All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 1 …

1. Bishop Amat (1-0) — Ambushed yet another Pac-5/OC power.
2. La Habra (1-0) — A very La Habra-esque rout in Week 0.
3. Chino Hills (1-0) — Can they hang with Amat yet again?
4. Charter Oak (0-0) — Big Lou’s boys debut on Friday.
5. La Serna (1-0) — Decent win over Vista of San Diego.
6. South Hills (1-0) — Countdown is now on for Covina series to end.
7. Monrovia (0-0) — Revenge-minded ‘Cats take on Ayala.
8. Los Altos (1-0) — Lived up to billing in win over Arroyo.
9. St. Francis (0-0) — Heavy favorites to handle Chino.
10. Bonita (1-0) — Adding Payton and routing SD cause for big leap.
11. La Mirada (0-1) — Yes it was Tesoro, but was expecting better.
12. West Covina (1-0) — Workmanlike win over Colony.
13. Diamond Ranch (1-0) — So much for looking bad in scrimmage.
14. Diamond Bar (1-0) — Simply too fast for Montebello.
15. Claremont (0-0) — Very intriguing opener with Glendora.
16. Santa Fe (1-0) — Good win over solid Ont. Chr. team.
17. Muir (1-0) — Got by Salesian, here comes Alemany.
18. Rio Hondo Prep (1-0) — Kares started season in style.
19. Rowland (1-0) — Had to work hard to edge Nogales.
20. Glendora (0-0) — Intriguing opener against Claremont.
21. San Dimas (0-1) — Hoping to bounce-back at Los Altos.
22. Whittier Chr. (1-0) — Survived trip to Bishop w/ease.
23. Arroyo (0-1) — Proved lots in hanging tough with LA.
24. Duarte (1-0) — Excellent win over Valley Chr.
25. La Salle (0-1) — Stepped up and got waxed by Cathedral.

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  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    So, you (Aram) and Robledo BOTH have El Dorado beating Ayala. Ayala TORCHES ED, and they get no love.

    Head to head, Ayala beats 21 to 25 easily.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Now this week they are going to pick Ayala to Beat Monrovia…I have Monrovia winning that one.

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        OMG, I hope they do not pick Ayala. NO sane person would. They are my team and I’m not picking ’em. I’m a realist first, fan second.

        Honestly, I don’t think Monrovia will walk all over Ayala but you should win comfortably.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          I don’t think they are going to walk over Ayala Either. Despite Ayala looking bad in passing league, they do have athletes, and can win this game. They scored a lot of points vs El Dorado. Monrovia is going to have to do more than score, they are going to have to play some defense and don’t turn it over.

  • Colt74

    No one from Covina is looking to end the series. We got spanked, no doubt. Then stood in a corner and sent to bed without dinner.

    I guess we COULD have scheduled a team like, say, Ontario, or Garey, or maybe even Temple City for a first game. But when we win we want it to actually count as an accomplishment and not just a W.
    I see you got an early start this season. You normally take a couple of weeks before you start ragging on us.

    • Steve Ramirez

      Couldn’t agree more. CUVSD schools should play each other every year, regardless of talent difference.

      • AramT

        Should should should … but feeling get hurt when you get your cakes kicked and series end. Happens all the time, not just in the CVUSD. People just can’t take football losses. Any other sport, they don’t mind getting waxed nonstop, but football is diff.

        • Colt74

          I’ll say it till the end of time. My preseason schedule would be West Covina, Glendora, South Hill and Charter Oak. Everyone already picks us to lose so what happens when we win? NOTHING will do more for a football program than playing the best and looking to beat the best. Even in losses YOU LEARN and get better. NOTHING helps a team get better – better than getting your ass handed to you. Like we got ours handed to us Friday night.
          If people get their feelings hurt they need to put on their big girl panties. Play like men. Win like men, and lose like men.

      • Jastrab

        Northview played SH from 79 to 90+ – some years were very competitive and some years they were not, but they played them

        • Steve Ramirez

          Actually Jastrab, it goes back to at least 1974. I was there, as well as games from 75-78

    • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

      LMAO, sent to bed without dinner…that was a good one!

