• The Dude

    One thing is for sure. DB has some athletes. We’ll see if they can compete week in and week out though

  • Aaron

    He’s ineligible, if Maine has him practicing with the 1’s he’s being dumb.

    • AramT

      He can practice, play in scrimmages and JV games. The one thing he cannot do is play in varsity games. Maine is doing the right thing, getting him any kinda exposure or action that he can.

      Hey Aaron, seem like a pretty legit rule to you still or do you see the inherent flaw finally?

      San Gabriel’s coach leaves … Garcia ends up at WestCo, Mayorga at WestCo and Valenzuela at Keppel. Any athletic motivation there?

      What about Payton and Scoby most likely to be eligible at their new homes?

      Ahh, but Noodles should sit because his pops fired off an email and West Covina chose to be petty … meanwhile they were running the transfers in the other side of the door.

      It’s absolutely ridiculous that this kid sits while so many others play. But you sticklers for the law have to get your way … even when the law is pure idiocy.

      • Aaron

        Honestly I don’t know why Payton transfered. Although there was athletic motivation to attend Upland to be sure. Playing at Bonita isn’t about exposure, it’s just to be able to play considering the bridges have been burned at SD.
        In regards to the rule…I agree that Scoby should not be eligible, although I don’t see undue influence from M-Town because they don’t need him. However the five transfers within 18 months speaks volumes as there was no way he should be eligible academically and in fact is barely eligible. Apparently Noodles wasn’t when he got to Diamond Bar.
        Fact is Noodles was a star for WesCo, he didn’t need to leave at all, but somebody wanted to be the next Todd Reesing sans arm strength.

        • The Dude

          If you didn’t notice from the video, Noodles wasn’t playing QB. He’s a slot WR and by all accounts doesn’t seem to be trying to leave. But have fun sticking by your obviously wrong belief that he only left to be a QB in a spread offense.

      • Local


        You and Fred both referenced Los Altos as the favorite in the Hacienda League, I also think they are going to be very good. But, what do we make of Diamond Bar? It appears to me that they have the best QB in the league, if Tyler Brown isn’t the best RB in the league, he is way up there, and two junior receivers with offers from UCLA, USC, LSU. How is a team with that kind of skill in the Hacienda not an overwhelming favorite? Are these scholarship offers legit, i.e. if Snoop had no relationship with these kids, would they still be picking up these kind of offers? Is their line play and defense that bad?

        • brad mill

          Football is won based on line play. If DBar can play teams even on the offensive and defensive lines, then and only then can we talk playoffs.

        • PatrickHT

          They just arent a liked team ! You see the way some of these grown ass men go after DB and their kids!

      • brad mill

        Aram- you are so right on. A dad doesn’t get a long with a coach. His son transfers to a school with an impressive academic rating (best in San Gabriel by far) a football team that hasn’t been in the playoffs in a buttload of years and CIF punishes the KID for his dad’s lapse of tact for an ENTIRE season…..A kid goes to several different high schools in four years and is eligible. Another kid transfers from a good team to a great team for his senior year, is ineligible for athletic transfer reasons. So he transfers again to another school and may be eligible now….wow…

      • umeyer

        get over it already aram….noddles is sitting, time for you to move on and get ready for some high school football.

      • Saints Fan

        here is where I am confused. We all believe that Scrimmages are considered Varsity Contests. Because there are rules as to the timing and # you can have. So, under that belief, Noodles was not eligible for Varsity Contests per the ruling. Coach put him into a Varsity Contest. Seems the coach, while trying to do some good for Noodles, actually screwed him over royally. OK, OK, Bad Rule, let’s look at changing it, but today, the Rule was broken. I am surprised that he is banned from JV games, unless that is NOW the punishment for breaking the first rule. If that is the case, then Coaches who put him in the scrimmage should be slapped and hard, not CIF for having a rule that coaches knowingly broke

      • Saints Fan

        and before you go there, YES, I think Scoby being eligible is a joke and one of the biggest travesties CIF has let happen in recent years. Valid Change of residence, whatever, you can still have that it was done in an effort to gain Varsity Eligibility and I believe the way the blue book is written, does not have to be challenged by prior team, but just has to be in the “eyes” of reasonable person to exist. Mayorga moved (verified), don’t know about the others. Payton, whole different ball of wax, or cow dung, or whatever. My bet he will be eligible Tomorrow after smudgepot, but no way anyone can’t claim that move to bonita was not done to gain varsity eligibility which is the verbiage right out of the blue book itself, and is cause for losing eligibility.

        • Saints Fan

          OK, I stand corrected, CIF Website now showing Payton eligible based on Valid Change of Residence…. so ARAM I’m with you… hahahaha that one is as ridiculous as anything, well except Scoby…. so see Jake at Smudgepot tonight, get ready for some craziness when Medrano puts him on the field.

      • MoreKetchup

        You’re forgetting that there is no concrete evidence against Payton and Scoby, whereas there’s is solid proof that Hull’s transfer was for strictly athletic reasons. Although the rule may be outdated and a bit cruel, it is still a rule and must be enforced when it is clear that it has been broken.

        • I smell a lawsuit

          There is just as much evidence against Payton as there is against Hull. Payton’s guardians filed a complaint with the district.

          • MoreKetchup

            Then Payton should be ineligible. This does not make Hull automatically innocent, and in reality, the “he did it so why can’t I” argument is so cliche.

    • Rafael

      Aaron, I agree because Noodles is actually practicing in the place of the person that will be playing that actual position for them the whole year. That player should be getting the reps, Noodles can get his practice all year with the jv team to get him ready for next year.

      South Hills did the same thing, they played a corner that is ineligible for 5 games also a runningback that is ineligible for a few games too.

      I was at the game and SH did not look good at all their starting runningback fumbled twice and dropped an easy 5 yard pass. If they plan to ride this guy all year they will have a very long year. I was hoping for a 7-3 record but they look at best 5-5. they tried to play their wild cat with last years quarterback but thats not going to work like it did the first 2 or 3 games last year. Eventually the coaches caught on to that and he runs way to straight up. tough and strong kid but that does not equal to great running it was an element of surprise. The line looked ok on both sides, the quarterback is a good passer but needs a game or two under his belt to get his full confidence. He looked great at passing league so he will be solid this year.

    • brad mill

      Maine isn’t dumb. He’s showcasing Noodles anytime and anywhere he can. Our starter at RB is Tyler Brown and he’s a two year starter. No problem for him to miss a couple of reps to help a friend. The scrimmage is what it is…a scrimmage. DBar looked good on offense as expected. What I really liked was that our defense was so much better. They made adjustments. It looked just like old DBar when South Hills first got the ball, but amazingly plays that worked in the first series were shut down the next. Our defense will have to get off the field quicker. No more 15-20 play drives that just wears us out. If we can do that…we can compete with anyone in our league. Los Altos, dranch, WC, Bonita, Rowland…only walnut looks overmatched. Gonna be a fun year…

    • mr power

      absolutely right. play and practice the kids who are going to actually play. i know this is crazy talk but any “coach” should put the “team” first. these recruiter guys always put themselves in a bind making promises they can’t keep. i remember gano alternating qb’s a few years ago for no legitimate reason.

  • OneLove

    This is going to be a great year in the Hacienda League!!! Just remember individuals don’t win games… Teams do!!! Happy Noodles could get some varsity game film…

  • Inland_FB_Fan

    If anyone can get Diamond Bar to play old school DBHS football it is Ryan. I had the pleasure of coaching him in HS. What a great stand up guy and leader.

    • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

      Much agreed!