• Mikey it’s a hook and LADDER

  • 933PM Mikey shouts out”amat defense is gassed” for the second time…then Amat forces CH to go 3 and out….wow…guess you have no clue either

  • Joe Amat

    Does anyone want to rethink last weeks meme that Amats win was largely because Santa Margarita is just down this year? Give nationally ranked Bishop Gorman a call and ask them? Costello, Sweet, and McNichols are legit.

    (…and Galileo – they WERE gassed and CH DID have the momentum. the Amat just Lancered Up on that final drive and did what it takes to get a win. Doesn’t mean they werent doing it on fumes!)

    • hey Joe… I was being a bit sarcastic in response to Mike Robledo, I knew they were tired too…I had confidence that they’d get a stop and regain some swagger in their play, in fact,they got 2 stops,sealed the game. Once again Amats kicking game is subpar, they need to improve big time. As far as Bishop Gorman,didn’t they play in Hawaii last week? SoCal this week…that’s a huge advantage for SM, HS kids are not use to extended travel…I just watched the game on DVR and SM looked better defensively to me this week and up and down again offensively…but they have 2 dynamic playmakers!

      • Valley Athletics

        Bishop Gorman played servite last week and won Easily .

      • SGV Dad

        Actually no, Bishop Gorman played at home last week and pounded Servite 44-17.

      • fb102

        Galileo, What EXACT aspect of the ‘kicking game’ is ‘subpar’? be SPECIFIC….

      • Joe Amat

        I think that was Mission Viejo that played on the islands last week, wasn’t it?

    • Valley Athletics

      Sweet had 13 receptions for 293 yards

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Key Note Players around the area

    Haynes BA-after week two is front runner for SGV POY honors

    Beltran DR-He’s got the DR rolling….keep it going!

    Payton Bohi- will end up being 1st team South East, and 1st team All Area

    Montoya Bohi- 2 TD’s in Two weeks on Defense…could also be 1st Team SE and All Area

    Estuardo LA – 4 TD’s Looks like one the most productive around

    Scoby- Mtown- Dazzling, Will be a All State Selection when it’s all over…

    Jackson -Mtown- one of the best cover corners in the area

    Others can add to the watch list….

    Mtown had a great opening game. I thought it was an impressive defensive effort. 13 pts allowed is a great measuring stick on how good this defense can be. Ayala Score 42 last week.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      You better rethink that defense. It got at least a little help from Ayala receivers. They could not hold onto the balls that hit their hands. They hold onto half of those dropped passes, you’re looking at Monrovia with a 21 point deficit and Meyette gets into the conversation for MVP along with Haynes. But so far looks like it’s not meant to be. Sucks for him. He’s a good QB.

      Like I said a few weeks ago. Beating Ayala is no real prize. That D is bad and those receivers must have Vaseline on their hands.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        I don’t know… Those same WR went nutts last week verses EL Dorado. Down the Stretch that d clamped up…Meyette got Sacked twice, and threw a pick to close out the game..It was week 1 for our defense and they were a little winded It was week two for yours…Besides…Monrovia had some miscues, and drops of our own. The score shouuld have been in the 40’s. You are right….Ayala D is soft as butter tho’ Mayette for MVP… He wasn’t the best QB on the field that night. He only threw for 40 More yards than Potts, and had a turnover in crunch time. Look how Haynes came back to win two weeks in a row…No one from Ayala is getting MVP. Not in league, Not in the division no MVP.

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          Those same wr’s left about a buck-fifty and 2 TD’s laying on the ground the previous week. They left at least that much this week.

          That pick looked like a bad route to me me.

          If I had your team and I could pick between the two QB’s, I’d take Ayala’s every Friday night… all the way to the finals.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I don’t think so… That was our QB’s first game as a starter and first start this season. How Many starts does Meyette have under his belt? Potts is going to get better week by week. Our QB was on target all night. He’s also a D1 prospect as an ATH. The Cats left a few scores on the field. Either way, Monrovia wins that game. Ayala had their chances to come back, but Monrovia had their chance to go up 28-7 at half time. After that it could have been a blow out. 21-13, that’s the score, that’s what happened.

