La Mirada: What happened?

La Mirada woke up in a roadside ditch.

“When you get a top ranking, people think you’re tough. When people think you’re tough, people want to see how tough.” — DirecTV eye patch commercial.

So there it was, the most shocking score of Friday night: Tesoro 43, La Mirada 14. For the entire offseason, media types like myself got flooded with the dope on La Mirada’s standout players and big-time recruits. We, in turn, flooded you, the readers/bloggers, with the dope on La Mirada’s standout players and big-time recruits. This publicity obviously brought a lot of attention to the Matadores … and where there’s publicity there’s resentment and, yes, haters. La Mirada opened the season on Friday with a nice test. A road game against a Pac-5 team. And deep in the heart of Orange County, LM got smashed. Although Tesoro plays in a premier division and a tough league, if you saw which team had the super recruits, you’d think La Mirada was the Pac-5 team. A receiver going to Oklahoma. A TE/LB with his pick of any school. An o-lineman going to Cal. A junior QB with suitors lining up. So how could this happen? I don’t want to hear about how La Mirada was the lower division team and we shouldn’t be surprised. If you have that many D-1 guys, I don’t care what your division is, you should be able to play. Heck, LM made Amat break a sweat last year before falling. So what the heck happened? The floor is open for answers.

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  • Raindropz

    So they have a few good players (still overhyped) becourse they send film to every school in the nation ofc they get offers) that doesn’t make the whole team good. They lack size and speed. Defence is not that good and QB played bad, he is really atletic and can play any postion he didnt do anything really good this time ut im sure he will pick it up.

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    Just like Monrovia last year. Like 5 D1 guys against lowly Ayala… Got beat top to bottom. Varsity was only a 1 point win for Ayala and JV/Frosh stomped, but still… Monrovia SHOULD HAVE beat Ayala with all the D1 Talent.

    If you’re going to jaw jack about how good you/your program is, you have GOT to be able to bring the goods no matter who you are facing.

    This year Monrovia should win comfortably, but beating Ayala this year is no real prize.

    • Valley Athletics

      The difference is Monrovia does not make videos

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        They thump that chest pretty hard though.

        • Valley Athletics

          That’s just a couple guys on the board .La mirada made 5 videos .

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Monrovia is a small school

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        So is De La Salle…

        Your point is???

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          They recruit.

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            Few schools don’t, though a lot of time it is at the player level. Tell me everyone on your team is home grown.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Pretty Much I would say 98 %… we normally have 2 maybe 3 transfers, and most of those guys grew up within 1 mile of the campus. Ainsworth and Scoby could have easily went to Monrovia or Duarte.

      • La Mirada 4life

        Yes, Monrovia is a small school, you have about 1700 students. La Mirada has about 2200 students. We are closer to same size than some of our division opponents, Like Downey, Paramount etc who have over 4,000

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Montebello Has over 3…all the almont league schools are huge. Mtown beat Paramount twice. The whole problem with LM is the hyping. The south east and midvalley are not as far apart as you think. The same year Wesco scored 60 on LM..lil ol covina from D11 beat them. I don’t consider LM SouthEast Elite….

          • WCDan

            On the other hand GP the Mid Valley and the Southeast are not as close as you think, there are usually three or four teams in the Mid that could make the playoffs in the Southeast, but thats usually about it. By the way, the year Covina beat WC was not the same year WC beat La Mirada.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            your right..Covina took WC to overtime that year… Dan Please remember that RHP beat Arcadia, which made the playoffs…Arroyo beat Rowland as well. You have to judge the lower tier games too. I can show you last season where the midvalley won More matchups vs southeast teams. Of course the southeast elite teams would wipe the floor with all but two teams in the midvalley. Monrovia and Paraclete are the only teams that could win in the southeast. I truly believed if Mtown got in there, they could go to the semi’s, they also could lose in the 2nd round too.

          • WCDan

            GP… “Of course the southeast elite teams would wipe the floor with all but two teams in the midvalley.”
            Thats what I meant when I said the divisions are not that close, there are probably 10 or more teams this year in the Southeast that would have a legit shot at making the Mid valley semis or finals. If you turn it the other way around you have 1 or 2 teams in the Mid Valley, or in a good year maybe 3 that could get to the Southeast semis.

          • La Mirada 4life

            I wouldn’t consider us the elite ether right now. Never did, with all the HYPING as you say. But , I believe that LM is just trying to attract younger players who could go to LH, LS, StJohnB , MD , Servite and . Students in the area are capable of attending those schools. But Monrovia should be moved up.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Making vids in not the way to do it. Winning the title will attract kids. yes Mtown should go up if we had football only leagues and divisions.

