defensive line where reigning co-Sierra League Defensive MVP Eric Prevost is back along with Khylan Brooks. The secondary has plenty of athletes with corner Candy Nava back and Donavin Washington, who has an offer from Boise State, also returning with some experience on defense.

Washington figures to be the showcase weapon on offense where he will play running back and receiver. Senior Todd Greene is bidding to be the feature back and replace standout Aaren Vaughns. Sophomore Zion Echols is headed toward big things and will also play a big role on offense and probably assume a role on defense in the secondary.

It’s not all bad news for the Chargers, at least on offense, because of the return of Kory Brown at quarterback. Brown had some growing pains early last season while replacing standout Travis Santiago, but blossomed into a solid passer.

Despite the experience in key positions on offense, Farrar still prefers to count on his defense and will do so from the word “go.”

“I’m hoping our defense takes a little pressure off of our offense,” Farrar said. “I just hope they can play well enough – bend but not break – and give our offense a chance to keep regrouping and getting organized. This is our eighth week in a row of practicing, so our kids are pretty much up to speed on what we’re doing,”

Charter Oak has no Week 0 game, but will scrimmage Tustin and an old nemesis in head coach Greg Gano on Aug. 30. The Chargers open the season on Sept. 6 at home against Roosevelt of Eastvale. The highlight of the nonleague schedule comes on Sept. 20 when Charter Oak visits Bishop Amat in a rematch of a game that didn’t go too well for the Chargers last season.

Sierra League play begins for Charter Oak on Oct. 11 at home against Damien. The Chargers will get together with nearby South Hills for a Thursday night showdown on Oct. 24 in a game that should allow for plenty of fans to see both teams because of the night of the week it falls on.

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  • reality

    Can you see these beasts similar to these guys playing Rowland and Walnut in league play next year?? Better have plenty of stretchers. Tell me football ain’t different!

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      Cakewalk to the Semi’s… Well, I guess when you can’t handle the IE, you run with your tail between your legs to the SGV so you can get out of the 1st or 2nd round eh Louise?

      • D-Mo

        Blah, blah, blah like broken record.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Everyone keeps thinking that CO is going to walk through the south east next year. It ain’t gonna happen. They did not get any impact transfers this year. You don’t win off name alone. All of the SGV kids that wanted to play in the inland will now be back at South hills. BA should also see boost in players coming over when CO gets demoted. Their program is strong, but All the talent is in West Covina. There is no reason to drive past West Co and South hills to go CO anymore..

        • Valley Athletics

          Totally agree . They might not even win the hacienda . Los Altos and Diamond Ranch might challenge them . Next year they lose that D Line , Washington and Brown . Three roster is on maxppreps . 14 sophomores on Varsity and only 43 players . Either those sophomores are really good or talent level of junior and senior class is down .

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            That’s my point. Covina does not have a large talent pool. Zion Echols, is the only name that rings a bell. Prior to that, CO had 8-10 big time recognizable names. Who’s to say Echols stays after this year? It’s not going to be any easier in the Sierra nor Inland this year, and winning the all important 1st round game means everything to that program. This is not a “reload” year. It’s a “rebuilding” year. That normally comes with a few unexpected loses. You also have to factor in injuries as well. There will be no relief in the Southeast. CO is going to have to recruit attract, from where, I don’t know.

        • AramT

          I’ve been saying that for months now about next year’s Southeast. Downey’s studs will be seniors. La Mirada will still have Dillman at QB. D-Bar will have Broadus, Bell and Noodles in their senior years.

          I think you’re underestimating CO’s talent coming up, though. You won’t be saying any of that after you see Zion Echols. He’s a soph this year who will be one of the top players around. CO’s frosh team last year was 8-2 (losses to Amat and Damien).

          And typically the way the transfers work is kids who fall through the cracks at Amat usually wind up at CO or maybe WestCo or maybe Monrovia.

          • Valley Athletics

            diamond Bar will be out of Hacienda.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Bottom line, I enjoy this article. However, CO’s Dline is not going to make a difference at all in their division. They did not last year. What makes this year any different? As far as their lower level talent, I have not seen them play. However, if you are saying that the lower level talent is on par with what CO has had for he last 6 years, then they are going to be phenomenal in the next few years. They should win the Southeast easily next year. I just don’t see that happening. The Chargers of the past were can’t miss next level guys, and CO had a lot of them.

          • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

            CO is one of those programs that is always gonna be hard to sleep on whether they lose folks or are loaded.Coaching in part is what keeps the cupboards stocked!

        • SGV_FOOTBALL

          Wow! Sounds like the Chargers have gotten under your skin. This article was to praise these young men. You had nothing to say but negativity and rightfully so! But your post gives us some insight on how you really feel about our football program.

          I guess the only real thing that would matter is that the Charger would beat your wildcats 9 out of 10 times.


          • AMAT 73

            SGV ,
            Ouch , but as they say the truth hurts . Good luck this season and see you at AMAT . Should be an interesting game between to young teams with a lot of talent the SGV is unaware of at this point in time .

