All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 2

9-6-13 LAMIRADA05
This pic has symbolism.

1. Bishop Amat (2-0) — Building quite a resume.
2. La Habra (2-0) — Whittier area’s top team, bar none.
3. Monrovia (1-0) — Had good/bad moments vs. Ayala.
4. Chino Hills (1-1) — Scary offense when it’s clicking.
5. St. Francis (1-0) — No prob in opener against Chino.
6. Bonita (2-0) — Two nice wins to start, but here comes G-High.
7. Los Altos (2-0) — Conqs pulled away from SD in 2nd half.
8. Charter Oak (0-1) — Revenge-minded Los Al coming to town.
9. West Covina (2-0) — Can ‘Dogs keep streak going vs. SH?
10. La Serna (1-1) — Solid showing in loss to Los Osos.
11. Diamond Ranch (2-0) — Two games, two blowouts.
12. Glendora (1-0) — Beat Claremont, now visits Bo-High.
13. South Hills (1-1) — Can bounce back vs. West Covina.
14. Santa Fe (2-0) — Wins over Ont. Chr. and Esperanza. Solid.
15. Rowland (2-0) — Hoping to give Northview a reality check.
16. La Mirada (0-2) — Things could get worse vs. Servite.
17. Whittier Chr. (2-0) — Solid outfit has another good product.
18. Muir (1-1) — Banged with Alemany for a while. Not bad.
19. Claremont (0-1) — Mistakes hurt bad against Glendora.
20. Diamond Bar (0-2) (1-1) — Getting worked by Norwalk is bad sign.
21. Arroyo (1-1) — Knights will be tested at La Puente.
22. Rio Hondo Prep (1-1) — Season following similar script to ’12.
23. San Marino (1-0) — Pulled away from Duarte in nice opening win.
24. La Salle (1-1) — Got important win over PHS.
25. San Dimas (0-2) — Desperation time Fri. at D-Bar.

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  • RealTalk

    Isn’t Diamond Bar (1-1)???

    • TruTH

      Diamond Bar is 1-1 correct and wish Tyler a speedy recovery. He is the difference for Diamond Bar is terms of how successful they will be come league. They should be able to handle San Dimas without Peterson due to their playmakers in the backfield. The problem with DB remains the same and that is their defense. Last year they gave up 52 point against the same Norwalk team and this year gave up 48. If they do not improve their defense it will be difficult to match up against bigger more physical lineman such as those from Diamond Ranch, Bonita, Los Altos, Rowland, and West Covina.

      • brad mill

        Defense is much better at DBar…Norwalk averages over 300lb on the oline and run a double wing. Fullback is a 265 beast. If we don’t lose Tyler we put up 30 on them and they don’t get the ball on 3 and outs over and over again. Last year they averaged over 8 yards per carry. This year several drives were kept alive by converting fourth downs.

        • IE’s Finest

          Amat, get ready to get smacked by the RCHS Cougars. We all know what happens when a SGV team plays an Inland team (Ask Charter Oak). Amat got lucky vs. Santa Margarita because for some odd reason, SM abandoned their running game vs. Amat’s smaller D-Line. Just writing this to bring Aram back to reality. Not to mention, Alemany, Crespi, and even Loyola, all have something for that overrated Amat a**….

      • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

        If im not mistake did DB not beat Bonita and LA last yr with the 2 teams having the same teams -QB??

  • RealTalk

    And is Tyler ok? Heard he was taken off the field on a stretcher…

  • reality

    Whittier High 2-0. San Dimas 0-2 ??

    • AramT

      Whittier High’s 2-0 with two wins over teams who are winless.

      San Dimas is 0-2 with losses against two 2-0 teams.

      • Saints Fan

        Aram I am with you, although man my pride has been gettin kicked in the…. but desperation time on Fri for SD…. I am not sure about that. So far, we have lost to #6/#7, and although scores have been ugly, in Los Altos game subtract 14 pts for our gifts (punter fumbling forward rather than taking a knee in our end zone and QB fumbling on our own 4 yard line) and vs Bonita at least 1 td for WR dropping ball when stuck and a 50 yard scamper. Makes those games much different. This week we get #20 and arguably by all of you who know/knew was our best chance to get a preseason Victory. All of you had us 2-2 at best (if we got BoHi) and when that went ugly figured our best was 1-3 cuz Oh ya, we get your #3 next week. So despite the fact that our offense has been anemic (albeit we put up 21 on LA) and our young defense is showing a number of holes at present…. I really wouldn’t call it desperation time unless we lose to Northview. Then someone better figure something out.

        • Saints Fan

          But no excuse, we have played horribly and do not deserve anything more than where we are…

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    1 BA- Can’t sleep on Rancho, they are better than CH.

