URGENT: Coaches PLEASE post your ROSTERS on Maxpreps …

Coaches, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post your ROSTERS on Maxpreps. You have no idea how vital this is to the media. Even if it’s just names and corresponding numbers, it’s huge. But year, position, height and weight is ALWAYS APPRECIATED, too.

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  • reality

    You sell more programs when you don’t post rosters before game 1 TMZ.

  • GonnaGiveToYa

    Get off your lazy a$$ and go fetch fatty!

  • 12th man

    New trend!! Most top teams haven’t posted rosters for the past 4 years…weather it’s an advantage or not? It’s not worth the risk to some coaches~opposing teams don’t need to know who your leading tackler is & which one of your WR’s is getting the most action & so forth~

    • Aaron

      What Top Teams are these? Amat? They haven’t done much other than league titles, but you can see SM, Servite, Mater Dei, Westlake, Oaks Christian. Oh Diamond Ranch is the worst, as a fan that checks the stat lines in the morning, Bonita is very good about posting stats before I wake up the next morning.

      Please do not defend this…this is an expectation of todays game. We’re in the tenth year of the Maxpreps era. GET IT DONE.

      • Valley Athletics

        amat has had there roster up a month already. So has charter oak.

        • Aaron

          Which is unlike their old practices.

          • Valley Athletics

            They must of got a new person to do it . They have been keeping up the td club website all summer with pictures of summer tournaments.

      • 12th man

        Not defending it..I’m all for stats! It saves me time from travelling across town trying to view 3 games at a time..It’s nice to see what little johnny is doing in his neck of the woods..

    • AMAT 73

      12th ,
      Are you telling me coaches looks to stats to scheme a pending opponent ??? Good luck to those teams !!!!!! Besides everyone knows the specs on each player is usually wishful thinking by most teams .
      Hey Aaron AMAT was one of the first to post their roster . Has Bonita added Jake to theirs ????

      • Aaron

        First this year…I remember Rio’s first year as the starter it didn’t go up until about this time.

        Very sure the stats help colleges check up on their boys a little bit. And the majority of clicks on maxpreps are definitely not from coaches.

    • AramT

      I guess coaches don’t watch game film all week. Or scout future opponents the week prior. So stupid to think stats or rosters have any bearing on anything when they are watching THE ACTUAL FILMS all week.

      • Saints Fan

        I absolutely agree, this argument against not doing it is Bogus. Besides watching/exchanging film, they in most instances send out lower division coaches to scout next weeks opponent anyway. PS, we don’t need a Roster or Stats to know where Sunshine is throwing the ball

      • Don

        When this MaxPreps roster/stats /hershizzle reared it’s ugly head a couple years ago I said the Trib should (1) send an email/fax to any team in their coverage area not posting an roster online asking for an opening day list of players and then (2) publish the names of any schools who had failed to provide one. At the least, this might reduce the heat from team fans who long to see a particular name in the paper.

        My thinking is that most teams would
        have a fan or two who would scan and email or fax a program page to the paper. (Heck, take a picture with their phone and put it up on facebook as far as that goes.) Especially those who want to see juniors name spelled right. I also suspect that whoever is hooked up as a school correspondent could be asked to provide that which the trib’s ink stained wretches judge necessary to provide proper coverage.

        Stats and player’s physical dimensions
        are, shall we say, open to interpretation, so choosing to make them public and keeping them up online, while nifty and always fun to
        view, should be up to the Head Coach. Correctly spelled names, numbers, and positions provide little in the way of pregame intelligence for future opponents.

      • 12th man

        You know what’s really stupid? Is thinking that coaches don’t glance over at the stats..Coaches Job: To prepare his team week in & week out, to the best of his abilities..this means having them ready physically & mentally & yes of course this means, films, scouting reports, injuries, “stats” etc.. If viewing stats makes you at least 1 percent better as a coach, then yeah! you’re making progress as a coach..I guess that’s what separating the good coaches from the great ones (welch,thomas,rollinson,lara,etc.) I’m not saying you should plan your game scheme behind stats, but you are sadly mistaken my friend if you think the great coaches only implement game film to strategize a game!