          • SGV_FOOTBALL

            Thanks Amat 73! I’m crossing my fingers you guys put a whooping on those Eagles. Looking forward to the Amat game. My sister as a BA alum will be rooting for her home team but I have to root for my CO Chargers!

          • SGV FB Dad

            I do agree that CO would have beaten Monrovia in the last 2 years, but not 9 out of 10. I think it would be more like 6-4. Monrovia has been pretty good these last 5 plus years, eventhough they play in a lower division. CO gets a lot of credit, but they can’t get very far now that they are in a higher division. They can’t to be the best in the SGV, as Amat spanked them last year, and will again this year. And they don’t match up with the IE teams. Maybe that is why CO is headed to the Southeast next year.

          • SGV_FOOTBALL

            That shows what you know about the football in our lovely Valley. Find some bloggers besides you, GP, and New York. That would bet/agree with you that Monrovia would beat CO 4 out of 10 times? I cant wait to here that response.

          • WCDan

            I think CO beats Monrovia in every year with the exception of maybe 2010 (CO was in rebuild year) and possibly 2002 ( Monrovia had a team that year reminiscent of the Monrovia teams of the late 90’s). Even those two years would have been tough for
            2003 to 2005 Monrovia was struggling. 2006 Monrovia was tough
            but CO was still good enough to make it to the finals that year.
            2007 to 2009 faaaget about it, CO was to good. 2011 to 2012 same thing, CO was to good.
            So possibly 2 years in the past ten, and I do emphasize the word POSSIBLY.
            Don’t feel bad Monrovia fans, we know the feeling over here at West Co. CO has been our undoing since I’ve been following West Co football.

  • Valley Athletics

    Big guys . Was looking at there roster . 14 sophomores on varsity is alot .depth is going to be a problem for them . This might be the year chino hills finally wins the Sierra .


    What a cool looking picture and looks like it was taken in the 60’s.

    • WCDan

      Agree, cool picture, reminds me of a fearsome foursome pose. Are we sure those are Highschool kids? They look like grown


        You hit that right on the nail big Dan! The picture reminded me of an old photo but I couldn’t put my finger on it, and yes the old FEARSOME FOURSOME photo! GO RAMS!

        • WCDan

          Ha Ha, Glad I could stir up a couple good memories for you AP, good luck to your Aztecs over there, and I hope your boy is having some fun up there at the college level.

          • AZTEC PRIDE

            Hey Dan, yes my son is doing pretty good up their at Evangel. Already went on a missionary trip to Brazil, and meeting nice folks in Springfield. Redshirted last year and this year he’s cleared to play. You know that group of LINEBACKERS that came out of Citrus Football, have all been picked up. Wiley, to Nevada, Illy ,went to Fresno! and several others got rides, even that BUM QB! LOL… You know Dan, Citrus actually had to forfeit all their games, with the exception of two games and should have been the League Champs but were stripped because of one player who LIED and he wasn’t eligible. Ruined their ENTIRE season! Well I’m glad I’m able to watch more of my son play Football but the thing is now, I need a WHOLE lot of $$$ to fly out and watch the TEAM! LOL… Man I had it made when he played for AZUSA and Citrus, because I can see the stadium lights when they’re on from my home! NICE…LOL.. Have a GREAT FOOTBALL SEASON DAN!

          • WCDan

            Thats great to hear about your son
            up at Evangel, as a parent you must be living a dream both watching your son play at the next level and knowing he is getting an education plus life experiences that will certainly benefit him in life. Great to hear about the linebackers at Citrus, hope I get to see a few games this season but it will be tough as my boy is playing JAA on Saturdays and most of their games will conflict with the Citrus schedule.
            Well at least I still got Friday nights
            at West Co. Bummer about the ineligible kid. Good luck to Azusa and your boy up at Evangel.

  • Rene77

    Oh GOD come on. Nastiest up front??? We haven’t even seen these kids play and already Aram you are putting them on a petistal. It’s going to fun watching them play against bishop amat. They better bring there big boy pants.

    • AramT

      We haven’t seen these kids play? Pretty sure I saw plenty of Eric Prevost’s co-Sierra League Defensive MVP season last year. Plenty of Khylan Brooks’ strong season last year. And just look at Brandon Larry. You gonna mess with him?

      • Rene77

        So you think they have a chance against bishop???

        • AramT

          A chance? Yes. Not as much of one as they had last year. Have to see just how good Amat is early in the year. The talent is there for Amat to be pretty special.

    • Aaron

      Pedestal? Why you taking my man’s name in vain, hope you going to church tomorrow.

  • Frank

    CO missed its’ window last year. They were loaded and should have made a serious run in the playoffs. Last year should have been the year they beat Amat and claimed the title of best team in the SGV. But instead, they were embarrassed at home. I don’t see them doing any better when they go to Amat and play this season. Last season should have been the season when CO made a real run in the playoffs. Instead they got spanked by RC, who was no where near Upland nor Vista Murrietta, nor Centennial. This coming season CO will fight to be the third best team in the Sierra, before they get demoted to the lower division. Chino Hills will win the Sierra, but get a real test from South Hills, who will come in second in the Sierra. Again, CO missed its’ window last year.