  • Husky FB

    I agree with Colt74. If you want to be considered relavent, then you have to beat the better teams. Last year Amat came into town thinking they were going to wax us, and we let them back in the game in the final seconds. We won that game. This year will be a bigger test, because we lost a lot of D-1 talent and Amat looks like they have some real players this year. I’m not predicting any blow out, but I think Amat will be cocky and over look us coming into Keifer. I do think we will win by a touchdown this year. We are ready and looked awesome game one. I really like what I saw as a complete team.

    • betruthful

      You are being very generous in your review of the team. Defense will win the game for CH against Amat IF it happens at all. Arlington was not competition and for you to base your comments on that game is HIGHLY misleading. Didn’t CH start the game with an interception against a low ranking team?

      • Husky FB

        I understand that Arlington was not as strong as SM. What I am saying is that we looked good as a team. No one should under estimate us this season. We will retake the Sierra, while spanking CO. We will make a deep run in the IE playoffs. We will be the best team in the SGV after beating Amat at Keifer. I know what I’m talking about, only time will tell.

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          You will be 1 and done in Playoffs with that “QB”.

        • 1st and goal

          Who you were at Arlington is not who you are going to be this Friday. It will be a totally different atmosphere. At the end of the night, SM went home banged up. Are you prepared for the same punishment? You won’t get the same calls that you did at home last year. This game will be won by the Boys in Blue within the first half.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            I was at that game last year, both teams benefited and suffered from bad officiating.

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          CH definitely looks more balanced this year. The defense appears to be playing with a blue collar attitude as well.

        • D-Mo

          I believe the Chargers will have something to say about that. Better get a lot of ice ready for your pups come 10/18, and hope you recover in time for Ayala.

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        CH doesn’t have a real QB. They have somebody not good enough to earn the job elsewhere and since there is no homegrown talent in the system at the QB position they had to recruit a transfer.

        • Lancerito

          What happened to Thropay? I thought he was set to be the QB this year.

    • 1st and goal

      This game will be done by half time. What you saw and heard on Friday night is what you can expect to hear again this Friday night at Keifer stadium. Being cocky is not who Amat is. This year we stand shoulder to shoulder. Side by side. Arm in arm. The size of SM was a true test to the the will and determination of the Boys in Blue. The stood their ground and kept working to bring down that Giant of a team. We’ve done it time n time again. Taken down a PAC 5 Goliath. We are the SGV David to the OC Goliaths. Not to mention the St. Bonaventure game or the Servite game. You bring your huskys to Keifer. You’ll be glad that this is the final year that you have to play us. Next year you can schedule someone else below your division for pre season to help boost your teams ego.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        SM underestimated Amat. OC teams always do. This Friday, there will be none of that. If CH really feels they are inland elite this year, they are going to have to beat amat. Amat would easily be # 3 in the inland behind VM and CC. However, There is nothing more dangerous than a underdog, on the road, with nothing to lose in an area rivalry game. I would have to say, that amat has more talent, and a better QB.Now are they going to have a let down game? I am taking Amat in that one. I don’t know how CH is going to rattle Haynes. SM is a mirror image of CH except CH does not have a guy like Nichols.

    • AMAT 73

      First off AMAT does not go into games thinking the’re going to wax anybody And last year how could we , first year QB ,many new position players , maybe a little to high from the Servite win , but not with the train of thought you speak of . We also lost a lot of talented players to graduation . CH always fields a solid team so I don’t anyone is thinking blow out , and AMAT needs to bring the intensity they played with Friday night for a chance to get the W . Let me just remind you of something , if you let us back in the game last year , we took advantage of your mistake and scored , so maybe you lost by that mistake happening but I will take the tie as that is what the books show and maybe you should too because remember we made the last mistake by missing the PAT . Good luck this Friday and here’s pregame note , Welcome to Keifer !!!!!

      • MonkeyWrench

        The most important thang for Amat was they played well in da trenches. SM stugled with da skills players which was da difference in dis particular game. But don’t ever lose sight of why da skills playas struggled for SM..da line play of Amat. This a great sign for Amat because week in and week out Amat skills guys will match up well. So da unknown was da line and now it be known Amat can plau in da trenches. Dis makes them a quality Pac5 team.