            Calpreps projected 22-17.

          • Go Deep

            You make some very good arguments and you are absolutely correct about the final score speaking for itself. Monrovia earned their win. Ayala blew their opportunities and Monrovia’s D stepped up when it had to. Five drives inside the 10 resulted in 0 pts. One TD called back for a clip. In my book that equals 42 points left on the field. That didn’t happen against a rebuilding El Dorado team the week before. Good teams have to score in the red zone, Ayala didn’t.. Ayala has to learn to finish drives and limit the ridiculous penalties. Almost every drive had some sort of stupid penalty to overcome. That can’t happen anymore if they hope to compete for a playoff spot in the Sierra. As for the Ayala D being soft as butter. Rethink that one. They shut you out the second half. Just saying. Congratulations on the win. I’m sure MTown will have another great season. I’ll stay out of the QB argument, they both played well enough to win.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            So Theoretically , Ayala should have won 55-21? I am not buying that. Besides Ayala had one game worth of conditioning, while Monrovia players did not. On just about all of Ayala’s break away plays a Monrovia player caught them. In the 2nd half Monrovia was clearly tired. We had some big runs and 1st downs negated by holding calls. Whether they were legit or not, the lineman will get better. Ayala doesn’t even get as many chances in the red zone, if those conversion are made. However they were conditioned well enough to finish the game with the last defensive stop and turn over. Also keep in mind that Kurt Scoby did not play a full season last year. He went both ways and contributed on special teams. He had 240 all purpose yards 5 tackles, and a sack. When he gets his legs under him…He is going to be be ready. Despite being lower division, we expect to win those games. Monrovia insiders are impressed because they got the win, and have a lot of room to get better. There were a lot of Sophomores and Juniors on the field. Monrovia is a young football team, and they held it together.

    • Inland_FB_Fan

      Not impressed. M-town struggled with an Ayala team not ranked it the Tribune’s top 25….lol.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Well at Least it’s a victory over Inland Div 2 sierra league team…That works for us. Especially since we are a Rio Hondo league Div 11 program. It was a tough week for the sierra league. 0-6 this week.

  • Valley Athletics

    Wow . Upland down 37-7 at halftime .

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      57-28 Oaks Christian. Ouchie!

  • rene77

    I really think that BA defense was horrible. Don’t know if it’s favoritism or what but I thin they need to give others a chance to prove themselves. Plenty of dept on that team with good athletic sophomores… I hope they can figure it out before league starts… The D line did great against RSM and saw alot of rotaion going on, but for some reason Hagerty didn’t do the same in this game and the results where not good.

    • Football High School Fan

      You must be a sophomore parent or related to a sophomore. I think the D-Line did great!! BA’s defense from what I seen is looking good. I didn’t see last weeks game but from what I saw this week at the game BA’s Defense is stacked and they got the job done.

      • rene77

        I don’t even have kids… But I’ve been fallowing the class of 2016 since last year..did great??? What game where you watching? 42 point allowed you must be a senior parent that feels threaten by the super sophs

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          @Rene77; The reality is FEW Sophs are mentally ready for Friday Night Lights. You should be happy they even suit up and are in a position to be the next man up.

          @FHSF, you’re spot on. Definitely related some way.

          • Rene77

            Lmfao just a fan but if you think so ok haha

        • Football High School Fan

          Hahaha..No I don’t have kids on the team this year… my son graduated in 2012. Your response answered my question. Good luck to your sophomore son…I’m sure he’s good if he’s on Varsity as a sophomore. I’m a fan of all AMAT players. Not here to knock anyone. If he’s good I’m sure coaches will see that don’t think coaches play favoritism, they play who deserves to be out there.

          • Rene77

            By the way I’m an amat alumni 1995

        • Valley Athletics

          The sophmore kids just need to keep working hard Nd learning . They will get there chance . It’s still an early season and injuries occur .