    2 La Habra- The LH of old is back.

    3. Monrovia – Needs to clean up this week vs Arcadia…SH, and SF could be spoilers…

    4. CH-who else would have played BA this well?

    5 St Francis- Playing well…La Mirada then Monrovia…Big wins or losses ahead.

    6 Bohi- Has it rolling…It’s for real.

    7. Los Altos- Their Lineman look like Body builders…and they are dominating.

    8.Charter Oak- Could they really be the 8th best team? You can’t go up if you are losing.

    9. West CO- Quietly making their case as a top contender in the Hacienda. No Surprise…

    10. La Serna-They don’t look like SE contenders right now, but that could change with Frankie running the show.

    11. Dranch- Waiting to see what happens verses Ayala…


    16 La Mirada- too many camera’s, too many uniforms, and too many losses. Last years Santa Fe debacle still looms. Easy fix Win the South east and finish top 5.

    20 Dbar- Injuries don’t help their cause…The hacienda is brutal and they may not go to the playoffs.

    18 Muir- Good spot for stangs….they are the team no one wants to see in Nov.

    23. San Marino- is the 2nd best Midvalley SGV Team. Remember that in Nov.

    25. San Dimas- This was a BOD pick benefit of the doubt pick. Another blowout and they are gone for good.

    Div III State Bowl Rankings

    Week 1 Rankings

    1. (1) Monrovia 0-0

    2. (3) Wasco 1-0

    3. (4) Nordhoff (Ojai) 1-0

    4. (5) Corona del Mar (Newport Beach) 1-0

    5. (2) Paraclete (Lancaster) 0-1

  • Socrates

    Where’s Schurr ?

    • MoreKetchup

      I really hope you are joking.

  • Inland_FB_Fan

    Monrovia…Better than Chino Hills…Really??? This is a joke, right?


      AKA GREENIE, I believe somebody is calling you out! HAHAHAH…

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Monrovia held Ayala to 13 pts… We will see if other Seirra league defenses can do that. Bonita also held South Hills to 17 pts. We will see if other Sierra league teams can do that. At least you can compare defenses. Plus Mtown has kurt Scoby, and we know what he do vs CHills or anyone in that league. Better? I don’t know… rank higher…I guess so..

      Div 3 Socal Rankings
      #1 Monrovia

      • Inland_FB_Fan

        You may have only given up 13…. but you only scored 21. You Squeeked by with a win against the 5th or 6th best team in the Sierra league. I will say you are are a top team in Div. 12 or whatever division you are in but better than Chino Hills, No way!.
        I will give you props for playing up in divisions, but we all know you would never hang with Chino Hills or Charter Oak. This is like saying Ball st. should be ranked ahead of Notre Dame because they are 2-0 and Notre Dame is 1-1…… Tells you how these local high school sports writers think. That’s why they are local high school sports writer….lol

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Did I say we were better? I said…13 pts…If CHills allows14 pts or morebut scores more…would you say our defense is better at least? The only way to know is to play the game. We are D11, that’s why admirable what we do against div 2, 4 and 7 teams. We would be formidable for any sierra league team. Win or lose, it’s going to be a good game…and with this years QB/RB combination they are going to be good.

        • Kennedy Bryant

          Didn’t squeek, that game was a blow out. Monrovia took their foot off the gas, final scores dont always tell you the real story about the game. Score should have been 28-7 at half, MHS played their JV’s players the second half.

    • Frank

      I agree Monrovia is ranked to high.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Of course you do.

  • Titan Football Fan

    Nice to see San Marino on the list with a lot of quality squads. May not be too much room to move up. Look for a close contest against Crescenta Valley with San Marino winning by 14+. Titan rushing offense will continue to hit on all cylinders. Defense will shut down the CV air attack (6 passing TDs in week 1!) by pressuring the QB from the ends. Amat fans — make fun all you want, we’ll just keep competing against the teams on our schedule.


      Maybe you meant to say Monrovia Fans? AMAT? that’s way out of your league my man.

      • Titan Football Fan

        That’s the point. We play the opponents on our schedule and cannot compete with Amat and most of the teams on the list. We hope to compete with Monrovia.

        • AMAT 73

          Where do see any AMAT fan making fun of your team . Forget about AMAT and worry about how to beat Monrovia and your next opponent CV .

          • Titan Football Fan

            you’re right — sorry. new to the board and just trying to mix it up a little but not very good at it.

          • AMAT 73

            I think you need to mix it up with all the MTown boys in here first . Keep trying as new bloggers are needed and with you we now have a San Marino honk to battle with GP and crew .

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            GP, is resting… Monrovia at # 3. Always brings out the nastiness in SGV Bloggers….

    • haditwiththisfool

      Lol. Amat?