  • SGV FB Dad

    Husky FB,

    I was at the Amat game this past Friday and I was impressed with the Lancers. They started slow, but they never let down, and they were a completely different team in the second half. They did ambush SM. I doubt Arlington provided Chino Hills with a real challenge last Friday, so don’t be too confident in that win. Arlington is nowhere near SM’s talent. I disagree with your thoughts. I can’t see the Amat coaches letting them get cocky and overlook CH. I think Amat feels that they have something to prove because of last year’s game. I think CH is a good team this year, so I will say that Amat just wins by 2 TD’s.

  • Titan Football Fan

    After San Marino defeats Duarte, I assume we’ll see San Marino on the list. Prediction: 28 – 7 San Marino.

    • Husky FB

      Yes, you’ll be ranked #1 for beating the power house of San Marino.

    • Husky FB

      Meant the power house of Duarte

      • Titan Football Fan

        Maybe there’s a reason Amat is unwilling to schedule San Marino. Seriously, San Marino will be a competitive team this year in Division XI. That’s unusual here. Experienced coach, solid lines, quality skill postion players. It’s the low minors compared to Amat, but no less meaningful to the players.

        • Amat Dad

          To Titan Football Fan,

          Be proud of whoever you represent. I hate the people who come on here to knock any team. Real Amat fans are the alumni that have been taught to be proud of Amat always, but equally important, to respect any and all opponents. Amat usually doesn’t play any SGV team too low in division, but we respect all teams in the SGV, which is our home.

          • WCDan

            Classy responce Amat Dad, well said.

        • 12th man

          You really don’t follow High School Football do you?

        • MonkeyWrench

          Oh damm Amat be ducking San Marino now, Boi you may be rich but you still just dum. HAHAHA

          • Inland_FB_Fan

            well “munki rench” at least he can spell …. lol

    • rene77

      Yeah they should bump bishop Amat for number 1… Lmfao

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Last time Duarte and SM played was in 1997 in the playoffs….

      Duarte won at San Marino

  • Royal Blue Thunder

    This article states that it was AMAT who called and challenged Santa Margarita!

    By Martin Henderson (Editor) , August 31, 2013.

    Santa Margarita Catholic opened the 2013 football season at Bishop Amat but was beaten by another Pac-5 power in the first game of Coach Harry Welch’s final season. The Eagles went into the game ranked sixth in the Southern Section’s Pac-5 preseason poll and Bishop Amat was No. 8.

    Key Stats: Sophomore quarterback K.J. Costello passed for 243 yards and touchdowns of 86 and 73 yards to Kyle Sweet, but had five passes intercepted; one interception was returned for a 39-yard score by Adrian Ortega with 1:08 left in the third quarter that gave Amat a 24-21 lead. Jeremy McNichols, a transfer from Lakewood, rushed for 163 yards and scored from the 50 and the 1-yard lines.

    Pivotal Moment: Clinging to a 28-24 lead, the Eagles defense gave up a 20-yard pass on fourth-and-11 that led to a 1-yard touchdown run by Adrian Ortega with 4:22 left in the game.

    Quotable: “We got a bunch of new kids playing new positions. Give them some time. They’ll get better,” Welch told the Orange County Register.

    Records: Bishop Amat (1-0), Santa Margarita (0-1)

    Notes: As tough as the pivotal fourth down play was on the Eagles, a backward pass—otherwise known as a lateral—was recovered by Bishop Amat in the final minutes and led to the Lancers’ final touchdown with 1:47 to go. … Without the turnovers, the Eagles probably win, and in that sense, they have reason to be optimistic. … Costello’s first two passes were for touchdowns, making him two-for-two for 159 yards. … Coach Harry Welch said Bishop Amat called the Eagles for a game, and indicated that teams don’t make that call unless they’re pretty good. Bishop Amat is pretty good. … Since Johnny Stanton’s season-ending injury in 2012—at the time, SMCHS was No. 1 in the nation—the Eagles have gone 4-4.

    Score: Bishop Amat 38, Santa Margarita Catholic 28

  • disqus_EwzMXwPVzM

    Aram Santa Fe should be higher than 16. Last year you pick us to lose every game even in playoffs. But we kept winning. This year team is very strong and I know we have the best coaches. And we have the desire to be one of the top team’s. So don’t be surprised when you pick us to lose SF wins.

