• Rene77

    Very surprise with aram in picking amat. This game should be a good one. The super sophs are on the rise and I will be there to watch this one unfold. Sidney is a beast….I’m interested in watching sophomore DE Vasquez play in the trenches and find out what this kid is made of. Vaughn is also a big contributor as a sophomore on the bishop team…. See you all there Friday.

    • Valley Athletics

      Matt zahn the senior also was impressive in summer . Looks like he was the position receiver , making key first downs .steven Lopez at nose guard looks to be the biggest on the D line .

      • Lancers 88

        Zahn is Mr. Consistency. He will be a top receiver, and good place kicker. Plus he carries a 4.0 GPA. As for Nose guard, the starter is actually Charlie Gama. Lopez is #2 on that list, but also a good lineman.

        • Valley Athletics

          Good that they have depth at nose guard .

    • SGV_Football_Fan

      Sounds like Amat will have a very young and inexperienced team this year. I don’t think any of the sophs played varsity last year and I don’t remember hearing Zahn’s name last year.
      Do they have any starters from last year returning besides Koa and Camargo?

      • AramT

        Listen to me now and hear me later, keep an eye on Isaac Archer.

        • Lancerito

          Not sure what your hearing but last I heard they moved him to TE and he is currently a backup. Solid looking kid and has good hands and I’m sure he’ll contribute, but that is the last I heard. Maybe as the season progresses, he’ll move up in the rotation. Not sure though because he is behind a senior.

        • Lancerito

          Last post went to moderator.
          I think Archer is currently the backup Tight End. Solid player with good hands, but behind a senior.

        • 12th man

          The same could be said about anyone who is 6″4? Really? that’s no prediction~

      • Valley Athletics

        Many returners . 4 linebackers Are returners . Michael Hernandez at safety is a starter since his sophomore year . Was hurt most of last year . Defensive line has many returners . On offense TE Jacob Valle , O line Jacob viera , Andrew Lopez an almeida are key returners . Plus Koa Haynes , Adrian Ortega , camargo all experienced players . Matt zahn saw action last year Also .

        • Football High School Fan

          Don’t forget about Prieto he’s another key player on Defense from what I remember last season. Another one that I think was injured first couple of games was Amat’s DE Bohorquez… once he came back he was a beast. These two boys are going to be key players on Defense. Good luck to AMAT on Friday…wish could make the game. But I know all the bloggers will keep me posted.

        • fb102

          Valley, Hernandez was ‘on’ the Varsity as a soph but did not play AT ALL. Injury prone. Hope he remains injury free and gets to show what he can do…..

          The key is the OL/DL play……

      • Rene77

        Amat is stacked with experience, i was simply referring to the sophmores that will be on the squad and these sophmore are no joke stacked with talent, true inexperienced but they will be ready.

  • Mirror mirror on the wall

    I was wondering which school it was that would be signing off on Payton and Fred, you just clarified that for me. With that said, Payton’s transfer situation has just turned into an almost identical transfer situation as that of Antonio Hull. Just like Hull’s Father, the Guardians for Payton have recently put into writing their displeasure with the San Dimas Coaching Staff. By filing an unsubstantiated complaint about Coach Z with the San Dimas/Bonita Unified School District they provided all the necessary ammunition that San Dimas will need to challenge this transfer as athletically motivated. I don’t think the guardians are going to garner much sympathy with the coaching staff at San Dimas after trying to ruin the head coaches career with bogus allegations.

  • MonkeyWrench

    It be me or did our boi Aram drop some lbs? Keep up the good work.

  • brent

    They are gonna beat Chino Hills. “They always win these games”. Didn’t they tie last year Fred. The only game they have ever played.

  • Lock-N-Load

    I watched CC/SM scrimmage…SM is legit…OL looked liked they average 6`3 285… very aggressive and physical… not sure Amat will match up in the trenches…

    • Rene77

      so much for the trenches they even had a sophomore at DE and your 6’3 guys going do much

  • Jefe

    Margarita by 10.

    They will win it in the trenches.

  • Valley Athletics

    Jeremy mcnichols transfer is still under review . He is there impact player . If he doesn’t play Amat chances are better. Either way it will be a close game .

  • Not Since 1995

    Yo Opino…….Santa Margarita 42 – NoMas 6…!
    The Lanceritos are gonna get their A$$e$ handed to them by Santa Margarita. Same shiat, different year…! This is gonna be a beat down of embarrassing proportions…!
    Bishop NoMas is too small in the trenches and once they figure out that they can’t pass the ball, they’ll also figure out that they can’t run the ball either…!
    This NoMas QB is not good enough to carry the offense to a win. He might try but the SM linebackers are too fast for this kid.
    The Lanceritos have absolutely no chance against Santa Margarita…!
    Not in 2013 Either…

    • Rene77

      Dumb ass I think you haven’t had sex since 1995 bishop won 38-27

  • AramT

    I didn’t know he was a back up. The guy ahead of him must be legit. But like I said, listen to me now and hear me later.

    • AMAT 73

      Aram ,
      They will find a way to get him on the field . Double tight end set, in the slot or something , the young man does have talent !

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    SM by 14.