  • nick

    diamond looses to the number 3 ranked team in CIF without their starting qb for more than half the game and you rank rowland higher than them? aram how does that make sense. who have they scheduled in their preseason to make any points proven?

    • xiledsoviet

      no excuse for defense though..

      • El Cucuy

        Norwalk is big, nasty, and would beat all the Hacienda league teams. They should be favored to be in the finals in CIF. Diamond bars D is much improved. In fact, they defended the run really well. It was the play action pass, two onside kicks that lead to two scores, and their qb being carted off that did them in. Diamond bar will make it to the playoffs and it will be their D that will get them there.

        • xiledsoviet

          Their QB doesn’t really have much to do with their D though. At the end of the day, Norwalk scored 44 points on them..

          • brad mill

            To be fair to DBar…not many teams they play will have four 6-3 300+ pounders on the offensive line with a 265lb fullback and run the double wing offense….The 44 points isn’t a real indicator because the three times Tyler Peterson was in there Diamond Bar scored twice and moved the ball easily until a fumble. Once he was gone, it was 3 and out for the offense…thus putting the defense on the field all night. The onside kicks were really just the kicker trying to not kick deep because of our early returns and he hit a front line player each time. I think if Peterson doesn’t get hurt the final is 30-28 Norwalk…with DBar having a chance. Too bad Hull couldn’t have taken over at QB.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Los Altos line is a tad smaller, but beastly…they are buff!

          • brad mill

            but they don’t run he double wing…that’s what made Norwalk so tough for DBar. They are big but very very slow…

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            It would be up to LA coached to run right at them. If he passes vs Dbar they could lose…Just play your own style.

          • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

            How did LA lose to them last yr??

          • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

            Same team – QB right?

          • xiledsoviet

            Do you know if he will be back for the game against SD?

          • AramT

            Tyler Peterson is doubtful with a stinger in two parts of his neck. They will reevaluate on Wed.

          • Bulldogs have bite

            I hope for a speedy recovery for Peterson. It’s always scary when a player is taken off the field on a stretcher. Hull couldn’t play, but the other West Covina transfer DB was able to recruit from us should help you guys out. What was that? Maggiore didn’t challenge Collin’s transfer? They must of done it the old fashion way. You know, keep their traps shut and not send an email, make a valid change of address and boom! You’re playing FOOTBALL!

          • AMAT 73

            Let it go my friend . It’s week 2 and it is all behind us .

          • Bulldogs have bite

            I just wanted to make it clear that WC does indeed let players transfer out. In this case Richard Collins transferred to the very same school Antonio Hull transferred to and he had no problems in doing so. It is a mighty awful coincidence they both ended up at DB amid rumors that WC players have been recruited to play there and Aram himself reported on this very blog that Sidney Jones may end up there as well… But yeah, it’s just a coincidence right? Nothing to see here folks, move along.

          • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

            Its all part of the game! No need to keep beating a dead horse in mouth!

          • WCDan

            Actually missing your qb can have a lot to do with your defense giving up 44 points. If the backup QB can’t move the offense then you have a bunch of three and outs and the other team gets to have their offense on the field all night. Much more scoring opportunities for them and your defense gets worn out. From what Brad was saying it sounds like DB was moving the ball with success when Peterson was still in there.

          • xiledsoviet

            Good point. It looks like it may have been a closer game if he didn’t get hurt

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I agree If you go back and watch DBars highlights vs Montebello, you will see that the Oilers blocked some Gaping wholes…granted they couldn’t do it consistently or pass. A Norwalk/Westco type team could potentially wear Dbar down. I am not sure it would have made a huge difference in the Norwalk game. Eventually they were going to wear Dbar down and scored at least 28. They are not built to score 50. I think Dbar would have scored 2 more times with peterson in.

            Nowalk 28 Dbar 24.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Norwalk is going to beat Whittier, Cerritos, and Artesia, by the same score. There is your comparison.

        • Valley Athletics

          I saw norwalks workout video on YouTube . Those are some big kids and strong .

        • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

          Its called on to the next opponent! Norwalk was last week!

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    It’s always strange that DB spends so much time on self promotion. When they get run over by a better team they make excuses. The facts are these. DB struggles against physical teams. Which means teams like DR, WC, and LA will be able to pound them into submission, and Bonita may be the best of all the teams. Those teams will be able to deal with DB’s play makers by putting pressure on the qb. That puts DB 4th or 5th in league, which puts them out of the play-off picture.

    SGV430 Ouuuuttttt!!!!!!!

    • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

      I find it strange for a team you hate so much and find so irrelevant, that you continue to bring them up!! If they are off your map, then DONT talk about them!! VERY easy fix! I dont remember seeing anybody talking about excuses , its YOU that keeps bringing the drama!

  • Eastern Ave.

    So what happened to The la miradas?