  • Aaron

    I don’t know how you can say Santa Fe got a good win over a division XII team? Nice to see the Bohigh D just kick some but. I think with another week to work Payton into the offense we have a chance to see something great this season and hopefully we’re mentally tougher than last season late in games.

    • Valley Athletics

      I saw Payton play against bonita at the 7 on 7 . The kid was so fast and looks alot stronger . Great pickup by bonita .

    • disqus_EwzMXwPVzM


      • Aaron

        And last year we lost to SD and couldn’t keep a lead, so nice to see you hating hard core. Who’s your squad?

    • The Chef

      So Aaron your Bohi Bearpussies beat a Division XI team and they kicked butt but SF beat a Division XII team and it was nothing…. You are still wearing those Beer googles at 2 AM for all thing bearpussie aren’t you Aaron… Get a perspective, it’s right next to the clues at Home(er) Depot

      • Aaron

        Beer goggles…uh huh, last time I remember you guys suited 80 players when you came to our house in 2009, you were the class of the division, I honestly thought you’d run away with the title and then your QB went down. If you knew anything about BoHigh and SD you’d know it’s a tremendous rivalry. Also the culture at SD is more conducive to football, plus their demographics and the division they compete in helps them greatly. But unlike your opponent, which was a very small school, play SD straight up and tell me they aren’t tough. And yes I know Ontario Christian has been decent in their division for awhile.

  • Go Deep

    Aram, You are still clueless. Ayala would beat more than half the teams on your list and they continually get no respect from you from year to year. They will probably finish 3 or 4 again this year in the tough Sierra League, which is better than most of your over rated lower division sweethearts would do. Put the Dogs in the Hacienda and they are perennial CIF contenders and league champs. Get it right my friend.

    • Aaron

      Tell that to CO…

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      If you put them in Hacienda, they would contend. When looking at how they fit into the Southeast…
      They don’t beat Downey,LM, Wesco,La Serna, Norwalk, Muir and Maybe Santa Fe. You throw CO in that division next year…they would be ranked at least # 8-10 in the Rankings. They would fair better than in the Inland, but i would not Say perennial contender.

      • WCDan

        I agree GP.

  • Arthur Fonzarello

    I’ve gone over the BA/SM video a few times and first let me say thanks to whoever filmed this. I’m running it on a 21″ wide screen monitor and the video quality is excellent for once.

    The more I look over the video the more I’m impressed by the job the lineman did.

    Is it me or does Amat have the luxury of having enough quality lineman to cover,for the most part, offense and defense. That’s not a knock just an observation.

    CH is a very good team, but they just don’t have it at the QB position. Most things being equal, Haynes has the potential to do to CH what Adams from Alemany did to Amat a few years back. BTW, Adams lit up the Oregon State defense this past Saturday.

    • 12th man

      Haynes is good..but he’s no “Adams”

      • SGV Dad

        You’re right, he’s a better passer than Adams.

        • 12th man

          He might be when it’s all said & done? He’s only slightly behind Adam’s numbers as a senior..

          Total yds passing: 2,901
          Td’s: 27

          Total yds. rushing: 896
          Td’s: 14

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Numbers are not everything tho…Adams had better talent around him as well.

    • Lancerito

      What happened to Thropay? He played against Amat his freshman year.

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        Changed positions from what I heard.

  • 12th man

    Although Amat beat a good program in RSM they are nowhere near the same team they were 2 years ago..RSM is projected to end “last” in their division..I can’t remember the last time a trinity league heavyweight would be such a huge underdog in their own division? This year’s projected scores:

    Rancho Santa Margarita-3
    St.john Bosco-50

    Rancho Santa Margarita-7
    Mater Dei-42

    Orange Lutheran-28
    Ranco Santa Margarita-22

    Rancho Santa Margarita-24

    Rancho Santa Margarita-21

    Don’t know if last week’s game was a complete surprise? Calpreps had BA over RSM 35-28 this week they have BA over Chino Hills 38-31..Could be a little closer as I don’t anticipate the CH QB to throw 5 picks..Amat is tough at Keifer & they have a strong kicker if the game comes down to the wire~ I have Amat winning late if the DB’s can prevent the home-run ball~

    Here’s a projected score for the rest of Amat schedule~

    Chino Hills-31

    Rancho Cucamonga-24

    Charter Oak-24


    Culver City-14

    Notre Dame-35




    • SGV Dad

      There’s always a hater. Spend your time supporting your team Bozo, instead of all the research you put in getting all these numbers.

