• RealTalk

    I think it is going to be an exciting game. WC is playing as a team. No individuals on this squad. They jumped out on LBW 28-0 by half-time. If the ref’s weren’t so flag happy in the 2nd half throwing flags on nearly ever play, WC might have scored 50 points. SH should pose a good challenge for them. Coming off a loss to BoHi they are looking to bounce back, but will WC defense be to much?!! Battle Of The Kings Of Cameron!!! Let the trash talking begin!!! I got WC in this one… #LetsGoWesCo

  • Charles Watson

    West Covina will have a dismail season at best.They have a kid playing quaterback whom cannot connect with the receivers. Guys open all night and he can”t get the ball to them. Coaching staff that has fail to grasp the quality of key players and how they will impact the game if they had a game plan to get the ball to them. Flash back Noodles came to West Covina to play quaterback. Coaching staff was trying to force kid to become running back.Kid played quaterback his entire carrer. Noodles at quaterback South Hills would have lost game. Politics prevail and the kid is relegated to sit out the entire year because he chose not to be a part of the West Covina program.

  • dagger

    WC has to rethink if they will get any where with their Senoir QB. He can’t read defense’s, he can’t see over the offensive line, so he evades the pocket only to try to throw on the run and totally inaccurate. The OC has no concept how to call pass plays. U just can’t get anywhere running the ball. They have a sophomore QB back up that went 9 and 1 one last season. Maybe they should give him a chance cuz the Senoir ain’t getting it done.