          • La Mirada 4life

            I like the video’s, it’s way cool. shows team spirit, and kids have a blast. You did know we won in 2009. so it’s not like we haven’t won anything.

  • observantcat

    Maybe Tesoro is Much, Much better than we are giving them credit to be. First game of the season can show some teams what is necessary to go forward and make it to the playoffs.

    • AramT

      I don’t have any prob with LM losing on the road vs. a Pac-5 team. I do have a prob with the final score being what it was. Not when you have D-1 WR, D-1 TE/LB, D-1 QB and D-1 OL.

      • Local

        It’s football season and we only have two posts from Aram? Are you working on something big?

      • AMAT 73

        Out of curiosity , how many possible D-1’s does Tesoro have on their roster , or anyone if they have the information .

  • Aaron

    Tesoro must be good.

  • Eastern Ave.

    After all that hype video’s and promos over the summer…
    Pride comes before the fall. 😀

  • Valley Athletics

    The number of penalized yards was huge . That’s all on the coaching .

    • Aaron

      How many?

      • RealTalk


      • Valley Athletics

        Don’t remember the exact numbers . I know it was 22 penaltys and over 100 yards .

  • FredJ

    I don’t care if you have three or four D-1 recruits, this isn’t basketball, three or four guys don’t dominate in high school football without a supporting cast. They can at the lower levels, but not against the powers in the Pac-5, too much depth and size.

    Monrovia thought it could compete with the upper levels a couple years back with its D-1 guys, they couldn’t.

    • AramT

      False comparison because in the end how many Monrovia guys actually went D-1? La Mirada has one going to Oklahoma, one going to whoever wins the BCS championship, one going to Cal and one thinking he’ll be Gruden’s first QB at USC after Kiffin is fired.

      La Mirada 2013 and Monrovia 2012 are two different stories.

      Plus, like I said, they hung with a Pac-5 team last year in Amat. Monrovia beat a Mission League team in SF.

      P.S. — La Serna, another Southeast team, went on the road last season and waxed Westlake (Pac-5) last year.

      • mr power

        aram is totally right… which i don’t think i have ever written before. they have “star” guys plus numbers and facilities.

        so, in review they have studs, more than enough players to have quality practices, facilities, community support, admin support, and there is one thing missing starts with a “c” and ends with a “g”.

        speaking of monrovia and la mirada if i had to put money on it head to head i would take monrovia. although la mirada’s jv and freshman would win.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Mtown is known for blowing Games…not being blown out. That’s not good, I don’t think their is a team in the SGV that would blow the cats out. We would be in the game. That’s the most i can promise.

      • What?

        Their QB is one of those guys that looks great in the program, getting off the bus, and in worm ups, but then the game starts and everyone wonders, “what the hell happened”.

    • What?

      They have a number of kids on the roster that are pushing 300 lbs. I would say size wise they are considerably bigger then Amat and a number of other Pac-5 teams.

      • Rene77

        so was RSM and look what happen… you can have size but if your not quick on your feet you will not win the battles in the trenches.

    • Steve Ramirez

      Los Altos 2000…2 D1 players….14-0

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Fred… What are you talking about? 4-9 Divisions separates Mtown from those upper divisions schools. Monrovia did compete with the uppers….Their losses were 1-3 pt losses, not blow outs. How is that not competing? Not winning but competing. Monrovia also beat all those opponents at least once. They are up 1 on St Francis, and could tie things up with Ayala with a win on Friday and South hills with win later on. . La Marida has more D1 Talent now, , than Monrovia, did. They got blew out by 40 against West Co in the playoffs, then followed that up by losing to Santa Fe in the quarters. What has LM done? Really…

  • SGV Dad

    I think La Mirada players actually thought they were as good as their coaches were hyping the team to be. They came out over confident, and ran into a superior team that beat them up. There is no shame in losing to Tesoro, even if the score was so lopsided. I still think La Mirada wins the Southeast, just wait and see. Tesoro, by the way, is a very good team that has upset some good teams in the recent past. They beat Servite 2 years ago in the playoffs, and they beat Amat 3 years ago in the playoffs when Amat had their famed Rio Ruiz leading the team. Wait until La Mirada hits league play and you will see a dominant team.


      Your one week into the season and you think La Mirada will win the Southeast. Between Downey, La Serna, Norwak, Diamond Ranch, Muir and West
      Covina. All these teams have a real good shot at beating La Mirada this year. I wouldn’t put my money on La Mirada to win this early in the season.