    • AramT

      I hear ya. As I’ve been telling Freddie all offseason, two years ago CO had its best offense in school history and last year it had its best defense in school history. Hard to think this year’s team will be equal to either of those teams … but the glass half-full thought is they have a veteran QB, a strong d-line, a legit play maker in Washington and excellent coaching. Those factors could be enough to have a memorable year.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        4 lineman and 1 or 2 play makers doesn’t equal depth…one twisted ankle, one jammed finger then what?.What about the O line? What about the a back up QB ? That’s how it’s going to go down this year.. They have coaching, they play hard, but they are thin for a inland team, and maybe even for an elite South East Team. When you start talking about weeks 7 thru 10, They are going to interesting for the Chargers.

        • Not Since 1995

          Says the loser representing DIVISION 11.5 on this blog…!
          Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh!

          • SGV FB Dad

            Again, more hatred. Dude, just support your team. Is your pathetic life that bad?

          • Carlos

            Just stating the facts ! Don’t get get me wrong CO has talent left, but they need to use your Senior players who should be playing defensive vs playing offense that’s all.

        • Not Since 1995

          Says the loser representing DIVISION 11.5 on this blog…!
          Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh!

      • Valley Athletics

        I heard Washington is hurt and might miss a couple games .

    • Not Since 1995

      The one thing that Bishop Nomas has been lacking for the last 10 years, Charter Oak develops and puts out year in and year…!
      Big…Fast…Strong…Smart…Defensive Linemen…!
      Why can’t the little lanceritos do the same thing…?
      If it ain’t the talent, then it must be the coaching over there at CO. I’m telling you, if I were a decent D-Lineman anywhere in this valley and want to play in college I would go over to CO and learned from coached by that staff…!
      Eight18teen years without a CIF Ring and counting
      Not in 2013 either…!

      • SGV FB Dad

        This not since 1995 dude is a real douche bag. I’m a WC fan, but every time I read this idiots posts, it’s all hatred. I’m starting to believe that he or somebody in his family couldn’t make the cut at Amat, and he will take his bitterness to his grave. Grow a pair champ and support your team instead.

    • Not Since 1995

      The one thing that Bishop Nomas has been lacking for the last 10 years, Charter Oak develops and puts out year in and year…!

      Big…Fast…Strong…Smart…Defensive Linemen…!

      Why can’t the little lanceritos do the same thing…?

      If it ain’t the talent, then it must be the coaching over there at CO. I’m telling you, if I were a decent D-Lineman anywhere in this valley and want to play in college I would go over to CO to learn from that coaching staff…!

      Bishop NoMas…Eight18teen years without a CIF Ring and counting…Not in 2013 either…!

    • Not Since 1995

      Why can’t the coaching staff from the Bishop NoMas Lanceritos put out Defensive Linemen like these big boys…?
      Lakewood, Mater Dei, Santa Margarita, the Serra League…! They put on a$$ whopping clinic in the trenches every year…! Yet Bart Simpson over there at Knifer Field doesn’t seem to get the clue…!
      Hey Hags…why can’t you get over the hump?
      Eigh18teen years without a CIF ring and Not One In 2013 Either…

  • New York

    This is an awesome picture. Do any of these guys play offense as well? That is a difference I noticed when watching Upland. The Highlanders usually don’t have many linemen playing both ways.

    • Valley Athletics

      On there maxppreps roster they are listed as 2 way players .

  • TruTH

    Any good scrimmages this Friday??

    • Valley Athletics

      amat scrimmages upland on Thursday . Should be a challenge for Amat with pads on . upland just got another transfer from Rancho in Kameron Powell .kameron has many PAC 12 offers .

      • TruTH

        That should be a pretty good matchup against Upland which seems to attract all the good players around that area.
        Diamond Bar vs Souh Hills should be interesting this thursday
        West Covina vs Montebello also a good one
        Los Altos vs Santiago Corona also this friday

        • TruTH

          Diamond Ranch vs San Dimas this friday

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        Heard rumblings that someone left Chino Hills for Upland.

        May as well transfer now because Upland will OWN the Baseline league so might as well go where the League Champions are.

        The Sierra is REALLY weak this year regardless of what C-No’s front 4 look like, no guarantee they’ll come away with the title. Then again maybe Louise may hike up her skirt to the refs and get a few games that way. You never know.

        Upland still isn’t getting by CC or VM but they’ll at least they’ve got a shot at making it interesting.

    • FanFriendlyFan

      CO and Tustin scrimmage this Friday(23rd). And I think there is a third team involved, but I don’t now for sure.

    • Valley Athletics

      amat,upland ,cathedral and west Torrance @ Amat 5:30

  • Lupe

    I’m not one one who usually buys into any hype, but man do those dudes look for REAL! You could of told me that is a pic of a starting big-time d-1 school.

  • Carlos

    I saw CO scrimmage today and I have to say their offense and the D-line looked solid.However CO linebackers are small and weak. I wasn’t impressed at all. If CO wants to win league again they need to make some adjustments ASAP.

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