          • Rene77

            Very true the cream always rises to the top

    • AramT

      I think you’re probably looking at the Sierra League champs in Chino Hills. So I wouldn’t knock Amat’s D too much. Bechtel is a good offensive play caller and CH has some serious skill guys.

      Now, having said that, will Amat see better sets of skill players in the P-5? Probably.

      Camargo going both ways … wow … running back and linebacker … I feel for the kid.

      • Rene77

        do you think amat should have adjusted their defense?

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Chino HIlls played BA great last year, but did not win the Sierra…CO is not going to go down lightly. However giving up 50 to BA is different than giving up 50 to Eastvale.

        • D-Mo

          You are right about the “giving” part. 3 free TDs is way too much to give away. CO special teams are not looking very special.

          • WCDan

            For what it’s worth, Roosevelt blew out Tustin last week 39 to 8, they could be a top tier Inland team this year, Sierra league crown is far from settled

      • Valley Athletics

        Well crespi lost 47-7 , so I don’t think they have a set of skill guys like chino hills and balanced offense . Alemany from what I have been reading in the prepstar blog is not near what they where passed 3 years . They lost 3 d1 receivers and a good Qb . Between Amat and Alemany it comes down to who has the better offense . amat does this year . notre Dame looks like the top dog this year .

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          If you watch the caption over on Steve’s side, I think Muir did a great job. It’s no secrect that Alemany-Muir northwest, has a lot of their talent. BA is going to win that matchup if they are healthy. They are a better football team. Heck, BA has a good chance at winning the Serra. They only way a team is going to beat them, is to score 35 pts or more. BA vs ND for all the marbles.

    • Lancerito


      You can stop now. It’s obvious what your agenda is. To get your sophomore DE kid some playing time. Unfortunately, he is not ready and will actually have less opportunity once Moran returns. Your son will be a good varsity player if he keeps working in the weight room and puts on some weight. Right now, he’s a good pass rusher but not big enough or strong enough to play the run and seal the corner at the Varsity level. Everyone, including the coaches, saw him get put on his back in the SM game video highlights.

      And yes, we do need to make some adjustments on defense but your son playing is not one of them this year.

      Support the team and coaches. You don’t want to ruin your kids experience by posting all this negative stuff and players getting upset with him.

      Also, I’ve been around the program long enough to know that these coaches are fair, give everyone a shot, and play the best players. So please don’t try this favoritism or Senior CLICK stuff because I will have to call you out on it every time.

      • rene77

        Lmfao ….

      • Valley Athletics

        There will be some opportunities for the sophs when they play St. Paul and culver city .those games will be blow outs .

      • Football High School Fan

        I was looking thru some old comments and Rene77 must be related to Vasquez… that’s why he’s putting the BA’s Defense down. He wants to get his kid some playing time. Not very smart… talking about about his own son’s teammates and coaches. I’m sure those senior parents are not going to be too happy with his comments. I called him out on it and sure enough I was right!!

        See below what he posted a while back showing footage of his kid…


        • 3 months ago

        Here is full footage of Andrew Vasquez I found on his you tube page. Kid is amazing. Footage shows great technique,must see.


    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Rene, I don’t think that was the issue. These two teams, BA and CH, actually match up pretty well and both are coached well. When you have a game like that, it’s not much you can do scheme wise. However, what they did do was remind their players about being in position and making tackles. Sometimes two teams just go after each other like that.

      Before the game I mentioned that I thought BA’s WRs had the advantage over CH’s DBs. Case in point was 2-3 BA TDs came from passes. I thought CH’s defense would play tough and they did in the second half. Once both teams settled down, they still traded TDs. So basically, in answer to your question, there wasn’t much more Hagerty or Bechtel could have done. Game had to be played on the field.

  • Valley Athletics

    What a score . 69-55 corona centenial over st Bonnie’s . I guess the top teams don’t have defenses either .