      • 12th man

        There’s no hate fool! Can’t help it if you’re soft? Change your name to “SGV MOM” if the truth hurts..I’m just stating the obvious to some uninformed football fans.. it is what it is..Sometimes it’s good reviews…Sometimes it’s constructive criticism..nothing more~

        • observantcat

          Thats kind of how I saw last weeks game as well, Both Bishop and SM have big challenges ahead of them in the PAC 5 and thats just a part of playing in that Div. The truth is the truth, Both teams need to step up their defenses against a good running and passing team otherwise those scores will pile up and amat with only one lethal weapon needs to start sharpening up their running game or their season will be remembered as the team that was. As Freddie would say Welcome to Big Boy Football.

          • 12th man

            You nailed it~Kind of hard explaining to Amat fans about the pac5? & I do get it..their hungry for a league title..but winning the division is a whole different beast..(please remove the blinders people)

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Winning 10 games on that level is very difficult. To win 4 in row verse national ranked teams takes A lot of talent, depth, and great play. You have to be lucky as well with injuries. The winner of the pac 5 may not be the best team in week 0. QB play in the pac is huge, Haynes is a good one, so BA has a shot to get to the 2nd round. Going to the semis or Winning a title will come once BA has 2-3 classes of talent players consecutively. 1 here one there leaves a gap, and prevents a team from having the total package at any given time.

  • John Rizzi

    I am laughing at how big the San Gabriel Valley has become… Im thinking anything East of Claremont, Pomona, and Diamond Bar is the Inland Empire… Going South…La Habra Whittier and Pico… is the Gateway.

    Its kind of like saying Baja California is close to California, so lets count it.

    Just saying.

  • brad mill

    I love how you keep expanding the San Gabriel Valley. You keep including schools that aren’t located in it, I guess to try to make the area more formidable than it is on it’s own. Chino Hills, La Habra etc….please take them out and stick to the borders. Including them is arbitrary and is like the CIF denying Hull but letting Peyton play. Here is a link to a map of the San Gabriel Valley, if it helps.

  • SquareOne

    Don’t worry Ayala with all the turmoil going on at Glendora with defections, Lewallen walking around like a lost child not knowing his offense with a coaching staff ready to munity, parents up in arms with what they hearing from their sons and daughters and kids whom basically don’t respect him you’ll break that top 25 in no time.
    It’s hideous what is going on at Glendora. They are literally below getting back to square one.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib


    • Gridiron

      SquareOne you obviously have some ax to grind with Coach Lewallen. There is no mutiny among the coaching staff, no turmoil in the program. The players respect Coach Lewallen and know coach has worked hard to provide them with the best possible football experience. He as put together a solid coaching staff, including experienced coordinators who work well with the young men in the program. Im sorry to say it’s just the same old disgruntled Glendora parent on the blogs, it happens every year.That whats hideous.

      • SquareOne

        I’m sorry to say YOU’RE just the same old in DENIAL excuse making Glendora parent on the blogs, coming to the defense of the indefensible.
        If you think there is no “mutiny” or chatter going on amongst his “experienced” staff than you’re in denial. Sit next to them at the local watering hole. LOL. Of course he has experienced staff, someone has to cover his backside because he has no clue.
        And if you think the kids aren’t talking around campus. Come down spend sometime down here.
        Lewallen needs to be shipped back to Pompei where he belongs or if you’r so enthralled with him make him an Freshman assistant until he understands the system his “experienced” assistances have put in for him. No way in heck is this head coaching material. You mean to tell me after the “Q’ bailed on us there wasn’t anybody else out there? SERIOUSLY?
        Yes it happens every year on the blog and most likely will until the program rids itself of excuse makers like yourself. That’s what’s hideous!!!

  • What?

    The “all incompassing” has to include those areas because those areas reside within the Trib, Pasadena, and Whittier paper distribution territory. If they’re going to sell papers to the people in these areas then they have to report on the kids in these areas.