  • The stands

    La Mirada lost to a better team, obviously, and their D1 prospects aren’t as good as advertised…but the season is young.

  • The Chef

    WOW was that the world famous Dancing Matadores football team made up of 18 ALL AMERICAN Division I prospects. I am amazed that Tesoro even took the field against this Matador dancing dynasty. I don’t think it is fair that the Matadors weren’t awarded 100 points for style and Uniform color coordination. CIF is obviously filed with haters and cheaters if they made the Dancing Matadors play such an obviously less skilled team. They should have just awarded the win to La Mirada and then everyone could have enjoyed 2 hours of stories about how the Matadors will dance their way to the CIF Division and state championships. Well I guess we will have to wait another week for the Mats to be recognized for the superstar they so obviously are. Oh I hope those crude Highlanders don’t expect my Dancing Matadors to spend 60 minutes playing football. They have autographs to sign…

  • Colt74

    I Have been to a couple of LM practices. I’ve talked with their coaches. La Mirada NEVER came out and said we are the world. Everyone else did after their videos. NO ONE pumps their kids up to give their all or is there for the kids like Coach Mochetti or the coaches and staff around him. No one gets the community support like LM does. They had a bad game. It happens. Sometimes when it rains it pours. Penalties KILLED them and PLEASE don’t put that off on the coaches. Players have brain farts. Seems like there was an epidemic that night of it. It happens. It happened. They will regroup and move on. Follow coach M on twitter and you will see all he asks for is effort and improvement in his players.. They WILL provide the effort and they Will improve. I look forward to continuing this conversation come play offs.

  • WCDan

    My first thought is that after the 4 D1 recruits, the drop off is probably pretty big when it comes to the rest of the team, you don’t have that issue with Tesoro and other good Pac 5 or upper division teams. After the 3 or 4 D1 studs, those teams are stacked with tough solid football types at almost every position, and 2 or 3 deep at most of those positions. Where as with most of the good lower level teams you got your 2 or 3 studs and then the rest of the starting positions are filled with some mediocre, some average, and some good players.
    Then injuries come into play, much bigger effect on a lower level team, especially if it’s a key player.

  • MonkeyWrench

    Da funny thang be college coaches buy into the hype des hs coaches be generating. Way to many over rated players be getting early offers these days. LM be a great example of schools who have learned to hype kids. Salesian be another school. des teams and coaches are just not as good as advertised. Da teams underachieve at the HS level da players underachieve at the college level. But hey kids are getting the opportunity to go to school so have at it.

  • Don

    The problem isn’t with La Mirada, it’s with those calling their talent “D1 players”.

    These kids aren’t “D1 players”, they are PROSPECTS! Haven’t played a down of college football yet, D1, D3, NAIA, Cerritos, nothing.

    We get this every year from coaches, fans, parents, the blogger nation, and OH YEAH, the media guys, who all feel the need to puff up 17 year old talent into the next coming of RG III or J.J. Watt . . . then, when their team loses, there has to be some huge freakin’ PROBLEM. Problem, maybe, is with expectations and the failure of some folks to recognize that successful High School football teams are built on depth, good
    fundamental coaching, and a group of kids (and yeah, Freddie, their family’s), buying into to what the program is trying to do and committing to it.

    Kinda like, you know, Amat. Sure, sometimes they have over the top fans but what really matters is they
    win, year in, and year out, with what most recognize as fairly modest talent, (for a ranked D1 team). How? Not by hyping their superstars, boosting press releases, and youtube video. They do it by working their asses off and sticking to the program.

  • La Mirada 4life

    This is not what we expected or anticipated, but it didn’t come as a big surprise. There is no excuse for the big score laid on us, 1st, 2nd and 3rd string did not do their jobs friday nite. Penalties were numerous (22) and a killer for us emotionally. When La Mirada gets back to full strength, we should show better. We have holes to fill from injuries from before the game, and now after. Hopefully we can survive the next few games without any more injuries, get those that are injured to recover and fill the needs that are apparent for everybody to see.

  • reality

    Right on Don!! You start hyping stars to much the water bearers might just quit carrying the water.

  • no-step

    High school players sometimes take all of the media hype too seriously. They’ll think all they need to do is to toss their jockstrap out on the 50 yard line, and the other team will start quaking in their boots. The worst thing coaches can do is to teach football players how to read.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      “The worst thing coaches can do is to teach football players how to read.”
      I just shot water through my nose all over my monitor after reading that. Thanks. That was some funny chit.