    • Don

      Top teams? Bosco, Mission Viejo, Crespi, Loyola, Poly, Mater Dei, Serra, Servite, etc, etc all post their rosters. Heck, most of them even throw up their versions of the stats.

      Which top teams are you talking about.

      • 12th man

        You must be reading a different “Max Preps” my friend? I have yet to see completed rosters for Mater Dei, Crespi, Loyola, Servite, St. Bonaventure,Sherman Oaks Notre Dame, etc.

        • Don

          Don’t know what you consider a “completed roster” my man. Last year MaxPreps had 72 kids on the Servite Varsity roster, Mater Dei had 82, Loyola, Notre Dame, and Crespi all listed between 60 and 70. St. Bonnie’s was light at 50 but it was there all year.

          Maybe you are suggesting some of these top tier programs have “stealth players” not listed in the program which the Troy Thomas’ and Bruce Rollinson’s of the world are waiting to spring on unsuspecting opponents. Kind of like the UN
          Black Helicopters or the FEMA relocation rail cars.

          • 12th man

            Talking about this year

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    It would be nice if they did, but given this time of the year, most are prepping for their first game. This probably isn’t at the top of their list. Just the same though, it would help so people aren’t reporting or saying “number 8 played a great game.” lol

  • 12th man

    Remember “Football” is also a game of numbers & equasions, the better you can formulate, or counter strategic moves the better odds you will have for that “W”~ (how many times does your opponent throw? run? leading receiver? leading back? etc..For the record! You shouldn’t always believe the stats & plan your game from it..but it surely doesn’t hurt to look~

  • 12th man

    Here’s some great stats & story (Cody Fajardo-Servite)

    People never tire of making the comparison. Nevada quarterback Cody Fajardo accepts it.

    It’s Colin Kaepernick this and Colin Kaepernick that. Even Fajardo can get caught up in stories about the former Wolf Pack star.

    Hours before Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers took the field for last season’s Super Bowl, Fajardo fired off a text message to his predecessor.

    “I just said, ‘Congrats, good luck,’ ” Fajardo said. “A few minutes later, he sent back, ‘Thanks, Cody.’ This was one of the biggest days in his life and he took the time to respond. That’s pretty amazing.”

    Amazing … unbelievable … freak of nature. All have been attached to Kaepernick.

    It doesn’t leave much for Fajardo, who spent a redshirt year as Kaepernick’s understudy in 2010 and begins his junior season Saturday against UCLA at the Rose Bowl.

    Nevada offensive coordinator Nick Rolovich has his own word for Fajardo: “Incredible.”

    It stems from a game in which Fajardo was beaten, battered and abused by Arizona, in the New Mexico Bowl in December. Yet the quarterback kept coming back for more.

    Fajardo needed a triage team after suffering a bruised knee and a torn thumbnail on his throwing hand, as well as taking a shot to the head. With all that, he never missed more than one consecutive play and finished with 396 total yards in a 49-48 loss.

    It was a Kaepernick-adjacent performance. Fajardo rushed for 140 yards and one touchdown. He passed for 256 yards and three touchdowns.

    Rolovich had questioned Fajardo’s fortitude during the regular season, but he left that game with an entirely different opinion.

    “Either you want to call it growing up or really being a man, but he showed the toughness. And how he ran the ball, the decisions he made throwing the ball — he was really focused,” Rolovich said.

    Sounds like the stuff from which legends are made.

    “Hopefully, when I’m done, I’ll have left my own legacy at Nevada,” Fajardo said.

    Nevada is prepared for that. The sports information office will gladly volunteer a chart comparing Fajardo and Kaepernick through their first two seasons.

    Yards rushing: Kaepernick 1,723; Fajardo 1,815.

    Yards passing: Kaepernick 5,024; Fajardo 4,493.

    Touchdowns, passing and rushing: Kaepernick 97; Fajardo 81.

    Everyone wants to link the two.

    “I heard people compare him to Colin Kaepernick,” UCLA Coach Jim Mora said. “I watched him on film this morning and I could see that. He does great things.”