Big Lou knows his Chargers better be on their best behavior on Friday at Kiefer …


The luster might be off of Charter Oak-Amat in terms of records, but come on, it’s still CO-Amat! Big Lou vs. Colonel Steve. Public vs. Private. Championship Program vs. Flagship Program.

And Big Lou Farrar knows his team can’t be making mistakes like they did in the first two weeks against Amat, which figures to throw a much tighter performance on Friday than what fans saw vs. Rancho. Nonetheless, Big Lou knows Amat is no joke. And that it all begins with QB Koa Haynes for Amat.

“They have an outstanding quarterback,” Farrar said. “He’s just a great all-around kid, not just a quarterback. We’ve known the kid for a while, too. And he’s just a great kid.

“They’re a very good football team. I mean, they’ve got the best kids around playing for them. They can be very selective and we take the best kids that come our way. That’s basically the difference.”

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  • SGV FB Dad

    I doubt Lou says anything without thinking things true. I believe he knows Amat is a good team this year and his Chargers are not last year’s team. He knows they are the true under dog. But Big Lou knows he has a fighting chance and will have his boys pumped up. You still have to play the games on Friday, as Amat found out last week. Although I do believe CO has a small chance, at Kiefer, that small chance gets smaller. Take Amat by 10.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Big Lou, is the king of disclaimers. The one about Amat being selective and him having to take what comes his way, sounds like” We did not get the transfers this year”. For the past years CO was the place where Amat, South Hills and others transfer too and from. Brown is a fine QB this year, But next year when they drop down, they will have even less talent. I am not saying that CO won’t win games in the South East, but they won’t have the best talent. I don’t see a south east title next year either. This year in league it looks like 2nd place or worse. I don’t see them taking down Chino Hills. However, you still have to play the games. Maybe his Chargers pull out a miracle Friday night at Kiefer, but BA is going to bring their A game, and look to run up the score a little bit. If they don’t win league, the rancho loss is going to hurt them, but a lost to a down CO would send them deep into, MD Poly,MV, SJB or St Bonnies land. They don’t want to be there…at the end of the year. This is a must win for the lancers.

      • Not Since 1995

        GP AKA Division 11.5 Champion

        Call us with your opinion when you actually play a football team and not all of those flag Intramural groups that you play every friday.

        By the way, do the Monrovia players even bother to wear cleats at these gatherings you call football games…?

        Why don’t you schedule us or CO or even your beloved Lanceritos…? Huh…? Hello…? Hello? What…?

        Enjoy your Cracker Jacks box ring and your Division 11.5 banner…!

        • Valley Athletics

          What is your school ?

          • SGV FB Dad

            It’s probably juvy…….

          • AramT

            hahahahahahaha. Nice, SGV FB Dad. A simple yet hilarious post.

          • Not Since 1995

            Juvy…is where I met your mama, cabron! And where Aram got his GED…!

            Now that is….simple and hilarious…!

            Back to Division 11.5 Championship talk…

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            We appreciate you leading the conversation… you always give us great pub. Keep it up and we will renew your contract as Mtowns #1 Fan 2014… That a girl

          • Not Since 1995

            GP aka Division 11.5 Chump

            You’ll never see me anywher near Gangrovia…! Your FLAG football group has not earned my presence at your INTRAMURAL GATHERINGS.

            Play against a CIF team that actually wears a helmet and football cleats, then I may acknowledge your existence. For now, you’re an OVER RATED flag football group.

            BTW, 8-man Football wants to play you guys…!

        • observantcat

          Sounds like US ain’t go no rings.. Maybe onion rings… ha, ha, ha, ha,…..not get back to your jack in the box shift before you get fired

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Our biggest fan…Monrovia loves you!

          • Not Since 1995

            I don’t need no stikin’ Love from Gangrovia! I need you to actually play a football team sometime in the near future!

  • RB

    I have to blame last weeks loss against Rancho on the Amat coaches. Late in the game with the lead, they decided to pass the ball instead of running Camargo who has been a beast, to run the clock down. They tried to get fancy and it didn’t work.

    • sideline_rb

      i don’t be seeing him on da field 2 much. he bean havin “cramps”. maybe 2 much bea(s)t juice? gotta stick wit gaterade.

      • SGV FB Dad

        He plays both ways, and is very active on Defense as middle LB. He is a very good RB for short distances, as he seems to get you a good 4-5 yards per carry. I’m astounded that Amat didn’t pound Camargo to kill the clock with a few first downs….makes no sense.



  • MonkeyWrench

    Big Lou throwing da boys unda da bus agian. Just like the loss to Rancho last year. Dom time to fire daddy. Reallly……..They’re a very good football team. I mean, they’ve got the best kids around playing for them. They can be very selective and we take the best kids that come our way. That’s basically the difference.

  • The editor must have taken out the part after “…we take the best kids that come our way…” where Aram wrote, “Big Lou said, toungue in cheek, ”